Inventory Lab Review 2023 | Is This Amazon Seller Software

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : July 12, 2023
Inventory Lab Review

Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab is one of the best Inventory Management software for Amazon Sellers. It provides industry-leading solutions with the help of its apps like Stratify and Scoutify. It is a must-have tool for your Amazon Business.


Inventory Lab comes with some advanced features like Product search, Bookkeeping, and Analytics. It provides a report on profitability, sales tax, profit, and loss. Also, Inventory Lab works with a wide range of thermal label printers.

Ease of Use

Inventory Lab is visually appealing and easy to use. Its interface is easy to understand, and all of the items can be found easily at the front just by hovering over the main menu at the top left of the screen.


Inventory Lab has one plan with two options for billing: monthly and annually. It also offers a 30-day free trial with no requirement for a credit card. The monthly plan is $49 per month, and the annual plan is for $40 per month.


Inventory Lab’s team is fully committed to providing help to its customers. They have a Support Portal that gives you access to their knowledge base to find up-to-date information, self-help tools, tutorials, videos, etc.

Inventory Lab Review 2023 | Is This Amazon Seller Software


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Starting from : $49

Inventory Lab Review 2023 | Is This Amazon Seller Software

To run your Amazon business with significant profits and efficiency, you may need Inventory Lab to reduce your unnecessary efforts. Nowadays, it is easy for all online merchants to list and sell their products through Amazon FBA.

But there are many necessary things that you need to take care of to sell anything efficiently. Many applications are there to manage your data and help in the workflows.

Such tools are not only helpful for your Amazon business but also make everything crystal clear. It is necessary to know whether you are investing your money in the right way. In the following Inventory Lab review, we will go through detailed information about this tool and how it can effectively run a business. This application stands at a different corner in the inventory management system of Amazon.

If we talk about the interface, it comes with a simple user interface, making the listing process relatively easy. You can access and do everything if you do research and listing well for your Amazon business. It makes everything quick and streamlined. It is possible to create FBA shipments and barcodes on all your goods. Let us discuss the Inventory lab in detail.

How is Inventory Lab Helpful for Your Online Amazon Business?

Makes the Listing Process Fast

If you want to add ASINs to your system, there are two ways to create an effective listing. It is possible to upload all the information, including sales tax and buying cost of the products, etc., on the list. When you get the software list in the software, you can quickly scan it by using a barcode scanner. The accurate data of the product will be displayed.

Managing the Price

When you upload the Buy list, you will include the cost and link it to the supplier. After logging the unit, you can modify the item’s price with the help of an ROI calculator and net profit.

When you use the Inventory Lab, it shows the price, current offers, quick links to access price history, etc. You can also add an option of “Ship to Amazon” to provide a facility to the customers. In this way, you can easily go through the margins and make good pricing decisions.

Determine the Right Prep Way

When you use the Inventory Lab, you can get the prep information. This way, you can determine the right way to pack the product, like bubble-wrapped, polybagged, etc. You can also get the size tier and decide the type of parcel. If you do prep in the right way, Amazon will not charge or penalty for the wrong prep.

No Duplicates

When you upload the buy list with offers on the same ASIN, the Inventory Lab will give a warning. You will get notifications to either remove or merge all the duplicates. In this way, there will be no duplicates in your product list.

Simplified Parent-Child ASINs

It is a complicated task when anyone lists their items through ASIN variations. It is possible to make small mistakes, and in the end, you can disappoint your customers and Amazon by sharing the wrong information. The Inventory lab helps in providing a warning in case of the ASIN variation and allows you to pick some selling products from the list.

Maintains the Inventory Structure

Even if you are an expert in code-cracking, then looking for the inventory in Seller in the ASIN’s long list is quite difficult. The main aim of the Inventory Lab is to create batches so that the added ASINs stay together. It makes everything well-managed and organized. The sellers can make strategic decisions regarding their business after understanding it properly.

Date of Expiry of Products

There is an expiry date for groceries and other products which need to be sold before that date. You can add the expiry date in the listing process to set the lifetime of the inventory. In this way, your products will be sold quickly.

FBA Shipment in a Specific Warehouse

Within a few clicks, you can list the products along with the price in the Amazon warehouse. After listing, it is easy to determine the location of the buy list in which the warehouse. With the help of Inventory Labs, you can also sort various products on the list and make relevant changes according to your FBA shipment.

Printing barcodes of Your Product Lists

When you add your products to the list, you Inventory Lab Review will get the barcode print. There is no need to batch print the barcodes after ending the session or determine which product’s barcode belongs. The printed code will stick to it effectively without putting much effort.

How to Source New Products from Amazon?

In this Inventory Lab review, we will understand how we can list and manage the inventory and know-how to source new Amazon products. Let us check out some of the following steps:

Getting a Mobile App Known as Scoutify 2

If you want to source new products with the help of Inventory Lab, then you need a mobile app, i.e., Spotify 2.

Scanning and Executing

With the help of this application, you can scan the product’s barcode to get the entire information about it. You will see all the ASIN’s existing offers, the sales rank, and the net profit breakdown of both MFN and FBA. It is possible to preset the shipping fee of the web service of the Inventory Lab. It can also include an ROI breakdown and net profit.

Scouting New Products

It is not necessary to have the product with you. It is possible to research the product by typing a keyword. You will get detailed information about the product, including the sales rank, and offer a count of the same category. When you research deeply into ASIN, you can divide the details of the breakdown page of ASIN into ROI and net profit.

Easy Uploading of the Buy List

Suppose you have all the information about the products you have brought in Scoutify 2 shopping. It is possible to send and open the buy list in Inventory Lab. You can do different tasks at the same time in your inventory if the fields are automatically matched.

Easy Scouting of New Products on the Web App Stratify

There is a web app of Inventory Lab, also known as Stratify. It also provides all the pricing details of the product on the list. It includes the fulfillment fee of FBA, type of prep, Inventory Lab Review price history, ROI breakdown, net profit, etc.

Get Information About Your Business In a Few Seconds with Analytic Reports From Inventory Lab

In the following Inventory Lab review, we will discuss certain questions that come into the sellers’ minds. If anyone gets complete information about his business, it will help them make strategic decisions on their seller account on Amazon. Inventory Lab answers several questions regarding business decisions. You must check out the following questions:

Information About the Supplier to Whom You Should Contact

It is necessary to know which supplier is profitable for your business. It can be determined by analyzing the profitability report for every level. In this way, you can easily decide Inventory Lab Review what things are correctly working and what needs to be improved.

Things You Should Replenish

When you check the Inventory Lab’s Velocity Report, you can determine different things that you need to replenish on an SKU or ASIN level. You can get information like lead time, inbound, things inside the inventory, daily sales, replenishing date, supplier information, etc. In this way, you can calculate the safety stock. It provides an error margin and takes a lot of energy and time for the setup process.

Inventory Lab Review Lab Pricing

You can buy the annual plan, which can cost you $40 per month. There is a trial period of 30 days to enjoy all the services for free. You can access Scoutify and Stratify to check the details of the inventory, printed labels, and listed products. It comes in a less expensive price range, in which you can enjoy all the features for a year.

Pros and Cons of Inventory Lab


  • The user interface of the application is relatively easy.
  • It is possible to print labels with Inventory Lab.
  • It is easy to develop live batches according to the shipment plans of Amazon.
  • You will get a live scanning app along with it.
  • It is a perfect way to research, list, and account for products.


  • Sometimes, the reports of accounting are confusing.
  • The format of the accounting data report is incorrect.
  • There is no real community of Inventory Lab Amazon sellers.

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The Bottom Line: Inventory Lab Review (2023)

Inventory Lab is perfect for listing products on Amazon for buyers. It is possible to monitor many things like shipping rate, Inventory Lab Review expiration dates, ROI calculator, etc., to make specific improvements while making their business's strategic decisions.

There is a 30-day trial period to enjoy all the features of listing and managing items in the inventory. In this Inventory Lab review, you might have understood how it is helpful to use inventory management to run the Amazon business smoothly. If you can manage everything properly, no can stop you from earning profits efficiently.

It is possible to check the analytics of the workflow to keep everything clear while doing your business. It is necessary to access Scoutify and Stratify to keep checking the labels, inventory, and listed products. Grab the deal as soon as possible.


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