CrocoBlock Review (2024): Is It Worth Your Time and Money

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : April 1, 2024
CrocoBlock Review (June 2021)

CrocoBlock Review

Crocoblock is obviously superior to different items. It gives some simple to-utilize modules, subjects, components, instruments, and gadgets to make your site more alluring than others.


Stream Plugins, Gadgets, Kava Theme, Dynamic and Pre-made Templates, Skins, Wizardry Button , Profile Builder/Membership, Form Builder, Rest API, Website Search, Mega Menu, Theme Builder, Booking and Appointment Functionality, and many more that has been covered in the blog.

Ease of Use

Croccoblock furnishes you with different elite highlights with a paid membership. You can make an ideal site by utilizing the modules and formats offered by Crocoblock. Numerous clients have utilized this stage and fabricate their sites all the more expertly


Value begins from $80 every year for one site. Crocoblock gives various costs to various bundles. The costs rely upon various variables like what kind of site do you have, is it an E-trade site, or a straightforward one.


Crocoblock has received notable feedback from its user base. Support from Crocoblock is exclusively extended to users with valid licenses and can be accessed through chat, ticketing, or Zoom calls. For verification, their Support team may request your License key and purchase email.

CrocoBlock Review (2024): Is It Worth Your Time and Money


Editor’s Rating

Starting from : $80

CrocoBlock Review (2024): Is It Worth Your Time and Money

Are you planning to buy Crocoblock to build a perfect Elementor WordPress website? Are you confused about investing in this tool? Well, don’t worry! We have created a detailed Crocoblock review for you.

If you are not aware of this tool yet, you can read this article to learn some important information about Crocoblock. This service might help you in increasing your website’s online visibility as well as ranking.

By the end of this article, you will get to know everything about Crocoblock, its features, the pros and cons of using it, and the tools and plugins included in the package. So, you can easily recognize if this tool is best for you.

I will provide information on Crocoblock that would be useful to make your website visible to people. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into Crocoblock’s review!

About CrocoBlock: CrocoBlock Review (2024)

Crocoblock is an add-on package used to build an Elementor page. Crocoblock service offers many plugins for creating a perfect WordPress website.

It also includes a wide variety of attractive templates that you can use for your WordPress website. If you use Elementor in your projects, the Crocoblock service will never disappoint you.

With Crocoblock, you can discover over 1000 sections, many pages, and the Jet plugins package for Elementor page building.

One advantage of investing in Crocoblock is that you don’t need to buy all the plugins individually and about the agreement and license. You can get plugins to create your blogs, tabs, accordion blocks, and visuals with the subscription service.

If you decide to buy the subscription service of Crocoblock, you will get a whole package of Jet plugins such as Jet Elements, Jet Blog, Jet Reviews, Jet Tricks, Jet Menu, JetPopup, JetBlocks, JetSmartFilters,

JetSearch, JetWooBuilder, Jet Tabs, JetProductGallery, JetCompareWishlist, etc. Every plugin helps to add different elements to the Elementor page builder. All of them are easy to use, even for a beginner.

Pricing Packages: Crocoblock Review

Crocoblock provides different prices for different packages. The prices depend on a number of factors like what type of website do you have, is it an E-commerce website, or a simple one?

You can also get an all-Inclusive Yearly price package or a Freelance Lifetime package as per your needs and requirements.

If you are wondering that Crocoblock only offers website building services and no other elements, then maybe you are wrong. You can get various license types, great customer support, jet plugins, access to extras, product updates, professional tools, and more. However, you should keep in mind that the price of every plan varies from each other depending on various factors.

What are the reasons to Love this Platform?

  1. Chat & Video Support: Get help through chats and Zoom calls for using Crocoblock with confidence.
  2. Product Tutorials: Subscribe for tutorials to level up your development skills.
  3. 22K User Community: Join discussions and find tips in the vast Crocoblock community.
  4. Nonstop Updates: Experience continuous improvements with timely updates.
  5. Intuitive Dashboard: Manage settings and updates in one place.
  6. Installation Wizard: Enjoy a simple installation process with clear steps.

TypePricePlugins offered Other features
Crocoblock (All-in-one toolkit for Elementor page building)Price starts from $0 based upon the type of the JetPlugins1. JetElements

2 .JetBlocks

3. JetTabs

4. JetTricks

5. JetEngine

6. JetBooking

7. JetReviews

8. Jet Menu

9. JetPopup

10 .JetSearch

11. JetStyleManager

12. JetWooBuilder

13. JetProductGallery

14. JetSmartFilters

15. And many more


2. Kava Theme

3. DevTools

4. Pre-made and dynamic Templates

5. Pop up bundles

So, we hope that you are now aware of this tool. Keep reading as we are now going to discuss the features of Crocoblock in detail.

Features: Crocoblock Review

Croccoblock provides you with various exclusive features with a paid subscription. You can create a perfect website by using the plugins and templates offered by Crocoblock.

Many users have used this platform and built their websites more professionally. Its easy-to-use plugins, tools, and themes helped them in creating their websites without any worries. Their WordPress website grew drastically with the help of Crocoblock’s plugins, templates, and themes.

Some of the most significant features of the Platform in Crocoblock Review are as follows-

  1. Jet Plugins

Crocoblock provides you with 20 essential plugins that have different uses. The prices of all the plugins vary from each other. But you can get all the plugins in one package by investing in Crocoblock. We are going to tell the information about some plugins below:

  • JetElements- JetElements covers around 30 widgets for Elementor that include Advanced Crousel, Post Layout, Portfolio. Timeline, Scroll Navigation, etc. This add-on is also helpful in applying the Parallax effect for the sections. You can customize the widgets and also deactivate some by changing in the JetElements Settings.
  • JetMenu- JetMenu is another versatile add-on. It is an essential add-on to build Mega Menu and its widgets. You can have two options- you can either create a menu to the page and add items to it or add JetMenu style adjustments to the default menu of your template. You can also create some presets to apply them to the menus according to their location.
  • JetWooBuilder- By using JetWooBuilder, you can establish an online business store with separate pages of products or create WooCommerce layouts for products. But you have to first create some WooCommerce products to build a brand new template for the products.

You also have an option to use 15 widgets and content to the page built with Elementor. They will provide you with product images, ratings, descriptions, meta, related products, etc. And you can display products and product taxonomy layout with the help of Products Grid, Categories grid, Product List, and Taxonomy Tiles widgets.

  • JetBlog- This type of plugin is necessary for creating custom posts in the form of tiles, exciting lists, or news feeds. You can utilize custom fields where you can add query methods. You can include post query in the query methods by using custom fields.
  • JetTricks- JetTricks is a plugin that helps to receive visual effects such as satellite, parallax, and animation effects. You can browse so many effects for sections, columns, widgets, with the help of advanced settings.

You can easily apply the animation effect in the block by pasting the JSON code of that particular animation.

  • JetTabs- This plugin helps to add the available templates into the tabs. You can switch from one section to another by using the Integrated Switcher widget.
  • JetReviews-With the help of JetReviews, you can make reviews and also add ratings to the pages.
  • JetThemeCore- This plugin allows you to create or modify header and footer templates, single post pages, archive.
  • JetEngine- JetEngine plugin helps you to build custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.
  • JetSmartFilters- JetSmartFilters is a useful plugin for adding advanced AJAX filters functionality for your custom posts and WooCommerce products.
  • JetProductGallery- This plugin helps to create a product gallery according to your needs for WooCommerce products.
  • JetSearch- JetSearch offers advanced AJAX search functionality.
  • JetCompareWishlist- You can implement compare and wishlist functionalities to WooCommerce by using this plugin.
  • JetAppointment- This plugin is useful for getting appointments on your website.
  • JetStyleManager- JetStyleManager provides you with adjusting and controlling widget’s style settings in Elementor. You can also create and apply widget skins to increase your website’s performance and growth.

These are some of the most useful plugins to build your website. If you are interested to know about all the plugins that Crocoblock offers, you can visit their official website.

  1. Widgets- Crocoblock offers an amazing option of widgets. You can also create a booking page that includes all the important varieties and elements that you need. You don’t have to worry about technical stuff, you can do it by just viewing the live demo.

Some of the widget categories you can try are as follows:

  • Basic content Widgets include a pricing table, horizontal timeline, service widget, headline testimonials, advanced map, and much more.
  • Basic design widgets contain a bar chart, Parallax Scrolling effect, animated flip box, animated text widget, scroll navigation, and more.
  • Image layouts and slider widgets contain a gallery grid, image grid layout, image comparison slider, gallery anchor navigation, banner widget, and more.
  • WooCommerce widgets contain My account login, my account dashboard, my account login form, checkout coupon form, etc.
  • Blogging Widgets help in adding breadcrumbs to the website, static review, etc.
  • Filtering Widgets include sorting filter, select filter, visual filter, and more.

2. Dev Tools

DevTools is a tool page where you can explore many options like smart jet filters, jet elements, jet tabs, smart jet filters, jet engine, jet popup, and Crocoblock WordPress.

  • Jet Engine- Forms popup notification
  • Jet Popup- Control popup from the options page
  • Jet engine- Post expiration period
  • Jet engine- Inherit post or listing injections

3. Kava Theme

Kava theme is one of the best themes that provides 50 attractive layouts for pages in one theme. You can easily customize these themes according to your requirements. If you are interested in blogging, the Kava theme is the perfect option for you. It offers various variations and styles for blogs. Another advantage of using the Kava theme is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. You just need to download it from the option on CrocoBlock’s website.

4. Dynamic and Pre-made Templates

Crocoblock provides dynamic and pre-made templates for creating an online shopping store or business website. You can discover many templates like Zolden, Once, RentGo, etc. These templates are easy to use and offer many options as well as features. You can visit their website to know more about them.

Some of the best templates are as follows :

  • RentGo (Car rental website template)
  • Once (SPA appointment website)
  • Bristol (Grand hotel booking template)
  • Med Center (Doctor appointment website)
  • Foreo (Mini-hotel booking template)

5. Skins

Have you ever thought Crocoblock provides a wide variety of Skins for various topics from personal lifestyle to business? You can find them on the Demos page at Crocoblock’s website. Skins are necessary to make your website unique from others.

These skins are well-constructed and include important sets of pages like Home, About, Contact, Portfolio, and other pages. They come with different types of designs, patterns, color palettes, and themes. You can pick your favorite one that is suitable for your website.

You need to install and enable the JetThemeCore add-on to get access to the skins. And you will also get access to Elementor’s inbuilt templates.

6. Magic Button

The Magic button provided by Crocoblock indeed works like a magic. Magic Button in Crocoblock helps you to access sections, pages, headers, and footers. The main advantage of this button is that you don’t need to import the template separately.

You can find the Magic Button in the Elementor editor to get access to all the templates. And can discover a set of pages, sections, headers, archives, and footers, etc. All of them are ready-made items.

We hope that you have understood all the features that Crocoblock offers to the users. In this review, we are now going to discuss the pros and cons of using it.

Pros And Cons: CrocoBlock Review

Pros in CrocoBlock Review

  • CrocoBlock is one of the best builders for Elementor. It provides great styles, skins, themes, designs.
  • You can choose from a variety of templates. And the best part about these templates is that there will be no restrictions after buying its paid membership. There is hardly any tool that provides so many templates at the best prices.
  • Crocoblock has numerous quality plugins. You can get the maximum benefits by using these plugins.
  • Kava Theme is considered one of the best themes for Elementor. If you buy Crocoblock, you can get access to many stylish page layouts in one theme.
  • The Magic Button element in CrocoBlock gives a great advantage to users. You can easily customize your webpage without any stress or confusion.
  • It provides you with 150 widgets having lifetime access. But it might vary according to the package you buy.

Cons in CrocoBlock Review

  • Some templates offered by CrocoBlock don’t work without the use of plugins. This might create a lot of issues.
  • Sometimes it becomes really hard to redesign the templates.
  • Your website might slow down a bit due to some heavy plugins.
  • The packages are quite expensive for those who aren’t getting any benefits by using this tool.

These are some pros and cons that you should consider before buying this product. Let’s talk about the pricing of Crocoblock.

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FAQs: Related To The Crocoblock Review

Q1. What does Crocoblock do?

CrocoBlock is a support program that helps you to create your website. It offers a wide variety of plugins and themes to build your WordPress website.

Q2. How many types of plugins can I acquire with CrocoBlock?

You can get so many plugins with the CrocoBlock subscription plan. Some of these are JetTricks, JetElements, JetBlocks, JetWooBuilder, JetTabs, JetBlog, Jetpopup, JetSmartFilters, JetSearch, JetCompareWishlist, JetProductGallery, JetThemeCore, JetAppointment, JetThemeCore, and many more.

Q3. How can I update the products included in the CrocoBlock subscription?

You can get all the newly updated products and updates with the CrocoBlock subscription plan. If you want to update your products, you need to check Crocoblock Dashboard. Your license key should be active for the whole process.

Q4. How many websites can I create with CrocoBlock?

You can create as many websites as you want. But it depends on the kind of subscription plan you purchased. If you purchase a lifetime unlimited plan or all-inclusive yearly unlimited plan, you can create an unlimited number of websites.

Q5. What technical requirements should I need to use a single plugin in CrocoBlock?

You should meet the requirements mentioned below: PHP 7.2 or higher MySQL 5.6 or higher WP memory limit of 256 Mb or larger SSL certificate on the server TLS protocol versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3

Q6. How many widgets can I get with CrocoBlock?

You can get over 150 widgets with the CrocoBlock subscription plan.

Q7. What does Magic Button in CrocoBlock do?

The Magic Button feature provides access sections, pages, headers, and footers. You can find the Magic Button in the Elementor editor to get access to all the templates. And can discover a set of pages, sections, headers, archives, and footers, etc. All of them are ready-to-use items.

What’s New in Crocoblock Review For 2024?

Crocoblock is now compatible with Gutenberg, implying you’re not restricted to just Elementor. You can also construct dynamic websites using the block editor. There are 13 jet plugins that are compatible with Gutenberg.

These latest extensions assist you in developing dynamic websites that satisfy your clients. If you’re utilizing, or seeking to employ more complex features in areas such as Dynamic content, Search and filters, Mega menu, Woocommerce, Appointment & Bookings, and Forms, then Crocoblock has been designed with you in mind.

Conclusion: Latest Crocoblock Review (2024)

In this Crocoblock review, we discussed its features, pros, and cons, pricing plans, etc. to find out if it’s worth investing in or not.

We have concluded that from the above information that the tool in Crocoblock Review is much better than other products. It provides many easy-to-use plugins, themes, elements, tools, and widgets to make your website more attractive than others. However, it might be a bit expensive for you.

After purchasing this product, you will not be disappointed with the quality of the tools it offers. And you will not face any serious issues while using it. So, you can consider buying it if you want to make your website professional and unique. Your website’s Google rank might improve as a result. We hope that this Crocoblock Review helped you in recognizing if it’s a good option for you or not.

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