Kartra Affiliate Program 2021: Everything You Need To Know?

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : April 8, 2021

Kartra Affiliate Program 2021: Everything You Need To Know?

Kartra Affiliate Program is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs. Kartra is one such platform that will not only help you to grow your business but will also help you to manage it efficiently. Also, with its help, you can track the affiliate sales of your product. 

Katra is an all-encompassing platform. It allows people to generate a generous percentage as an affiliate commission. This scheme is applicable to both the monthly and annual payment plans. The Kartra Affiliate Program allows the businessmen to promote products other than the affiliate product as well. 

It allows the appointment and control of a group of affiliates who sell their products. Kartra Affiliates Program helps to track how much to pay to each affiliate and when.

This platform provides a shortcut to generate passive income. It serves a number of purposes and hence saves you from the headache of managing different tools like ClickFunnels and Teachables. 

Now, it is vital to know the features of the Kartra Affiliate Program. Let us find out about them.

Features of Kartra Affiliate Program:

Features of Kartra Affiliate Program

Kartra has an inbuilt affiliate management system. The idea behind this software is that you promote others’ products on your website and on every successful sale, you earn a commission.  Affiliate marketing is all about revenue sharing and Kartra plays that role perfectly.

The best way to earn via this platform is to promote its products on a social media platform. For every successful registration, you will earn forty percent of the affiliate commissions, for a lifetime.

The best part of this affiliate network is that you can help people who are struggling to manage their business all by themselves. It will be a boon to them. 

Payment through Paypal: 

Kartra affiliate Program ensures that the affiliates receive instant payment after a sale goes through. Kartra has partnered with Paypal, which helps in paying the affiliates easily. When an affiliate has to provide a refund, the system automatically retrieves the amount from the cohort’s PayPal account.

Kartra Affiliate Program- Paypal Payment

Customized landing pages: 

Kartra Affiliates Program uses customized, beautiful, and interactive landing pages. The landing pages are designed to convert visitors into potential customers.

The users may prepare affiliate links, redirecting their affiliate traffic to different offers. The Kartra affiliates Program gives people a unique landing page for trial, along with an evergreen booking funnel.

Customized Affiliated portals: 

Karta Pages have fantastic affiliate signup templates. Its Affiliates Program allows businessmen to set up multiple commission levels in their affiliate program. They may implement their structure of commissions and section them into VIP affiliates and standard affiliates.

Kartra Affiliate Program- Customized affiliate portal

Tagging and subscribing to the affiliates: 

Kartra Affiliates Program helps the businessmen stay connected with their affiliates. It offers them the option of subscribing to a dedicated mailing list made for the affiliates.

Joint venture brokers: 

Kartra Affiliates program allows the joint venture brokers to appoint affiliates for them. Every time their affiliates sell a product, the brokers earn a second-tier commission.

Milestones of payment: 

The Affiliates program subtly controls when and how you will get paid. It fixes the minimum number of sales needed to unlock the price and an advanced release plan for payments. The steps mentioned below are used to pay any affiliate after they have procured the minimum number of sales:

Kartra Affiliate Program- milestone payment

  • Go to the option of My Products.
  • Then, go to Affiliates.
  • After that, go to Settings.

Activate the feature of checking the minimum number of sales from the global affiliates settings. It will withhold payment of the affiliates until they have generated a certain number of sales.

Reviewing and Approving affiliates: 

Kartra Affiliates Program helps the businessmen to review each application for affiliates and approve them individually. The platform displays a signup form containing a list of questions that the affiliates have answered. 

affiliate reviews

The answers to the questions will help the businessmen determine which affiliates they should appoint and which ones they should block. The questions may also help the businessmen understand which type of people are interested in marketing their product. The businessmen get the following options to approve the affiliates:

  • Manual Approval
  • Auto Approval

Manual Approval is chosen by default:

The procedure of approving affiliates is simple. You need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • A tiny red number signifying the number of affiliates’ applications appears next to My Products
  • Click on My Products
  • The number will also appear beside Affiliates.
  • Click on Affiliates to see the list of affiliates
  •   To the extreme right, there will be a column named Actions
  • Click the icon next to the Actions column for approving or denying the affiliate.
  • If accepted, the new affiliate may begin promoting the product.

All the affiliates are screened to prevent fraud.

Flexible commissions:  

Kartra Affiliates Program fixes the limit of commissions globally. It may specify either a percentage as commissions or a particular monetary amount as commissions.

Tracking Link: 

Kartra Affiliate Program provides the main affiliate link to the affiliates. Apart from that, it offers different tracking links. These tracking links help the users follow their goals, the rate of interest, and keep a track of their actions.

Terms and conditions: 

Kartra Terms and conditions

The affiliates need to accept some mandatory terms and conditions to start earning commissions. 

You must get your records containing the terms and conditions reviewed by any trustworthy attorney. This step will ensure that you will not have to pay any liability in the future.

Signup page: 

The Kartra Affiliates Program provides an attractive signup page by default. When people want to join a business as affiliates, this is the page they will see by default. Alternatively, the businessmen may overlay the pop-up form of Kartra on their affiliate signup page.

kartra signup page

 After you finish working on the page, you may click on the “Save and Next” option, present near the bottom of the screen. Then, you will receive a tracking code. Fill it in on the landing page. After it is done, you may start signing up affiliates and forward their links to them.

You don’t require any domains for creating a customized affiliate sign up page. You can use the Page Builder of Kartra to create an affiliate page. You can also use a Squeeze Page template to design your signup page. Remember to save the URL after the page has been built. Then, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click the three dots present under the page.
  • Go to My Pages Dashboard
  • Click on “Get Code or link.”
  • Copy the URL
  • Go back to “My Products.”
  • Click “Edit” next to the product that affiliates need to promote.
  • Click “Save and Next” till you reach the “Affiliates” stage in “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Check the last option known as “Affiliate sign up page look and feel.”
  • Then, select the option “Overlay pop-up window on your site.”
  • Paste the URL there.

The customized signup page is ready.

Pricing Plan of Kartra Affiliates:

Kartra Pricing Plans

The Kartra Affiliates Program offers a standard payment method. It permits the affiliates to withdraw their payments through any of the following ways:

  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paypal

They can withdraw from their account once after they have earned commissions amounting to $100. Achieving $100 is relatively easy, with a 40% recurring commission. The four pricing plans of Kartra Affiliates programs are as follows:

  • Kartra Starter
  • Kartra Gold
  • Kartra Siler
  • Kartra Platinum

Kartra Starter:

 The Kartra Starter Plan costs $948 annually. You need to pay $99 each month to avail of the monthly package.

You can earn $39.60 every month for referring this plan to one person. If your referral goes in for an annual subscription to this plan,  you will get $379.2.

Kartra Silver: 

You need to pay $1,788 for an annual subscription to the Kartra Silver plan. You have to pay $199 every month to avail the monthly plan and you may earn $79.60 for every successful referral. 

Kartra Gold: 

You need to pay $2,748 for subscribing to this plan annually. You can also choose to pay $299 each month for a monthly subscription. 

You may earn $119.60 for every successful referral and $ 1099.20 if your referral subscribes to an annual list.

Kartra Platinum: 

You need to pay $499 per month. If you subscribe to the annual version of this plan, then you must pay $379 every month. 

You can earn $119.60 for every successful referral. You also earn $1819.20 if your referral signs up for an annual subscription of it.

In case a customer pays for a plan annually, they will get a discount of up to 25 percent. Then the referrer receives a commission of forty percent. 

 People who sign up using a particular affiliate link are bound to upgrade eventually, as their business grows. The affiliates have the potential to earn a maximum amount of $1819.20 for each sale.

Any of the payment gateways associated with Kartra may be used to pay the Krtra Affiliate Program’s affiliates. The following four payment gateways are integrated with Kartra:

  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • Authorize.net
  • Stripe

You may also pay your affiliates manually, through the Kartra Affiliate Program. For that, they need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to My Products
  • From there, go to Affiliates
  • Use the column named Actions
  • Pay any affiliate
  • The new customers get a free trial for up to 30 days

Why should I use Kartra Affiliate Program?

kartra pros and cons

The Kartra Affiliate Program has several benefits. It helps regular affiliates become super affiliates. It offers the following services:

Makes buying a product a necessity: 

The serious affiliates take their time to study an effect before promoting it. Hence, if an affiliate has never used a product that he or she is encouraging, his employment becomes risky.

The Kartra Affiliate Program has set up a high standard for employees. This is to ensure the customer experience is fantastic. The customer support is available 24*7 via phone and email.


The Kartra Affiliate Program is simple to use. The amateurs receive training on how to operate this software. They do not have to pay a single penny for the training. People may use the platform of Kartra instinctively.

 First-time users can also choose to go through a tutorial. The tutorial is self-explanatory and easy to use. All the primary functions may be accessed from the panel present on the left-hand side of the screen. The secondary functions may be accessed from the right side of the panel. Also, the premium features are available at a reasonable cost

Generating Passive income: 

Kartra Affiliate Program is a great way of generating passive income. The affiliates are assured of guaranteed income each month if the referred customers continue to use Kartra.  


The users of the Kartra Affiliate program have their dedicated group on Facebook. They help out new affiliates with strategies. Also, the customer care of Kartra is active 24×7. The customer care executives solve all the issues within a day. 

How to Promote Kartra Affiliate Program?

The Kartra Affiliates need to educate the masses about their products. Spamming is not the right way of maintaining a good relationship. A few tips to generate more passive income through Kartra Affiliate Program are as follows:

Promote Kartra Affiliate Program


Veteran affiliates complain that blogging is a time-consuming process. However, it turns out to be lucrative in the long run, especially when you provide good content to your subscribers. Become a Kartra affiliate and tell about the product on your channel. Not only will you earn a good amount from blogging, but you will also earn a handsome amount from the affiliate commission. 

Facebook Promotions: 

You may promote your products by posting advertisements on Facebook. A short video that provides a summary of the products is an ideal advertisement. After preparing this video, upload it on Facebook.

YouTube Promotions:

YouTube Promotions

You can create a video that highlights the prime features and benefits of Kartra. It must also contain an explanation of each of its services. A comparison between the Kartra Affiliate program and its competitors must be included in that video. The video should also reflect in which respects Kartra is superior to others. Upload this video on YouTube along with your affiliate link.

Promoting Via email lists: 

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods. You can send out emails to people, telling them about the exquisite features of Kartra and how they can boost their business with it. Emails are the best way to encourage affiliate programs.

Reply to questions on Quora: 

Open a free account with Quora. Now, optimize your earnings as affiliates by answering the questions related to your product on Quora. All the questions related to the products that you are promoting the need to be answered in detail. You can also provide links to your landing pages alongside the answers. It will help generate more traffic.  

Creating Funnels: 

You can create funnels within the Affiliate Program page. Try promoting the product with the help of a sales funnel. It will ensure that the visitors are converted into potential customers.

Improve Copywriting Skills:

Improve Copywriting Skills

 It is vital to improving copywriting skills so as to market the related product successfully. Knowledge of building landing pages and funnels is also required. The lyrics of a popular song, “It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away ” is correct to a certain extent. You need to play with the words skillfully. Communicate to your audience properly and show them how Kartra is an impressive all-in-one solution

Approach people personally: 

Even people who do not have an account with Kartra may become Kartra affiliates. They can sign up with Kartra for a trial period of fourteen days and try out their hands at promoting Kartra. If that turns out to be successful, they can apply for the affiliate program from within the trial account.


Affiliate marketing should never be your only source of income. It is an excellent passive source of income. However, it is essential to start affiliate marketing with Kartra at the earliest to prevent market saturation. The steps of setting up Kartra affiliate marketing are easy.

Kartra is the only platform that allows affiliates to promote products of other brands. Affiliates of Kartra get forty percent commission if anyone signs up using their signup link. If they upgrade their account, their commission increases as well.

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