GoToMeeting Review: Is It Good Enough To Use In 2021?

By: Rick Godsey
Updated : June 14, 2021
GoToMeeting Review

Our Verdict:

GoToMeeting is the easiest cloud-based on the go meeting and conferencing tool. It also allows integrations with tools like Zapier, Chrome, and Google Calendar to manage your business more profoundly in this highly competitive market world


GoToMeeting offers features like high-quality audio and video calling, recordings, and transcriptions. You can also share your screen and take control of your attendee’s machine with some clicks only.

Ease of Use

GoToMeeting is widely used because of its easy to use interface. You can create and host meetings in just a matter of minutes. Sharing your screen and documents is very easy with it.


The annual pricing scheme of GoToMeeting consists of one free plan and three paid plans: Free plan Starter – $14/month Pro – $29/month Plus – $39/month For an enterprise plan, you need to contact the vendor.


GoToMeeting provides support to its customers through phone and online chat. It has also provided lots of articles related to problems faced by customers for quick help. You can visit the support page on

GoToMeeting Review: Is It Good Enough To Use In 2021?


Editor’s Rating

Starting from : $34

GoToMeeting Review: Is It Good Enough To Use In 2021?

In this post, we’ll dig deep into GoToMeeting Review. With the increasing stats of working remotely, staying connected with your team members, and clients that are not physically present in the same geographical location, is demanding but a necessity at the same time. 

Remote working brings many benefits to workers in terms of timing shifts, work-life balance and saves a lot of money for companies. But at the same time, it brings the challenge of consistent and reliable connectivity with team members in any organization. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small-sized, medium-sized, or an enterprise-sized business; organizing conferences, meetings, and webinars are your standard requirements.

To make this online communication process with your team, clients, or organization easy and reliable, many software tools are available in the market. But are they all equivalent in terms of the services they provide, or is there one leader between them?

Today, I will disclose the answer to this question by reviewing one such excellent communication tool, GoToMeeting.

What is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting has been regarded as the best tool available for organizing your instant meetings anytime, anywhere. It offers all the tools you need for running a business meeting remotely and successfully.

COVID-19 has also sharply increased the market popularity of GoToMeeting by 600% on Android devices and 370% on iOS.

GoToMeeting is a web-hosted software service produced and marketed by LogMeIn. It is highly flexible; you can use it from your web browser or any mobile device, and even with or without a camera.

GoToMeeting is straightforward to use and provides so many features in its free and paid versions. The paid version allows you to have some more additional powerful tools. 

GoToMeeting is built with an idea of collaboration for any type of business, big or small. 

You can create quick one-click meetings, schedule, and host webinars, and you can also record them. 

GoToMeeting allows you to share your content with everyone in the meeting by screen share and provides high-definition video conferencing. 

It also gives you the alternative of providing toll-free numbers to your attendees.

GoToMeeting automatically adjusts every attendee’s bandwidth without considering their location to ensure the call’s high quality.

Features of GoToMeeting 

GoToMeeting has a diverse range of features for its different applications. Let us take a look at them in detail:

Conference Calls

GoToMeeting provides an Integrated Voice over IP conference call facility. 

It’s audio conference calling lets you communicate with your colleagues, customers, clients, or anyone online. 

You can set up and join a call until you have proper Internet connectivity, no matter whether the device is Windows, Mac, or a mobile device. 

The user interface of GoToMeeting is exceptionally user-friendly. Starting from initial set up to the meeting’s management, even a beginner can easily handle everything with good quality of calling. 

Also, you need not worry about the time limit of calling because it just does not exist. GoToMeeting gives you the advantage of unlimited calling, which is appreciable. 

GoToMeeting also provides optional toll-free numbers as an add-on feature usable in more than 50 countries. 

This feature allows you to pay only for what you are using and an excellent alternative for conventional VoIP phone services. 

In addition to conference calls, you also get features like one-click meetings, integrated scheduling, without reservation connections, and customizable email invitations.

Video Conferencing

This feature of GoToMeeting allows you to conduct a high-definition face-to-face video conferencing in addition to audio calls. 

At most, 25 users can use their webcam with GoToMeeting at a time.

While using other platforms for video conferencing, we often face syncing problems and other unexpected errors. 

GoToMeeting has wholly eliminated these problems with its sophisticated features.

GoToMeeting Review

While using this feature with your desktop, you can also adjust your webcam preferences; that is, you can change the view of your display before going live. 

GoToMeeting also makes it easy for you to turn off your camera without leaving or obstructing the ongoing meeting.

Screen Sharing

GoToMeeting gives you the option of sharing a screen with your meeting attendees in real-time. 

Visuals enhance your meeting’s impact and help in brainstorming, providing training, and presenting something to your client or team members. 

GoToMeeting Review

The screen sharing feature of GoToMeeting increases the quality of your video call. It helps to understand better the ideas you are trying to present or teach to your attendees.  

It also gives you the option of choosing which screen you want to share, the whole desktop, or just one application. 

You can also make one of your attendees share the screen by granting him/her permission. The attendee will accept the prompt and will be able to share it.

For accessing screen sharing features, the attendees do not require any separate software because GoToMeeting allows screen sharing from the chrome web browser, iPhone, iPad, or any mobile device.

Mobile Conferencing

The modern workforce consisting of remote employees, is not limited to a fixed space with all the resources in their reach. 

To attend any meeting online, you have to stay near your desktop, but this is not possible with remote employees, specifically for people working from home. 

GoToMeeting has provided a solution to this problem by offering mobile applications for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. 

It allows you to schedule, host, or join a meeting from anywhere, anytime, on the go from any mobile device without compromising any of the features and benefits you get with GoToMeeting.

Meeting Record and Transcriptions

A commonly faced problem while hosting longer meeting sessions is retaining the information. To write everything is not just practical in every situation.

GoToMeeting solves this problem using its Record and Transcriptions feature. All you have to do is click on the Record button, and the rest is done by it. 

The presenter’s screen, along with the audio of everyone, will get captured. These recordings can be stored either locally or in the cloud.

GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting Smart Meeting Assistant will automatically transcribe the ongoing conversation, so there is no need for any designated transcriber to do the job for you.

These transcriptions and recordings are advantageous to people who could not attend the meeting at the time. 

Hardware Bundles

GoToMeeting, along with providing software services, also offers a complete set of hardware you need for organizing high-quality meetings. 

They provide hardware bundles for both crowded and large conference rooms. Audio and video qualities are top-notch using Poly and Dolby’s voice.

The Installation of these incredible conference room solutions is also straightforward and effortless. The entire system gets set up in less than 15 minutes. 

GoToMeeting’s cost-effective, user-friendly, and top-quality conference room setup eliminates the need to contact any third-party provider, making it an all in one tool.

GoToMeeting Review : Pros and Cons

Every coin has two sides, similarly GoToMeeting has some positives and negatives about it. Let us look at them.


  1. It allows full control of the host on the attendee’s equipment.
  2. You can share your documents in real-time.
  3. There is no requirement for any specific device to attend the meeting.
  4. You can organize extensive meetings. 
  5. There is no need to attend the meeting to gain real experience; you can re-watch the recording.
  6. GoToMeeting offers Integrations with numerous other software like Zapier, Chrome, and Google Calendar.


  1. A stable Internet connection is required.
  2. Quality of device is essential for a better experience and use of all the features.
  3. Some features are available only in Premium versions like drawing tools, unlimited recording, etc.
  4. Chat option is limited; you cannot create chat rooms for further collaborations.

GoToMeeting Pricing Plans

To support all kinds of business, GoToMeeting offers three plans for pricing. These plans are scalable with the growth of your business. 

GoToMeeting Professional

The Professional plan of GoToMeeting is billed as:

  • Monthly – $14 per month per user
  • Annually – $12 per month per user

With this plan, you can organize meetings, and conference calls with at most 150 participants. In addition to these audio, video calling, and screen sharing, some of the features that GoToMeeting Professional offers are:

  • Salesforce Integration
  • Google Calendar plugin
  • SSL encryption
  • Office 365 plugin
  • Slack Integration

You can host unlimited meetings without any time limit with this plan, but this plan does not have transcription and recording features.

 GoToMeeting Business

GoToMeeting’s Business plan is billed as:

  • Monthly – $19 per month per user
  • Annually – $14 per month per user

This plan offers you to host meetings with up to 250 attendees. This is an ideal choice for medium to large-sized businesses. The additional features you get in this plan are:

  • Drawing tools
  • Meeting Transcriptions
  • Unlimited recording on cloud
  • Meeting lock
  • Mouse and Keyboard Sharing

GoToMeeting has recently added a new feature in its Business plan, “Slide to PDF,” which allows you to capture slides during a presentation and share it in the form of PDF.

 GoToMeeting Enterprise

The Enterprise plan of GoToMeeting has no fixed rate. Its pricing is customizable according to the needs of the organization. This plan is intended for big organizations whose needs go beyond other plans.

For getting your enterprise plan, you need to contact the sales team of GoToMeeting to get your quote. 

This plan allows you to host calls and meetings with at most 3000 participants. This plan is best for global organizations that have offices located in different parts of the globe.

In the Enterprise plan, you can connect InRoom Link with your existing system of conference rooms. 

In addition to these functionalities, you also get a custom success manager dedicated to you only.

GoToMeeting FAQs

Q1: Do I need to install GoToMeeting to join Meeting?

A: No. If you want to attend a meeting that is scheduled by someone else, then you can join the Meeting without creating an account. You have to click on the meeting link, and you will be able to join.

Q2: How long can a GoToMeeting last?

A: There is no limit on the timing. But if there is no attendee in the Meeting, then the Meeting will end automatically after 2 hours.

Q3: Can I use GoToMeeting for free?

A: GoToMeeting offers a free plan to start with. It has limited features in comparison to other higher plans. It is best for collaborating with your friends or colleagues.

Q4: Do you need WIFI for GoToMeeting?

A: GoToMeeting is an internet-based software service. So, you require a stable internet connection, no matter if it is by using WIFI or mobile hotspots, or any other connectivity.

Q5: Does GoToMeeting show your face?

A: GoToMeeting gives you the option of face to face meeting using its video conferencing feature, in which by enabling their webcam, everyone can show their faces.

Q6: Is GoToMeeting easy to use?

A: GoToMeeting is an extremely easy to use audio and video conferencing tools. For any help, you can visit its Support page at


GoToMeeting is an exceptionally well cloud-based communication tool for all business sizes. It has a solution for everyone and comes at a starting price of $12, which is highly affordable. 

Even this entry-level plan offers unlimited calling with no limit of time, and you can have at most 150 participants. 

The technology used and provided by this product is up-to-date and ideal for other such software services. 

GoToMeeting is not limited to a software service but also scales to providing hardware bundles according to different enterprise requirements with state-of-the-art technologies. 

Whether you are traveling somewhere or sitting idle in a room, GoToMeeting has an option for everyone. 

GoToMeeting has some opposing sides, but its advantages weigh much higher than those and make it a perfect choice for your on the go meeting tool. 

On top of these is the free trial of GoToMeeting available for 14 days. So, if you are searching for conference software for managing your business, your search ends here with GoToMeeting.

If you like my review on GoToMeeting, then please like and share it with everyone.

Also, do share your thoughts and experience on this great tool in the comment section below.

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