Waalaxy Review: 5 Reasons to MUST Have for Lead Generation

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : March 21, 2024
Waalaxy Review

Waalaxy Ratings



Waalaxy is the only tool to this date to bypass the invitation limits imposed by LinkedIn. Having features like Email Finder, LinkedIn Prospecting, Cold Email, LinkedIn Messaging, AI Prospect Finder and much more.

Ease of Use

Waalaxy has the following typical customers: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business. It is very easy to use.


Waalaxy’s fair pricing is what makes it better than its competitors. It has mainly 2 plans, €40/ Month for Business plan, and €60/ Month for advance plan.


Waalaxy offers the following support options: Knowledge Base, Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Chat

Waalaxy Review: 5 Reasons to MUST Have for Lead Generation


Editor’s Rating

Starting from : $0

Waalaxy Review: 5 Reasons to MUST Have for Lead Generation


A perfect lead generation platform is what every business needs, and thankfully, Waalaxy has all the advanced features that you must be looking for in a lead generation automation tool.

Automation sales are the new trend in modern businesses; as more technologies and tools emerge every day, owners never like to stick to old methods of boosting sales and generating leads.

In this Waalaxy review, I will provide detailed data about how to use the platform to get the ultimate benefits.

Waalaxy is one of the best LinkedIn lead generation software. Also, it is the best LinkedIn automation tool, and we are going to see Waalaxy review.

From optimizing workflows and boosting automation sales to going beyond prospecting channels, Waalaxy is the best of its kind. Other than LinkedIn, Waalaxy also focuses on emails, making it another significant prospecting tool for workflows.

Waalaxy can be added as a Google Chrome extension, and no technical skills are required to use it efficiently. Our detailed Waalaxy review will tell you everything you need to know!

Let’s dive in!

Why Is Waalaxy So Popular?


Have you considered why Waalaxy is being used by most of the people? Is it the right tool to use, then?

In a world where business connections matter more than ever, finding the right tools to streamline your lead generation process can be a game-changer. That’s where Waalaxy comes into play and I’m excited to share my review of it.

From my analysis, it’s clear that Waalaxy has become a beloved software among its user base due to its potent prospecting capabilities for both Email and LinkedIn.

Waalaxy presents a holistic solution where lead generation and campaign set-ups are no longer a hassle. It goes beyond just being cost-effective, it is a remarkable time saver. Its ability to concurrently manage multiple campaigns is nothing short of a productivity boost.

Now, we can’t talk about lead generation without mentioning LinkedIn – it’s the reigning champion in this realm.

Businesses, job seekers, sales teams, and employers alike are all scrambling to tap into the gold mine of opportunities that LinkedIn represents.

It’s a platform that can foster growth, extend your network, supercharge sales, and amplify visibility. Yet, many still underestimate the platform’s potential for their business transformation.

With the right tool, you could be creating up to 100 leads per day, and Waalaxy stands tall as that ‘right tool.’ It simplifies LinkedIn in a way that brings remarkable returns to businesses.

What Is Waalaxy Best For?

There is so much to do with Waalaxy, but it is mostly praised as an efficient multi-channel prospecting tool. From sending personalized automated messages to connecting the best LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter profiles, a lot can be expected from this tool:

  • Collecting data from your LinkedIn account on your prospects.
  • Retrieve phone numbers and other important data from LinkedIn and emails.
  • Sending automated, personalized messages on LinkedIn and emails to generate more sales.
  • Follow LinkedIn profiles, send connection requests, and stimulate others to visit LinkedIn profiles.
  • Launching and relaunching your prospects through three communication channels.
  • Exporting prospect data and automated collection and updation of information.
  • Building contact lists that are accurately segmented.
  • Monitoring and progressing campaigns.

Waalaxy Review: Best Features

Undoubtedly, Waalaxy is the only tool to this date to bypass the invitation limits imposed by LinkedIn. While other competing tools offer 100 leads per week, with Waalaxy, it is a daily limit of 100. Another reason the services of Waalaxy are praised is that it can bypass LinkedIn and remain undetectable.

Email Finder

Waalaxy’s Email Finder makes it the easiest to find the email addresses of your prospects. This process carries on automatically and takes no time. Not just finding email addresses, the Email Finder also makes it easier to reach prospects who do not respond to your requests for connection on the LinkedIn platform. Also, Waalaxy’s Drop Contact integration ensures that all the emails being sent are fully-professional and contain no fluff. All the emails are generated through searched and verified algorithms.

LinkedIn Prospecting

LinkedIn is considered the best B2B database in the world, there is so much to extract from this multipurpose platform. From importing contacts and sending 500 invitations per week to generating automated, fully-personalized messages, the LinkedIn Prospecting feature by Waalaxy is wholesome for scaling up your workflows.

Cold Email

Waalaxy helps you send personalized Cold Emails that are automated. You get incredible results from the cold email strategy of Waalaxy by getting a chance to reach 700 potential prospects while you do nothing but sit back and relax.

LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn’s inbox is full of opportunities; a lot can happen with starting a conversation. The LinkedIn Messaging feature helps have conversations ten times faster. This feature enables scheduled automated follow-ups, tag leads, exporting data on CRM, exploring pre-saved responses, building up an intuitive interface, and chat support. Waalaxy inbox simplifies and manages messages and provides an exceptional messaging experience.

AI Prospect Finder

The upcoming feature of Waalaxy is the AI Prospect Finder that will make 1000s of qualified prospects for you in just one click. The potential of Artificial Intelligence is known to all, and Waalaxy is combining AI into its features to make the process of finding prospects the easiest.

How Much Do Waalaxy Costs?

Waalaxy review, It’s fair pricing is what makes it better than its competitors. Some of the fierce competitors of Waalaxy are HubSpot and Phantombuster, but these platforms cannot bypass the special features Waalaxy offers. From affordable monthly and annual subscriptions to free trials, there are a lot of benefits to enjoy with Waalaxy. Check out this table on monthly subscription plans:


Free PlanBusiness PlanAdvanced Plan
LinkedIn FeaturesLinkedIn + Business FeaturesLinkedIn Features
80 Invitations Per Month800 Invitation Per Month800 Invitation Per Month
Pre-Filled Message TemplatesPre-Filled Message TemplatesPre-Filled Message Templates
Auto Imports of ProspectsAuto Imports of Prospects
CRM SynchronizationCRM Synchronization
Free Cold emailing automation

The best part, Waalaxy also has affordable monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans for entire business teams at the most affordable range.

Pros And Cons of Using Waalaxy

Waalaxy has been praised by thousands of users worldwide, the positive waalaxy review are the biggest proof of the platform’s worldwide success. Waalaxy does have some strong side and a few shortcomings, that you can take a look at:


  • Has pre-saved responses
  • No technical skills required
  • Automated scheduled follow-ups
  • Can send 100 invitations per day
  • Can run multiple campaigns at a time
  • Automated lead generation And CRM synchronization
  • Prospects from verified profiles and email addresses
  • Fair pricing


  • Does not provide phone support
  • Mostly has basic features
  • DropContact is used as a third-party tool for emails

Waalaxy Vs Phantombuster Based on Features And Reviews

Waalaxy’s biggest competitor so far is Phantombuster but, according to the reviews and ratings, Waalaxy offers much more features and is cheaper than the latter. The table below justifies it:

Free VersionYesNo
Cloud-Based DeploymentYesYes
Campaign AnalysisYesNo
Contact ManagementYesNo
Total Features2011
Activity DashboardYesNo
Customizable TemplatesYesNo
PriceStarting From €0/ monthStarting From $59/ month

Waalaxy Review: Affiliate Program

Join the Waalaxy Affiliate Program and become an ambassador for their top multichannel prospecting tool. Earn up to 50% of your affiliates’ payments, making it a great way to boost your income.

Why Bother to Become an Ambassador?

  • Access a full-featured platform to track affiliate activation, measure link performance, and more.
  • Receive consistent income with payments triggered by your affiliates’ purchases.
  • Easily communicate with affiliates through various channels and share your links and content.

Which Program to Choose?

Options include a 50% commission with a one-month free trial, a 30% commission with a 20% promo code, or a 30% commission with a two-month free trial.

Are You the One to Use Facilities from this Program?

  • Influencers: Monetize your social media audience.
  • Sales Professionals: Earn a recurring income using your sales skills.
  • Students: Start earning while still in school.
  • Anyone: Looking to supplement their income effortlessly.

Rating By Users: Waalaxy Review

Waalaxy has an overall rating ranging from 4 to 4.6 out of 5 on various platforms. Considering the overall waalaxy review, a majority of them positively claim it to be the best and the most affordable prospecting tool that requires zero technical skills.


Waalaxy can be your one-stop solution for boosting automated sales, sending automated connections every day, sending personalized messages, and importing prospect data. Visit Waalaxy’s official website to enroll in a two-month free trial and make the most out of its exceptional features.

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