BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss – Which is better [Updated March-2024]?

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : March 16, 2024
BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss
BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss – Which is better [Updated March-2024]?
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BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss – Which is better [Updated March-2024]?

In this article, we have featured BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss; WordPress is one of the most significant tools for the web. It is a safe platform where users can publish websites and grow their business.

You have probably heard of the two most powerful tools, BuddyPress and BuddyBoss, if you are in the WordPress community. These social networking plugins are essential for optimizing traffic to your website.

Plugins allow you to add specific functions to your website. You don’t need to build a community platform from scratch if you use any of these plugins.

And you can save a lot of your time and energy from it. Both BuddyPress and BuddyBoss are amazing tools that can help you engage directly with users.

But if we compare these two plugins, which one will win? In this article BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss, we are going to compare both plugins in detail. Then you can decide what is the best option for you to invest in.

I will provide the latest data about the two platforms to guide you to know the features of the best one.


BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss: What is the difference?

Although BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss are both plugins, they differ from each other in some aspects. BuddyPress focuses on offering basic community features just like Facebook.

If you want more advanced features then you need an additional plugin. You also need to look for a separate theme compatible with BuddyPress.

On the other hand, BuddyBoss focuses on providing everything, including a plugin, theme, and app. And the best thing about them is that they all are 100% integrated.

BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss: Which is better?

  • BuddyPress Plugin- BuddyPress is an open-source social networking software that helps users to build communities inside WordPress.

  • BuddyBoss Plugin- BuddyBoss is an open-source social networking software that allows users to launch and scale their online business. It provides flexibility and control to manage their business.

Let’s compare the characteristics of BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss in the following table-

Essential FeaturesIt provides various useful features including profile fields, social groups, activity feeds, multisite support, private messaging feature, and member connections.It provides more features like photo attachment and document attachment feature, private networks, built-in demo data, forum-based discussions. Additional built-in fields, and comprehensive search.
Customer SupportIt has excellent customer support. You don’t have to wait for your queries to be solved.You can get help from the support staff by submitting a ticket.
Ease Of UseIts interface is complicated and not suitable for a beginner. It will only take 20 minutes to set up a BuddyPress website.It has a straightforward user interface. Any beginner can set up a BuddyBoss website easily.
Pricing StructureBuddyPress offers free services.BuddyBoss has three pricing plans that start from $228 to $328.

Comparison: BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss

1. BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss: Essential Features

BuddyPress- BuddyPress provides all the significant features including profile fields, multisite support, social groups, private messaging feature, activity feeds, and member connections.

BuddyBoss- BuddyBoss provides more advanced features than BuddyPress. It includes a photo attachment feature and document attachment feature, a document library, built-in demo data, forum-based discussions, and a documentation section with video tutorials.

Which is the winner?

In this category, BuddyBoss is the winner as it offers more additional features than BuddyPress.

2. BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss: Customer Support

BuddyPress- BuddyPress provides great customer support service. It has an open-source community that answers your questions.

BuddyBoss- BuddyBoss provides customer support through a help desk. You have to first submit a ticket to get help from the supply staff.

Which is the winner?

The customer support services of both tools are quite efficient. So, in this case, we can say both are the winners.

3. BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss: Ease of Use

BuddyPress- BuddyPress has a complicated user interface. Only developers can use it for creating websites. It helps users to build their social network with features they need and also use add-ons or themes of their choice.

BuddyBoss- BuddyBoss offers a straightforward user interface. You can easily set up your website using BuddyBoss. It provides ready-to-use plugins and themes. So, you don’t need to customize anything manually. This platform is easy to use and manage.

Which is the winner?

BuddyBoss comes with an easy-to-use interface and anyone can use this platform. On the contrary, BuddyPress is more complicated for beginners. You can face problems like out-of-date add-ons, or the add-ons may also conflict with each other.

It takes 20 minutes to set up a BuddyPress website while only a few minutes to set up a BuddyBoss website. So, BuddyBoss is the winner.

4. BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss: Pricing Structure

BuddyPress- BuddyPress is free of cost. You can easily download and install it without paying any money.

BuddyBoss- BuddyBoss consists of three pricing plans:

  • 1 site license plan

The 1 site license plan costs $299 that is billed annually.

  • 5 sites license plan

5 sites license costs $349 that is billed annually.

  • 10 sites license plan

10 sites license plan costs $449 that is billed annually.

The compulsory benefits that every user of Buddyboss includes:

  • BuddyBoss Theme: Customize the appearance of your online community with the BuddyBoss Theme, offering a range of design options to suit your brand and preferences.
  • BuddyBoss Platform Pro: Access a comprehensive set of tools and features for building and managing your community effectively, including member profiles, activity streams, and group discussions.
  • License for Sites Based on the Plan: Choose from various plans to accommodate the size and scale of your community, each providing licenses for a specific number of sites.
  • 1 Year Priority Support: Receive dedicated support from the BuddyBoss team to address any issues or questions you may have, ensuring a smooth and successful community-building experience.
  • 1 Year Updates: Stay up to date with the latest features, security patches, and enhancements with regular updates provided for one year, keeping your community platform secure and optimized for performance.

Further, the highly anticipated BuddyBoss App is set to launch on April 1st, 2024, offering secure access to a wealth of features designed to streamline community management. With the BuddyBoss App, users can look forward to enhanced convenience and flexibility in engaging with their online communities.

From posting updates and engaging in group discussions to accessing member profiles and managing notifications, the BuddyBoss App provides a seamless and intuitive user experience. Plus, with secure access protocols in place, users can trust that their data and interactions are protected.

Therefore, along with prioritizing your convenience, BuddyBoss App guarantees:

  1. 100% Risk-Free Promise: With our 21-day refund policy, your satisfaction is guaranteed. No questions asked – if you’re unsatisfied, we’ll issue a full refund.
  2. Included iOS and Android Publishing Service: Our expert team ensures your app meets Apple and Google’s strict standards. We handle the entire publishing process, from review to approval, saving you time and hassle.
  3. EasyApp™ Onboarding and Coaching: Access our comprehensive training series, video library, checklists, and live Q&A sessions to prepare your app for launch effortlessly.
  4. 24/7 BuddyBoss Tech Support: Enjoy round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated support team. From creating tickets to accessing guides and videos, we’re here to address your queries and concerns promptly.

Which is the winner?

From the above information, it is clear that BuddyPress is the winner. It is better than BuddyBoss because it is free of cost.

However, judging the two platforms on the basis of pricing is quite not right, as it will do no justice. So, let’s get into the two platforms and have a keen look to their features.

As we have done a detailed comparison of BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss, we are now going to discuss the pros and cons of each software. In this way, you will be able to recognize which software is suitable for you. I have categorized the ups and downs of the platforms to make the distinction easy to comprehend.

Pros And Cons: BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss

BuddyPress Pros:

  • BuddyPress is a flexible and powerful tool. It also supports third-party extensions which is a very useful feature.
  • BuddyPress is completely free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny for building your website.
  • It offers excellent profile management. You can set up your profile and also control its visibility.
  • You can easily modify your website without any problems or difficulties because it is open source.
  • BuddyPress is a high-quality platform. The developers of BuddyPress have done a great job in maintaining its reputation.
  • The community support of BuddyPress is quite effective in resolving your issues.
  • It also offers a private messaging feature so that users can converse privately with other outside groups.

BuddyPress Cons:

  • BuddyPress has a complicated interface. So, it is difficult for a beginner to use it.
  • The development of the platform is slower than others.
  • It has basic features and is considered quite incompetent.
  • The poll option is not offered by BuddyPress yet.
  • Some plugins are not updated often.
  • In BuddyPress, add-ons are not always compatible with other plugins.

BuddyBoss Pros:

  • BuddyBoss has a solution for the advanced version of all the plug-ins and defects that other plug-ins are facing.
  • BuddyBoss works efficiently with the themes that are downloaded from other plug-in sources. You won’t face any issues regarding the adaptability to foreign material.
  • The pricing plan of BuddyBoss is affordable. The minimum pricing plan for one site is $299.
  • It is an easy platform where you can develop your WordPress without any issues or difficulties.
  • BuddyBoss provides the best customer support services as you can get your problems resolved within 24 hours.
  • It is ranked as the top plug-in leaving all the plug-ins behind. It not only offers more features but also has a knowledgeable support team. It is evolving day by day.

BuddyBoss Cons:

  • Only negative and dark thematic versions can be adapted as BuddyBoss lacks various versions.
  • BuddyBoss should improve in its collaboration with Elementor.
  • The best plan offered by them is quite expensive.

BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss: Which one should you opt for?

Although in this article about BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss, both are seen to be useful social network plugins, however you have to choose the better one. From the above comparison, we can say that BuddyBoss is more effective software than BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Vs BuddyBoss: The One with Additional Benefits

With BuddyBoss you can grow without limits to expand your community without restrictions:

  • Unlimited Members: Invite as many members as you want to join your community.
  • Unlimited Courses: Create and offer an unlimited number of courses to educate and engage your members.
  • Unlimited Groups: Foster connections and collaboration with unlimited groups within your community.
  • Unlimited Events: Host an unlimited number of events to keep your community active and engaged.
  • Unlimited Admins: Assign admin roles to as many individuals as needed to manage your community effectively.
  • Unlimited Possibilities: With BuddyBoss, the sky’s the limit – explore endless opportunities for growth and innovation.

Therefore, now you can discover the transformative potential of BuddyBoss Web for Courses, the premier online learning platform designed to ignite inspiration and engagement among students worldwide. With features like a dynamic Student Dashboard, collaborative learning tools, and gamification elements, educators can create immersive learning experiences tailored to individual student needs.

From microlearning modules to lesson unlocks and interactive quizzes, BuddyBoss Web for Courses offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance learning outcomes. Plus, with support for certificates, translations, notifications, and integrated payment options, educators can effortlessly monetize their courses and reach a global audience with ease.

Hence, BuddyBoss is the overall winner because it provides a great interface along with many advanced features. Additionally, it offers facilities to learn and know more about networking and website building. However, you can also opt for BuddyPress to access the free version for creating a website for your online business.


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