Novi Builder Review 2024: The Best HTML Website Builder

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : March 27, 2024
Novi Builder Review


Novi Builder, which is mostly concerned with coding in order to customize the website, needs HTML information to get the best out of it.

Ease of Use

The efficient editor provides a range of useful features and easy-to-use elements that streamline the website development process.


Plugins by Novi Projects are limitless in features. Updates are still free though, Money-back warranty is there too for 30 days.


Since Novi Builder can be called a new product, support isn’t perfect, but it’s still not bad. It has a tiny developer-oriented knowledge base, but that’s about it.

Novi Builder Review 2024: The Best HTML Website Builder


Editor’s Rating

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Novi Builder Review 2024: The Best HTML Website Builder

Novi Builder, which debuted in 2016, vowed to change the website servicing industry. It’s a perfect choice for an accomplished website developer because of its elegant architecture, HTML features, and the opportunity to connect with the entire source code. It is entirely a unique solution for website building to know more about Novi builder look at the Novi Builder Review.

The drop-drag system and models in Novi Creator can be regarded as a path to launch a developer’s workflow i.e. it is not for newcomers looking to learn how to use the app.

Sit down tight as I am gonna providing all the needed information about the platform in this Novi Builder Review, so that you won’t miss anything really important.


Novi Builder’s features, which are built on scripting, are almost as difficult for a novice to use like the novice using its platform itself. Using MailChimp, for example, necessitates the online editor to import a .js file and editing it to view specific form queries.

However, because of the high entry barrier, Novi Builder’s features are extremely adjustable. In comparison to an inflexible drop-drag writer, you have a lot of power over them.

Novi Builder Code Editor

Novi Builder, which is mostly concerned with coding in order to customize the website, needs HTML information to get the best out of it. Novi Maker has a unique perspective on website builder’s coding which allows you to select a template of HTML before you begin.

The style of the template is excellent because the code is much simpler, making it a lot more easy to edit and rate well on Google. They’re also attractive and mobile-friendly.

Aside from the template, one can customize his/her website in a JavaScript or CSS format, giving you much more flexibility.
Overall, Novi Builder does a good job with coding. If you don’t have the knowledge of doing coding, it is better that you should partner with someone who does. If have the knowledge of HYML and CSS, the possibilities are endless.

Though the ability to customize as deeply as the coding abilities allow is advantageous, especially for developers, coding takes some time and needs patience. For eg, with Voog, the long process involving localization can be accomplished even more easily. Read our Voog analysis if you want to serve a global audience.

Integrating Novi Designer with Third-Party Applications

When using Novi Builder, doing third-party incorporation is difficult. You can conveniently add Google Search Console for statistics. You can use Novi Builder Review for form selection and email advertising, you can put social media links anywhere you like on your website.

These are simple to incorporate into Novi Builder’s online writer/ editor. Also, they’ll help you sell your online existence more effectively.
You may also build plugins, which are essentially any assembled module — to make the website even more exclusive you may, for example, generate activities which are caused by the opening of a panel. After that, publish it by doing drag and drop with an online builder through FTP.

Every typical feature of a website builder, like a forum, form editor, and testimonial carousel is generated using this approach. Novi Builder makes things a lot simpler when it comes to plugins by offering a wide range of ready-to-use solutions.

Plug-ins of Novi

That not only makes it easy to import frequently used options, but it also shows all the things you can do with the app.

In conventional drop-drag editors, certain advanced editing features aren’t available. Try WebStarts if you’re looking for a related website but do gather information about Novi Builder Review before installing it though.

Finally, one of Novi Builder’s greatest qualities is that it grows with the users. It has many improvements, and the developers can go through them every month and introduce them if they are practical.

Some more details

Novi Builder has various features which makes it unique-

  • HTML Editor
  • Form Builder
  • Premade Themes
  • Mobile Support
  • Drop-Drag interface
  • Page Editor
  • SEO Editor
  • Website Design
  • Site Review
  • Video Tutorials
  • Text Tutorials
  • Help Center
  • Full day Support

Pricing – Novi Builder Review

Novi is a modern HTML editor. Plugins by Novi Projects are limitless in features. Updates are still free though, Money-back warranty is there too for 30 days.

There are 3 types of pricing plans available for Novi Builder. They are mentioned below along with their basic features-

1. Startup

  • Domain Name provided
  • Annual plan
  • $29.00 billed annually

A small project will benefit from the Startup package. It’s ideal if you already know CSS and HTML and need a spot to practice practicing what you’ve learned. The only constraint is that you can only use one design, but that should be enough if you don’t have major plans involving different templates on different websites.

2. Advanced

  • Everything in Startup with addition to 35+ HTML templates
  • Domain Name provided
  • One-year plan
  • $49.00 billed annually

Anything in the Startup plan is included in the Advanced plan, plus new templates. Since you can select a different interface by swapping models, it’s ideal for users who want to use Startup and want to perform rebranding or research with it too. It’s also a nice option for someone who has two or more websites built so each one will have its own structure.

3. Developer

  • Everything in the Advanced plan is provided here, in addition to Lifetime access to all features and Lifetime access to all templates
    Domain Name provided
  • Lifetime plan
  • $149.00 one-time payment
  • Monthly payments for 3 years of use

The Developer method is most likely the most advantageous out of all three. For the same price of access to Squarespace or Wix membership of two years, a user gets full access to the complete templates and features of Novi Builder. It’s a decent alternative if one has the knowledge of coding.

Design, Resources & Tools

Novi Maker is unlike every other website builder we’ve tested in terms of how simple it is to create a website. You don’t just pick one template and are right in the mix after you’ve created an account. It’s a method of continuously copying files and working upon them with simultaneously working on Novi Builder Review the website builder’s online interface.

It’s difficult. It can take some time to find out what’s going on. It is, however, the ideal mix of simple coding and visual mods for the right guy.

Making plugins and modifying files offline, on the other hand, is a pain for someone who isn’t a techie. It will also take a lot of time to clarify, but if you’re interested, you can read Novi Builder’s documents.

The web editor, which has three views, is where you’ll spend the majority of the time.

Novi Builder Review

When you press the button, you’ll see a quick transition between some kind of reviewing and editing your performance.

One can also choose from seven different screen resolutions. This is much more convenient. It’s simple to customize the website for all kinds of visitors thanks to the wide range of enabled devices.

Unfortunately, unlike certain website designers, you can’t turn off features on some sites in some editions by just clicking on a button. Technically, you might do coding, but it would take a lot longer than Novi Builder’s rivals do it.

Visual Editing in Novi Builder Review

Edit mode is the easiest to understand mode that helps you to configure your website by falling and dragging items and changing the current blocks.

It deals with components that are layered, like headers and content pages. When you’re looking at one, it is easy to use the following editing tools by clicking on the top bar:

  • To easily rearrange the page and combine items that match together, use the “Move” button.
  • “Replace,”- This is useful if you are having bits that need to be replaced as you focus on something better. Furthermore, Novi Builder consists of a collection of premade formats that you can quickly insert if you’re short on time.
  • “Duplicate,”- This allows you to build layers with no need to start up from the beginning.
  • “Delete,”- This will delete everything you were working on and encourage you to start again.
  • Also, if you float over an element, you may edit it individually. You can easily add a hyperlink with a toggle, for example.

Overall, the edit mode has many good features like making fast improvements and that too without having to go into a source code looking for minor problems. Unfortunately, Novi Builder’s unique features are concealed by “code wall,” rendering it unavailable to newcomers.

Builder Code by Novi

When using Novi Builder Code’s “Design mode,” you can code directly within the editor. This includes a tab which allows you to view the website’s source code in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

The code editor’s most noteworthy feature is that it helps you to work on various programming languages independently, allowing the process a lot more structured and simplified.

The tab not only allows you to focus on source code, but it also allows you to add preset code parts and plugins. Furthermore, coding a specific segment or part is easy. In the lower coding menu, this all will get highlighted once you click it.

Novi makes the entire thing sound like a stroll in the park for those users knowing a little bit about such programming languages. For bonus points, it’s easy for users, well-designed and intuitive. In addition, the material can be imported from the corner at the top right. Files, plugins, and APIs, all are simple to plan separately and then combine when ready, making it simple to create a minimum useable product within a day, expanding on it after that,

Novi Builder templates

Novi Builder’s models are elegant and well-designed. If you move to a Developer package, the majority of them are charged, however, they are well valued for the money you pay since they are simple to use and change.

However, putting them on the website can be a difficult task. The import process, according to Novi Builder’s official instructions for using templates, is divided into several stages like template import planning, builder setup, HTML markup feature, scripts, styles, framework setup, and project setup.

It’s a long and complicated operation, but if you’ve worked within the website development business before, Novi Builder can make your tasks simpler.


We can’t make a comparison between Novi, Novi Builder Review, and Weebly. For the general public, drop-drag features are a lot easier while using. If you care about that, do research more about the Weeb review.

However, if you’ve worked with a developer app before, Novi Builder would be quite easy to use. It comprises a basic edit mode in which you can drag-drop components, but it lacks the strength of a drag-drop website developer or a template mode. Novi Builder’s overall consistency is based on the user’s ability of coding single or many segments.

When a user opens the website builder at the start, he/she will be given a tutorial that addresses the most critical facets of this tool.


Since Novi Builder can be called a new product, Novi Builder Review support isn’t perfect, but it’s still not bad. It has a tiny developer-oriented knowledge base, but that’s about it. There is no message page, phone number, or chat room. Novi Builder does have a forum, but that is just a Facebook page right now. It does have active users, but it isn’t even close to becoming a complete forum.

If you’re having problems, you should contact its developers, but Novi Maker has a regular ticketing feature. This means you’ll get customer service through email, which isn’t the perfect method, but it’s the best you can get right now. A chat function has been requested by users, and it could be introduced in the coming months.

To be fair, the issue isn’t one of service quality; Novi Builder developers and agents are extremely supportive. Instead, it could expand the amount of assistance by offering additional opportunities for higher marks to keep in touch, as well as more tutorials, some of which might be targeted toward beginners.

Novi Builder Editor

The efficient editor provides a range of useful features and easy-to-use elements that streamline the website development process. Furthermore, Novi is unusual in that its platform Novi Builder Review can be mounted on existing HTML pages, allowing you to edit the source code of a site that was not developed by Novi Builder Review.

Start by considering the following considerations while creating your website with Novi’s editor:

  • Page Manager is a convenient, versatile, and user-friendly panel that lets you connect, switch, uninstall, and repeat web pages.
  • Page Settings: When added to a page with the graphic editor accessible, a website owner has access to several page settings such as Changing the page/filename, metadata, and uploading a favicon, for example Novi Builder Review.
  • Editor Design Mode: You can transform between a ready-to-use blueprint and your code with a single click. It’s quick to switch from template to edit mode and back. Working with any mode is easy, Novi Builder Review regardless of which option you choose, thanks to the intuitive, feature-rich dashboard.
  • Easy Edit Mode: This feature is particularly useful for non-techies. You must first choose a suitable prototype before you can begin operating with this model. Drag-and-drop functionality is included, as well as a simple control panel with all of the buttons needed to edit the template: insert files, add/delete blocks and other components, duplicate layers, add connections, and edit gallery, etc. Any move can be performed instinctively and without effort.
  • Preview Mode: Helps a user to see the effects of his improvements before posting them online. This remarkable capability offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a well-informed decision on any vital improvement to the site and develop it when on the move.
  • Advanced Page Manager: allows you to build a brand-new webpage. You can navigate any page you’ve built with a single click. This user-friendly context-based option enables you to make modifications to the desired page’s parameters, as well as replace or remove its components, with ease.
  • Text Editor: This tool can assist you in making the content more appealing and understandable. Font, spacing, scale, color, and other typography features would all be editable. It’s easy to customize content to your personal tastes and business needs due to the robust text editing features.

Many of the graphics files used in the selected template are stored in the Media Library. Through this app, you can conveniently perform some operations on photographs and footage, including adding, cropping, reducing, deleting, and so on.

Conclusion – Novi Builder Review

Novi Builder is exclusive. It’s difficult to get into if you don’t have the right experience, but it’s extremely effective for all that are familiar with CSS libraries and.js plugins.

Try Wix for an all-in-one drag-and-drop experience that includes a pre-built blog and an SEO wizard.
It’s our top pick because it has everything you’ll need to get started on the internet.

When you combine the high cost of entry with the lack of funding, it’s easy to see why Novi Maker isn’t among our best website builders. But, for a person who is willing to try, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Q1: What are the alternatives for Novi Builder?

A: Alternatives for Novi Builder-

Q2: What are the strengths of Novi Builder?

A: A code editor that is easy to use
Beautifully designed templates
Third-party integrations that work well

Q3: What are the Weaknesses of Novi Builder?

A: A shortage of assistance
No specialized hosting provided

Q4: Does Novi provide a SSL Certificate?

A: Last but not least, keep in mind the Novi Maker is just a website builder. It doesn't provide hosting or a SSL license, so you'll have to add it to your budget before buying it.


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