Plerdy Review: Tracking, Analyzing, And Converting Visitors Into Customers

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : March 18, 2024
Plerdy Review

Best Customer Rate Optimization Tool

Plerdy is a CRO (Customer Rate Optimization) tool that assists in monitoring the people visiting your website, thereby improving the conversion rate.


The Plerdy app offers various features to improve your website, including an SEO checker, Heatmaps to analyze the site’s traffic, Event Tracker for detailed analysis, and a Conversion funnel for visualizing online sales.

Ease of Use

The Plerdy installation process is fast and easy. Beginners can benefit from their 14-day free trial plan to check all the features and understand which tool works best for them.


The Plerdy software offers different subscription plans. The Start plan costs $98 a month, whereas the Premium plan costs $312 a month after the discount. You can also use the 14-day free trial plan to test its features.


While using the Plerdy tools, clients can contact Plerdy’s customer support team if they face trouble. There are two options: fill out the form mentioning your query or directly connect with the expert team via email.

Plerdy Review: Tracking, Analyzing, And Converting Visitors Into Customers


Editor’s Rating

Starting from : $98/month

Plerdy Review: Tracking, Analyzing, And Converting Visitors Into Customers

Did you know that a whopping 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad user experience? Or that the average conversion rate for websites hovers at a meager 2.35%? In an era where every click, every visitor, and every interaction matters, these statistics might sound daunting. This is precisely where our Plerdy review comes into play.

Plerdy is a cutting-edge tool designed to turn these statistics on their head, helping businesses drastically improve their website’s user experience and conversion rates. Whether you are struggling with low conversion rates, high bounce rates due to poor UX, or simply trying to understand your visitors’ behavior, Plerdy review, offers solutions for all these problems and more.

In this review, we’ll delve into Plerdy Review, to check how a tool used by a wide array of businesses from startups to corporate giants, can revolutionize your website’s performance and convert your visitors into loyal customers. Buckle up as we take a detailed tour of this conversion-boosting powerhouse!

What Do You Understand By Plerdy?

Plerdy is a CRO (Customer Rate Optimization) tool that assists in monitoring the people visiting your website, thereby improving the conversion rate. With the help of this software, one can track all the activities performed by the users on the websites. This data can be analyzed using heatmaps.

It has a session replay characteristic, which helps the managers understand how the users interact with the website and identify the issues related to performance or UX design.

Plerdy review, the tool works with various service providers like Google Analytics, eSputnik, Unisender, etc. Plerdy offers different features, such as an SEO checker and heatmaps, that several firms can use to improve their online conversion rate.

Plerdy Review: Pros and Cons


  • Easy and quick installation process.
  • Offers numerous free features to beginners.
  • Customizable pop-up forms are available.
  • Provide heatmaps to analyze the website’s traffic.
  • Integration with other online platforms is possible.


  • The loading speed is slow on some occasions.
  • Tough to understand all the features and settings of Plerdy in one go.

Plerdy Review: Pricing

Depending upon your specific requirements, you can get several flexible pricing plans from Plerdy. If you want all the features of Plerdy, go for its all-in-one plan. One can also get specific services like SEO, Google Analytics, etc. All the subscriptions are divided into different tiers. Each tier provides a unique group of services. Plerdy also offers a plan which is free of any cost with amazing benefits, such as SEO audit, AI UX Assistant, Pop-up, SERP checker, or A/B testing.

The Startup plan of Plerdy review, it comes for $21 per month if paid annually. The features and functionality of this plan are sufficient for the newly launched websites and e-commerce stores. The Scale plan is most famous among the entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium businesses, costing $42 per month after a discount. We recommend a Thrive package for large businesses that costs $70 per month.

Discover the power-packed features of Plerdy for optimizing your website’s performance. With Dynamic Heatmaps, easily visualize user interactions to enhance user experience. Manage multiple domains effortlessly with One Account for Subdomains. Stay updated with Daily Email Reports and ensure compliance with Rules for Data Privacy.

The Comprehensive Dashboard offers an overview of key metrics, while Historical Data for Clicks allows for insightful analysis. Enjoy the flexibility of Blocking IP Feature and Mobile-First Index for SEO. Benefit from Unlimited Guest Accesses and Cross-Domain Tracking for comprehensive insights.

With Plerdy, you can also ensure accurate tracking with no server load, maintaining site speed. Experience reliable analytics with 99% data accuracy and seamless integration with Google Analytics 4 for enhanced capabilities.


How To Sign Up on Plerdy?

Follow the below steps to sign up on Plerdy to improve the conversion rate on your website:

  1. Firstly, open the official website of Plerdy. Click on the sign-in button in the screen’s top right corner.

How To Sign Up On Plerdy?

2.If you already have an account, log in with your email and password. But if you are creating an account for the first time on Plerdy, click the sign-up button.

Sign Up On Plerdy

3. The next step includes typing in your email. You can also choose “Continue with Google” to sign-up on Plerdy using your Gmail.

Plerdy using your Gmail

4. Paste the website URL you want to analyze using the Plerdy tools.

Add new site to Plerdy5. To test all the features of Plerdy, you have to install the script provided by Plerdy on your site, and paste that code on all the pages of your website.

How to install Plerdy

6. You have successfully signed up on Plerdy. Beginners can watch the tutorials to understand how the features of Plerdy work.

sign up on Plerdy

Plerdy Sign In

These steps of signing up in the platform, provided in this Plerdy Review, assists you to get full facility of the benefits of the tool thoroughly.

Plerdy Features

The best thing about Plerdy review, is that it offers a combination of all the constructive solutions in one place that websites need for their growth. It means you do not have to roam here and there to look for different services. This makes Plerdy stand out from its competitors.

Plerdy provides a total of 11 solutions to its clients. Even though it offers many features, one will not experience speed issues on the platform during installation.

Let us have a look at the key features of Plerdy:

Heatmaps To Analyze Site’s Traffic

Heatmaps To Analyze Site's Traffic

With heatmaps, you can find out what your visitors are doing on your website. You will get information regarding what activities they are performing on your website. Heatmaps also help detect the issues discouraging visitors from buying products. Once you know about these problems, you can take further action to eliminate or improve them.

The problems that can be identified using the heatmaps include being unable to open links, accidentally clicking on unclickable items, navigation issues, etc. You can improve your website’s content quality after introducing the site scroll map. You will understand whether visitors are engaged with your posts using the site scroll maps. It can also help you identify how effective are your Call-To-Action buttons.

Pop-Up Forms For Adding Quick Functionality

People with no coding skills can create pop-up forms effortlessly with the help of Plerdy. Pop-ups are very helpful in improving your conversion rate, collecting information about the visitors, promoting newly launched products, etc. Pop-up messages prompt users to purchase products or services from your website.

Pop-Up Forms For Adding in Plerdy

You can create one or multiple pop-ups on a single page of your site. For example, if the visitor reads an article about the best mobile phones on your website, you can add a pop-up message that prompts them to buy those mobile phones.

The developers have launched various popular templates to make this process even easier. The pre-built pop-up forms help gather phone numbers and emails, create subscribing buttons, do callbacks, etc. One can also create an entirely customized pop-up message with Plerdy review.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checker

Plerdy,s SEO checker tool

Your site’s ranking in the search engine depends upon various SEO measures. The SEO checker offered by Plerdy helps in optimizing the SEO of your website by monitoring the current SEO measures. It is useful in identifying problematic areas and ensures you do not lose visitors.

SEO check performs everyday analysis on your website to generate detailed search engine optimization reports. If there is any issue in these SEO reports, Plerdy makes immediate corrections. One can also see the changes made on the website by tapping the before/after button.

Session Replay To Record User Behavior

Another great feature offered by Plerdy is session replay. It helps business owners record the visitors’ behaviour on their websites. The data collected can be divided into different segments for easy analysis.

Session Replay To Record

One can improve the website homepages by tracking visitors’ actions, like scrolling the blog article and pausing a video. If you have applied some changes to your website, then session replay can help you determine if the changes are effective.

Event Tracking To Perform Detailed Analysis

Event tracking is another feature that helps monitor visitors’ website activity. The goal and event trackers analyze specific web pages only to find important and relevant information related to customer behaviour.

Event Tracking in Plerdy

One can sync Plerdy’s event tracker with Google Analytics for deep analysis. Consider setting certain goals in this tool to avoid getting lost in huge data sets. For example, if you only want to find the number of views your blogs receive, you can set this condition in your event analysis.

Sales Performance Analysis

Plerdy's E-commerce Analytic Tool

Plerdy offers helpful features to business owners who want to understand their sales performance. Learn how many visitors are buying your products, the number of transactions conducted in a particular period, the total revenue your e-commerce store generates, etc., with Plerdy’s sales performance analysis.

The sales performance analysis will help you answer questions about the percentage conversion on your e-commerce store, the average price of a particular order, and lead generation tool.

Conversion Funnel To Visualize Your Online Store’s Sales

Another amazing key feature of Plerdy is the conversion funnel that helps you visualize your online store’s sales. Understand at which point the visitors are making mistakes throughout the process, identify the best marketing channels, and change the URL settings.

Plerdy's conversion funnel analysis software

By doing this, you will know how the users interact with your website using different connecting devices. Consider optimizing your online store based on their interaction and improve your conversion rate by generating more leads.

Plerdy Review: Customer Support

Plerdy review If you want to take the services offered by Plerdy, do not worry. Plerdy has a team of experts who can always answer the client’s queries. All you have to do is fill out the form mentioning the problems you face while operating their tools. You can also reach out to them via email.

Also, you have the facility to directly message them about your queries and get response in time.

Final Verdict: Plerdy Review

I have provided a detailed information about the platform, Plerdy and its characteristics to let know about it and choose the best one.

Plerdy is a powerful application that can be utilized to improve your website. One can choose the Plerdy plan according to their business requirements and budget. You can also try out its trial plan to understand the features offered by Plerdy. Connecting the software to your e-commerce website doesn’t take much time.

It offers all the essential tools businesses require, such as session replay, SEO checker, heatmaps, event tracker, conversion funnel, etc. Contact their expert team for a solution if you face any challenges using these tools. Check out the above points to read the full Plerdy review.

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