Kintura Review: Is It The Best Affiliate Tracking Software? (Must Read)

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : March 28, 2024
Kintura Review



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Kintura Review: Is It The Best Affiliate Tracking Software? (Must Read)


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Kintura Review: Is It The Best Affiliate Tracking Software? (Must Read)

Affiliate tracking software helps businesses manage their affiliate marketing programs. It tracks clicks, conversions, and sales from affiliate links, allowing companies to measure performance accurately.

This software is crucial for attributing commissions, optimizing marketing strategies, and maximizing ROI. By using affiliate tracking software, businesses can identify top-performing affiliates and make informed decisions to drive more sales.

There are various factors that influence the world of digital marketing, and enterprises shell out money on having a maximum amount of online exposure. Here’s we’ll share my personal experience on Kintura review and why you should choose this tracker.

Now how do you know that these efforts are fruitful, that your website’s traction has increased, that the various avenues such as emails, Google advertisements, SEO, Social media broadcasts have helped you achieve your goal?

The answer to it is a software called Marketing Analytics or Marketing Performance management.

This analytical tool comprises processes that help Analyze the impact of your digital marketing strategy. Marketing Performance management also assists in managing and controlling the performance of digital marketing.

Kintura is one such tool that simplifies and optimizes your marketing strategy to best achieve your goal. Thus, in this Kintura Review I will provide a detailed information about how to get benefitted by Kintura, and what is the importance of the platform, stating the pros and the cons.

Kintura Review: What Is Kintura?

Kintura Analytics

Let’s check out in Kintura Review, what this tool has to offer to you!

Kintura is a one-stop shop for affiliate trafficking and optimization of marketing performances. This AI-dependent, machine learning streamline tool manages marketing campaigns in the backend and reduces the cost of unnecessary digital advertising plot holes.

The utilization of true Artificial Intelligence makes it an exceptional product, as it produces and trains models to adapt to the changing digital trend. This unparalleled knowledge of market behavior helps your business profile to grow faster. The other trackers lack this insight as they have simple segmenting and tracking services.

The data collected by Kintura are available to a maximum of 30 users, as this real-time data is accessible through their cloud-based infrastructure. This revolutionary software takes the updation and synchronizes new data to a whole new level with its quick reflexes in redirecting.

This technique will not waste a single click and go to waste. The frictionless technology of Kintura makes monitoring of advertising campaigns a piece of cake for the affiliated marketers.

The invention of Kintura, the Smart Cost Update, eliminates the burden of discrepancies in the quotation by calculating it all on its own. This Smart update for costing uses informational inputs from the charges put on by present traffic and applies the identical algorithm to oncoming traffic.

The Advisor of Kintura helps in an easy compilation of reports by using Minimum Viable Traffic Rate and Binomial Confidence Intervals. Hence no more tedious report importing on complicated spreadsheets and analyzing the bottom line.

All the unique attributes of the Kintura tracker are developed by analytics with fifteen years of experience in cloud computing.

The objective of Kintura is to provide an environment to affiliate marketers for smart working and release the pressure of hard work. The amalgamation of these characters makes Kintura a leading choice as an affiliate tracker.

Kintura Review: Features

Time is money and requires to be spent productively on expanding your venture with a new plan of action. Kintura features primary goal is to limit the time spent on monitoring the marketing performance in the front end. With this in mind, let’s look over the key features of the Kintura tracker in this Kintura Review.

1. Virtual piling and whitelisting

The agility of Kinturas’ bot for virtual whitelisting aids in the supervision of net traffic. The bot cubes the outcast settings with a minimal rate of failure. This gives you a source to handle throughout widgets and publishers’ lists and stack them. You can eliminate it from whitelists with a click so that it corresponds to your campaigns.

2. Performance-based implementation

Kintura has an infrastructure that scales up as per the demand and is dynamic enough to uphold their belief in a balanced approach.

Their undeniable experience working with a high amount of traffic is attested for, as they have worked on LHC (Large Hadron Collider), CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research).

3. Monitoring Budget

Kintura helps you stay true to your allotted budget to Research & Development and make sure you don’t have to spend extra. This is done by stacking widgets and Publisher lists.

All you need to do is make your budget and concentrate on replacing the component draining your money with good performing resources.

4. Indisputable AI

Kintura represents state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence. And true to its nature, it trains models based on your present conversions and formulates a strategy that helps in accelerating the prospect of conversions.

5. Global factual-timer

To avoid inconsistency, Kintura provides real-time data broadcast with every amendment. This data mirroring across the global infrastructure of Kintura helps you save time.

6. Every Click Counts

Engineers of the Kintura tracker are on standby all the time, as they make sure every single redirect is accounted for and new users have a great experience.

7. Harmonious Redirect

The redirects of Kintura take place in a flash. The redirect switching is parallel with real-time analysis of network health and internal execution.

8. Multiple Users

A maximum of 30 individual users can access the cloud containing the campaign, and permission is granted to the granular level.

9. Support

Kintura provides users with a knowledge database to solve their doubts. And still, your predicament is not sorted, then you can always fall back on the qualified, experienced support staff. You can contact them via emails, phones, or opt for live support.

10. Integration with all traffic source

Kintura has preset tracking variables that are customizable to your choice and produce a report on any source of traffic with just a click, a feature lost on many trackers.

11. Supported Device

The tracker software supports Web-based devices.

12. Deployment

Kintura data on affiliated tracking is hosted on the cloud.

13. Language Support

The technical language supported by Kintura is English

14. Customer Types

The software caters to affiliated trackers of every business needs, from freelancers to multi-corporate businesses.

Kintura Review: Pros and Cons:


  • The Vue.js coding framework of Kintura’s UI is technologically advanced when compared to obsolete Angular. This foundation of the UI gives a beautiful design to distribute modifications at high speed.
  • Trackers of other marketing performance tools employ the iterative concepts of offers and landers. Whereas, Kintura employs true AI that individually evaluates the activity of users in real-time and predicts a greater probability of conversions through its settings.
  • Artificial Intelligence makes use of machine learning and trains campaign models for future conversions.
  • Due to the preset trailing variable in Kintura, you can obtain results for traffic sources such as TrafficJunky, OutBrain, and every other source out there.
  • Robust servicing is provided when it comes to customer support.
  • Kintura tracker is an affordable software and stands to promote value-for-money features.
  • Kintura addresses the pulsing problem of all digital marketing decisions, if or not scaling up of publisher placement is required, or is complete removal a more apt choice? The solution to this was given in the form of a reporting system based on the Binomial Confidence Interval. This report helps businesses to make an informed decision.
  • Kintura provides protection on the landing page.
  • Detector robots that are in-built to detect fraud are a great characteristic feature of the tool.
  • Kintura has two quality awards under its belt that Finances Online awarded for The Rising Star of 2019 and 2019 premium usability.


  • Kintura provides no refunds on any of the packages purchased and is only available if the business incurs traffic losses.

Kintura Review: Pricing Plans

Kintura Pricing Plans

Kintura strives for raw power, integrity, innovation, and sincerity, and these are also extended towards its customer services. All of the packages come with AI technology.

It has a free subscription called the growth plan that provided for one user, premium quality support, one SSL Domain, detects proxy residential, live view, filters that are city-level, five global infrastructure, Bot detection, per month provides one million events and charges $0.025 on every one thousand over-usage.

There are three paid packages provided both on a monthly subscription and yearly subscription with fourteen days of a free trial. Note that a yearly subscription is cheaper for all the paid packages.

1. Basic plan

Cost – per month $199

Yearly $1,908

This plan comes with features like premium quality support, detects proxy residential, live view, filters that are city-level, five global infrastructure, Bot detection. And with added Virtual whitelisting, five users, three SSL domains, Optimizer, ad budget of $10,000 per month, white and black stackable lists, and three million events per month is provided.

2. Agency plan

Cost – per month $499

Yearly $4,788

This plan comes with features like premium quality support, detects proxy residential, live view, filters that are city-level, five global infrastructure, Bot detection, including ten users, ten SSL domains, Optimizer, ad budget of $50,000 per month, white and black stackable lists and ten million events per month is provided.

3. Enterprise plan

Cost – per month $999

Yearly $9,588

This plan comes with features like premium quality support, detects proxy residential, live view, filters that are city-level, five global infrastructure, Bot detection, including twenty users, twenty SSL domains, Optimizer, ad budget of $100,000 per month, white and black stackable lists and hundred million events per month is provided.

Calculations of overages:

The calculation is based on the total events logged in from your account through the Kintura system and if, this exceeds the total usage of the selected plan, then at the end of every billing cycle for every 1000 events, you will have to pay extra.

The calculation is based on the total spending on the optimized ad, including advertisements connected to API. Every paid package comes inclusive of cost on advertising, and if spent higher than the allotted amount, then 0.5% charges are added to only the overages. And this calculation is also done at the end of every billing cycle.

Concluding the Kintura Review

After reviewing every aspect of kintura in this Kintura Review, it comes down to the user’s perspective and business goal. But we would suggest you choose the Kintura tracker for your marketing performance analysis. There are plenty of tracking platforms especially cloud-based accessible in the market such as AffiliateWP, Voluum, AffiliateWP, etc.

This affiliate tracking software is expensive in comparison to Kintura. But the main reason to choose Kintura should be for its true use of Artificial Intelligence. It handles a better framework of the marketing campaign.

The simple foundation on which Kintura infrastructure is based gives you the best analyses of reports and data in a blink of an eye. The cutting-edge AI that manages the backend efficiently to optimize traffic from any given source is commendable.

The access of multiple users due to its cloud-hosting helps affiliate marketing teams to coordinate effectively. And the direct conversion method will no doubt fetch your surplus in sales. If the clear distinction in which Kintura surpasses others is not sufficient to convince you, then try the hands-on experience with its free growth package or the 14 days trial on paid packages.

Hence, Kintura Review is seen to be quite beneficial in providing the appropriate information about the tool.

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Frequently asked questions: Kintura Review

Q1. How can affiliate marketing help my business?

Affiliate marketing is offering your goods or resources to publishers so that they advertise them on behalf of you. This marketing strategy will benefit you in the following manner:

  • Time is a limited resource, and affiliate marketing helps you save it by doing the promotions. So, you can spend time growing your business with new ideas.
  • It helps you by providing expertise in the field of digital marketing.
  • Your affiliates expose your venture to a broader market that tailor-made promotions can reach.
  • The Return of Interest on this venture is unparalleled and is a budget-friendly service.

Q2. Are affiliate marketing and performance marketing the same thing?

No, performance marketing and affiliate marketing are different in their technicality.

Affiliate marketing comes under the big picture of performance marketing. Because the commission on affiliate marketing is paid based on the promotional strategy employed, you frequently encounter both the words in the same scenario.

Q3. What are marketing tactics included in performance marketing?

Performance marketing falls under the sector of marketing. This marketing component might have many media channels at its disposal, but effective performance marketing aligns perfectly with the campaign’s objectives.

Tracking the performance of the campaigning strategy is called performance marketing. The performances are measured using actions like leads, sales, and clicks.

The performance of marketing is mostly affiliated with digital marketing as it is difficult to track and measure the traditional marketing avenues. Some of the channels used in performance marketing are as follows:

  • Paid per clicks and paid searches:

Paid per click (PPC) and paid searches directly display advertisements before users browse on various search engines.

  • Email marketing

This channel is the level up of telemarketing. Here the email is custom-tailored for a specific occasion to maintain a good rapport with the customers.

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses search engine indexing’s natural ability to gain a wider range of exposure.

  • Lead generation

Generating lead is often achieved by the third party by asking potential customers their needs and offering deals to accommodate the answers yielded in the inquiries.

  • Pay-per-call

This service is an inbound calling system to generate leads. When a potential customer stumbles upon services matching the affiliated business, a click-to-call is provided directly to the marketer.

  • Affiliate marketing

This component of performance marketing constitutes third-party promoters (Affiliates) to advertise the services and products.

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