Getresponse vs Leadpages: Which Is Better? (Truth Revealed)

By: Rick Godsey
Updated : April 8, 2021
GetResponse Vs Lead pages


GetResponse is a robust, simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your marketing. It helps grow your customers with lead generation tools and helps you engage with your clients and customers via targeted online communications.


Leadpages is a landing page builder with a high-conversion value. It is a straightforward and easy to use tool with a drag-and-drop editor. It offers more than 200 templates to choose from. It integrates with various websites and marketing tools.
  • Marketing automation builds your scalable workflows based on your customer’s journey
  • Build 100% responsive landing page builder using drag and drop editor
  • Provides comprehensive reports with email analytics
  • Provides integration with GetResponse Webinar platform
  • Integrates with more than 200 platforms like WordPress, Salesforce, and Shopify.
  • It has a streamlined page builder with drag and drop editing.
  • Provides customization of more than 130 free templates and other paid templates.
  • Easily integrates with email marketing tools, payment gateways, and webinar platforms.
  • Provides real-time guidance and boosts your conversion rate.
  • Provides Code-free web publishing.
Getresponse vs Leadpages: Which Is Better? (Truth Revealed)
Starting at $15
Starting at $25

Getresponse vs Leadpages: Which Is Better? (Truth Revealed)

Email marketing is the most commonly used strategy to target specific classes of clients. It’s needless to say that every good digital marketing strategy is incomplete without an efficient email marketing strategy.

In this post, we are going to compare GetResponse Vs LeadPages, which will help you to pick the best choice for you based on their USPs, features, user experience, and pricing.

So, before we go on to compare these two powerful tools, let’s take a brief look at what these two tools are in the basic sense.

To start with, GetResponse in its broadest sense is an email marketing tool while Leadpages helps to generate email leads. However, there is a striking similarity between these platforms. And that similarity is the usage of emails as the primary tool in their functionality.

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There is one question that is asked quite regularly in forums and discussions. What should excellent digital marketing involve gaining the most out of the time and effort that one invests in it? If you ask me, a perfect digital marketing strategy involves multiple approaches and tools such as email marketing, affiliate marketing, CRM, SEO, and so on.

I understand that it is easier said than done. However, you can always take external help. You can either choose a company that provides all the marketing strategies in one place or choose different companies specializing in particular marketing strategies.

But the most important thing is to know and understand your business and its requirements. It is important to note that an excellent digital marketing strategy that has performed wonders for one business might not be the most appropriate solution for another.

GetResponse vs Leadpages – An overview

GetResponse is a complete marketing tool that provides you with all the necessary equipment that you need to run your digital marketing strategy efficiently. It is an all-in-one marketing machine that can handle everything related to digital marketing for you.

GetResponse is equipped with a landing page editor, a CRM machine, an email marketing tool, an SEO optimization process, and everything else you might require for your strategy.

LeadPages vs GetResponse

However, Leadpages focuses solely on the landing page aspect of a digital strategy. But irrespective of that, It is a great tool that can fit seamlessly with your overall online marketing strategy.

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LeadPages vs GetResponse landing pages

Also, Leadpages’ specialty lies in building highly-advanced interactive landing pages that can be linked with your ads on various platforms. Additionally, since it only focuses on a single aspect, it is able to produce better quality results than various other all-in-one platforms.

Leadpages’ whole platform, including the user interface, is designed to provide the users with the required tools to build unique and desirable landing pages.

GetResponse vs Leadpages: USPs of these platforms

In this comparison, GetResponse vs Leadpages, it is important that we understand what these power-packed tools are known for.


  • The interface of GetResponse is very user-friendly.
  • The platform’s basic plan provides all the necessary tools for a startup and small scale business which is cheaper than its competition.
  • GetResponse provides various offers and discounts on yearly packages, which makes the deals even more exciting.
  • GetResponse is powered with robust marketing automation tools.
  • You can make advanced lists with the help of the platform’s advanced data segmentation tools.
  • The ‘Conversion Funnel’ feature of the website is helpful for small businesses. It can help them manage other business aspects without any undue effort.


  • The learning curve for LeadPages is minimal. This means that you can start using this platform in no time.
  • You can easily create beautiful landing pages on the platform with superlative ease.
  • LeadPages have many optimized templates that you can use to build your landing page.
  • You can sort your pages by their conversion rate and choose the best designs among them.
  • You can easily integrate LeadPages with other digital marketing platforms.


If we compare the USPs of these two powerful tools in this fight of GetResponse vs Leadpages, we’ll have to say that these two are equally ranked.

GetResponse vs Leadpages: Feature Rundown

LeadPages and GetResponse are two different platforms that provide various features to its users. To understand the fundamentals of this comparison GetResponse vs Leadpages, we will first discuss various features offered by both the platforms to gain better insight into their functionality.


GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing suite and provides various services you might require to implement a powerful marketing strategy.

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Landing Page Builder

GetResponse includes a landing page builder tool that is made to support the users in all manners possible. GetResponse has a massive library of 150+ templates that you can choose from to build your landing pages. Additionally, you can also get free hosting for any of the landing pages you create.

Landing Page Builder

GetResponse also supports the drag and drop feature to create and customize your pages. Additionally, GetResponse provides a massive gallery of 5000+ images from Shutterstock that you can use on your pages for free.

Autoresponder and Email Marketing Services

The main agenda of creating a landing page is to create an email list for you from the users who visit your advertisement. After compiling the email list, you need to nurture them to create a long, productive relationship to avail the maximum benefits.

Autoresponder and Email Marketing Services

GetResponse is equipped with email marketing services that you can use to send emails to your subscribers to convert them into customers. You can easily create professional-looking emails with the help of various templates.

GetResponse also provides you with the option to automate emails to your subscribers according to their timezone and recent activity, which is a very handy feature.

Additionally, you can also segment your emails into different categories and use the platform’s Automator tool to send them personalized emails automatically.

Webinar Service

GetResponse is one of the few digital marketing platforms that provide you with the option to organize webinars. Also, you can efficiently market your webinars through email marketing and landing pages.

Webinar Service

Users can quickly go live on the webinar through their mobile devices with the help of the GetResponse. Different users can also interact with each other. Moreover, you can save the webinar to share it later in the form of a video.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is an excellent tool for eCommerce businesses for complicated marketing campaigns. With this tool’s help, you can easily automate a response to any interaction between the customer and your website. You can automate an email, a message, schedule a call, or add the user to an autoresponder campaign.

Marketing Automation



The first step in establishing a marketing strategy is to attract new customers, and the next step is to convert those new leads. A robust CRM tool can help you to cultivate your relationship with new and existing customers.

With this tool, you can build a profile for every email subscriber and understand their behavior and interaction with your website.


GetResponse provides easy and quick integration with many third-party platforms such as:

  • Instapage
  • Eventbrite
  • Flipcause
  • Cyfe
  • Zoho CRM
  • LiveChat
  • Chargify
  • Capsule
  • BigCommerce
  • Freshbooks
  • LiveAgent
  • 123ContactForm


LeadPage is a robust landing page builder tool. LeadPage helps you to create attractive and efficient landing pages for your campaigns by providing you with all the support that you might need.

LeadPage landing page

Free Templates, Publishing, and Hosting

LeadPages is an excellent tool for people looking for only a landing page builder service. It has various templates that save you time while creating the page. Also, you can choose from a variety of 150+ templates to your advantage.

You can get a template for selling courses, webinars, services, ebooks, and more. Some of these templates are specifically designed for various industries, such as fitness, travel, and startups.

You can also sort your pages based on the conversion rates to understand which of them produces the best results. After creating a landing page, LeadPages can help you in publishing and hosting.

All the LeadPage paid plans allow you to create an unlimited number of landing pages and publish them on the internet. LeadPages can also host all the landing pages you create for free to help you quickly launch them.

Drag and Drop Builder

LeadPages is equipped with a robust editor to help you edit the templates as not every one of them will fit your creative needs. The editor is very user-friendly and works on the drag-and-drop principle. Also, you can create pricing table sections, background video wallpapers, social media sharing buttons, and much more on your templates.

Drag and Drop Builder

You can also build a two-step opt-in form that can be used to collect emails and payments simultaneously.

LeadPages also has its payment solution that can take care of all the payment related worries for you.

Facebook Ad Builder

Promoting a landing page is an essential aspect of marketing. Facebook, with its vast audience, provides a great platform to promote your products.

Facebook Ad Builder

LeadPages helps you to create advertisements for custom audiences and launch them directly on Facebook, now within its platform.

In-Depth Reports

Any efficient marketing strategy involves the need to analyze and study the reports and data smartly. It is essential to understand and measure your landing pages’ performance to help them perform even better.

Getresponse vs leadpages optin page

LeadPages has a powerful analyzing tool that can create the most useful reports that give you a clear idea about your landing page’s conversion rate.


LeadPages has a significant advantage over other similar platforms because of its easy and smart integration abilities. It can easily integrate with:

  • Drip
  • ConvertKit
  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Shopping cart
  • Constant Contact
  • Shopify
  • Infusionsoft
  • Interspire
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics


These two tools have many weapons for features in their arsenal. While there are some striking similarities between these two, they are still quite different.

In this part of GetResponse vs Leadpages, we’ll have to say, GetResponse takes home the trophy. It is purely because GetResponse is a one-stop solution for all the digital marketing needs, which includes many functions, including SEO processes, landing pages, and email marketing, to name a few.

However, Leadpages solely concentrates on landing pages which is one part of GetResponse. While it is worth noting that Leadpages is really good at what it does, it can be an excellent option if your only requirement is building or optimizing your landing pages.

GetResponse vs Leadpages: Customer Support

If you are a consumer and you are going to buy a durable item, for example, an electronic, what will be your deciding factors? After the price range and product quality, you’ll definitely say post-sales customer support. Let’s look at how these two platforms do on the parameter of customer support in this comparison of GetResponse vs Leadpages.


GetResponse has a highly efficient customer support team that is able to solve any customer query in no time with ease. You can reach GetResponse customer support using various methods like email, live chat support, and tickets. Additionally, GetResponse also has an extensive database of training modules which prove handy when trying to learn how to use this tool.

However, what GetResponse does not have is a telephonic customer support line for its customers. This mode is highly important, and the most preferred means of communication for most customers.


Leadpages also has an equally efficient team of customer support executives. One can reach out to Leadpages using emails, telephonic calls, live chat support, and tickets which covers all the bases.

However, Leadpages lack an extensive knowledge base which is crucial in the learning stage. No learning resources means you have to go back to connect with a customer support executive every time you face a question, no matter how small.


In this war of best customer support of GetResponse vs Leadpages, we’ll have to call it a draw in this case. While GetResponse lacks a telephonic line, Leadpages lacks learning resources. Both of these components of customer support are equally important when trying to provide excellent customer support.

GetResponse vs Leadpages: Pricing

When comparing two tools, it is crucial to understand their pricing policies. Similar is the case in GetResponse vs Leadpages. Let’s look at the prices of these two products in detail below.

Free planNoNo
Starting Price$15 per month for the basic plan$25 per month for the standard plan
Paid Plans1. Basic plan for $15 per month for 1000 subscribers.

2. Plus plan for $49 per month for 1000 subscribers

3. Professional plan for $99 per

month for 1000 list size

1. Standard plan for $25 per month

2. Pro plan for $48 per month

3. Advanced plan for $99 per month

Usage limitsAll plans come with

1. Email marketing tool

2. Autoresponder tool

3. Landing Page Builder

All the plans include

1. Access to the templates

2. Landing Page Builder


GetResponse plans vary according to the size of the email list and the features that it offers. In the basic plan, which costs $15 a month per year, you only get an email marketing and autoresponder tool with a primary landing page builder. Hence, this plan is suited for only a small scale, and new business as the email list is shorter.

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The Plus plan has the CRM tool, webinar features, and all the advanced landing page builder tools. You pay $49 a month for this package, which also offers a small number of email subscribers. However, if you want the additional 10,000 email subscribers, you will have to pay $60 a month.

However, the Professional plan costs $99 a month, which comes with pro automation and third-party integrations.

Additionally, you can also avail of an additional 18% discount when you pay annually and a 30% discount when you take a two years package applicable to all the plans.

getresponse pricing plans

While the pricing and plans of GetResponse are complicated, you can get help from their customer support to choose the plan most suitable for you.

It is also important to note that the costs of these plans increase as your number of email subscribers increases.


LeadPages pricing is simple and offers three different plans. The standard plan costs $25 per month if paid annually. This plan includes a functional landing builder that can help you build any number of landing pages.

In the Pro plan, which costs $48 per month, you get additional features such as A/B testing and the option to provide online payment facilities to your customers.

LeadPages also offers an Advanced Package for $199 a month which offers advanced integrations, Five Pro Sub Accounts, 50 Extra Opt-In Text Campaigns, and a one on one quick start call.

leadpages pricing plans

When you consider the prices of GetResponse against that of LeadPages, it might seem costlier. But GetResponse is a complete marketing tool and provides additional features with email marketing tools.

Moreover, if you are using LeadPages, you might have to buy other services for other digital marketing strategies. The combined cost can end up digging a hole in your pockets.


The duel of GetResponse vs Leadpages is incomplete without comparing the prices. And in this department, the clear cut winner is GetResponse. Not only the GetResponse packages come for the same amount or cheaper in some cases, but GetResponse also provides many additional features.

When you compare the prices of these two robust platforms, you’ll understand that GetResponse offers deals that earn it the price in this comparison of GetResponse vs Leadpages.

GetResponse vs Leadpages: Comparison in a nutshell

Both GetResponse and LeadPages have their own set of pros and cons, and their efficiency depends on the user requirements. This is what makes this GetResponse vs Leadpages analysis so difficult.

Both of the marketing platforms have their unique features, as discussed above. While GetResponse is a complete digital marketing solution, LeadPages solely focuses on creating beautifully designed landing pages.

GetResponse provides all the features required for an excellent digital marketing strategy like CRM, SEO, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and so on. It has an easy-to-use interface and a robust landing page builder.

However, the landing page builder on GetResponse has various templates that can be used. Additionally, it also has a stock gallery of 5000+ images from Shutterstock that can be used in the landing pages.

The pricing of the packages at GetResponse is comparatively cheaper than other services out there, which serves as an additional advantage for small scale businesses looking for economical solutions.

LeadPages, on the other hand, has an advanced landing page builder and provides a vast creative library of templates. These templates are designed to fit the requirements of different industries and also the scale of business.

You can also easily integrate your landing pages with a payment option that can help you to provide your users with easy and secure payment channels.


Do these platforms provide integration services?

Yes, both of the platforms provide good integration services with third-party apps for smoother functioning. In order to know more about these integrations, you can refer to GetResponse vs LeadPages detail analysis above.

Do these platforms provide automation services?

Yes, both the platforms are equipped with robust automation services that can automate email responses for the new subscribers and users based on various factors. However, you will have to do a thorough GetResponse vs LeadPages comparison if you want to choose one platform between these two.

Do these platforms have landing page builders?

Yes, while LeadPages in itself is a landing page builder with advanced tools and features, GetResponse also supports an excellent landing page builder.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, both LeadPages and GetResponse provide a free trial to let you take the platform on a test run and make an informed choice.

Conclusion: GetResponse vs Leadpages

Both of these platforms provide exceptional services and features in this comparison of GetResponse vs Leadpages. This long list of features that they come with makes analyzing GetResponse vs Leadpages even more challenging.

There is no right or wrong option here, but it solely depends on the user’s requirement. However, if you already have other digital marketing strategies in place, LeadPages might be the best choice for you.

But, if you are searching for a complete digital marketing solution that can take care of all the digital marketing related queries, GetResponse will be the right for you.

You can choose GetResponse if:

  • You are looking for a complete digital marketing solution.
  • You have a medium-scale business and are looking to create a digital presence for yourself.
  • If you want a single platform for all your digital marketing needs.

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And you should go for Leadpages if:

  • You are solely looking for an email marketing platform.
  • If your business depends largely on landing pages.
  • You already have other digital marketing strategies in place and require a platform solely focused on email marketing.

So, no matter what the outcome of this long comparison of GetResponse vs LeadPages is, you need to understand and analyze your business and needs before anything else.

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