Podia Vs Teachable | Which Is The Best Option Detailed Comparison

By: Rick Godsey
Updated : April 8, 2021


Podia is an online platform that allows you to sell your courses online. It provides email and affiliate marketing campaigns. It has a well-designed interface and an efficient checkout process. It also offers integration of your membership site with your course’s selling platform.


Teachable is another platform for creating and selling courses online. Teachable understands the value of time and handles everything itself from hosting your web to processing the payments, making it an efficient option. It lets you focus on building your course with perfection, and the rest is done by it.
  • You can sell your digital products
  • Easy to use, excellent user interface and design
  • You can create unlimited courses and products
  • Embedded checkout, no need to move to another site
  • Email marketing integration with drip functionality.
  • Extremely easy to use, no requirement of any technical skills
  • Provides you complete freedom for pricing your products
  • One-click upsell to boost conversion on your site
  • Course compliance feature to check the progress of your students
  • Provides marketing integration and course certificates for completion
Podia Vs Teachable | Which Is The Best Option Detailed Comparison
Starting at $39
Starting at $39

Podia Vs Teachable | Which Is The Best Option Detailed Comparison

People find it convenient to do online courses. that’s why we have covered Podia Vs Teachable, comprehensive comparison, for you guys. These courses save us traveling time and transport costs. A few online platforms are quite famous for offering excellent online courses.

Podia and Teachable are two classic examples of platforms for online courses. Podia is a relatively new platform for others in the field. Now, it is time for us to identify the differences between Podia and Teachable.


Podia Vs Teachable What Are The Differences:

Both Podia vs Teachable are online platforms. They have similar marketing techniques. The logic behind creating this platform is to provide users with specific tools for creating as well as selling courses. However, there are a few fundamental differences between the two platforms. They are as follows:

  • Powerful: 

The tools that Teachable offers are more potent than those offered by Podia. This is the most crucial difference. Unlike Podia, Teachable offers graded quizzes and certificates.

  • Course Builder: 

The function of the course builder is to permit users to upload their content. It also provides a structure for online courses. As a result, it is an important feature.

So, Both Podia vs Teachable have their course builder. The course builder of Teachable is more flexible to use. It supports importing content from clouds. People may directly import content in the course from Dropbox or Google Drive. Podia doesn’t allow its users to import their content. Cloud importing is a handy feature for creating courses. 

Podia Vs Teachable

Teachable allows users to add multiple quizzes and videos. The users may arrange them in any order they want. Podia is not so flexible for its users. The lessons of Podia can have only one single type of content, that is, the users may have either video or PDF for the same course.

The course builder of Teachable is more user-friendly than that of Podia. Teachable allows the users to select multiple lessons and change their settings or delete them at one go.

On the other hand, Podia lets the users change the settings of tasks or delete them one by one. Teachable allows users to download the videos. However, Podia doesn’t allow users to download their videos. 

  • Course Player: 

 Course Player allows users to watch their content. The design of course players influences the experience of the users to a great extent.  Both Podia vs Teachable have their individual, well-designed course player. Both of them are similarly designed. Both Podia vs Teachable have the content area to the right and the course navigation on the left. 

The comment section is embedded below the lesson content. The strategic positioning helps the students smoothly engage in a discussion. On the other hand, the design of the course player of Podia is cleaner. The course-player is mobile-friendly in Both Podia vs Teachable.

  • Purpose: 

People need to figure out whether they are creating membership sites or an online course. Teachable provides membership sites. However, it offers users the ability to bundle the lessons together. Then, the users can sell the entire bundle for an annual or monthly subscription.

 In this respect, Podia offers more features to the users. It will enable users to create individual posts for the members. These posts are different from the courses. Thus, they are ideal for delivering one-off content regularly. 

  • Different Tools for Learning and Engagement: 

 Teachable and Podia provide various types of learning and engagement. Both Podia vs Teachable allow the users to drip their content. Thus, users may assign a drip schedule.

Then, they send emails automatically after the content gets released. Teachable permits the users to make graded quizzes, limit the number of attempts, and create certificates of completion.

 It also has certain course compliance features. The features are advantageous. It compels the students to complete the course modules in a particular sequence.

varieties of tools Podia Vs Teachable

Otherwise, it may also make it mandatory for the students to pass the test of one module before they move on to another module. It has another feature known as Video Watch Compliance. It makes the candidates watch at least 90 percent of a video before they move on to other lessons.

Podia Vs Teachable

Teachable offers a different set of tools, that for analytics and reporting courses. Teachable also helps generate reports after a quiz is completed and the scores of quizzes. Such statistics are available at the individual student’s level. The cumulative results of the entire course are also available.

However, Podia doesn’t offer such a variety of course reporting tools. It just allows the students to track how much progress an individual student has made.

  • Site Builder: 

Both Podia vs Teachable allow the website users to build a website for their online course. Neither of the platforms offers any site-based themes.

which have The Best Site Builder Podia Or Teachable

On the other hand, Podia doesn’t offer so many facilities. It doesn’t allow the users to lock their content, or create certificates. Podia offers only quizzes. This feature is partially incomplete too because the characteristic of grading the students automatically is absent.

Features Of Podia Vs Teachable:

Podia is a platform that is easy to use for creating content. Even people with no prior experience may start using this online business platform. It has a feature named Podia Editor. This feature allows users to customize their sales pages. 

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On the other hand, Podia allows users to prepare and sell online courses seamlessly. More than eighteen million students and sixty-eight million teachers use Teachable. 

Features Of Podia:

  • Mobile-Friendly Platform: Podia is a mobile-friendly platform that permits people to upload any content. Now, even less common types of files like EPUB may be uploaded through Podia.

Podia has the best Mobile-Friendly Platform

  • Host and Sell Membership: Podia allows users to sell and host memberships. The users may offer different types of memberships, along with different prices and benefits for every level. Free membership is also available to promote the paid plans. Podia is the only platform that offers the feature of bundling the membership and the online courses.
  • Affiliate Marketing: It offers the option of affiliate marketing which in turn helps the users sell both the courses and membership. In this case, the affiliates struggle on behalf of the Podia users to generate sales. The users do not need to pay the users until they have made a sale successfully. Thus, the users may deal with their products with minimum effort.


  • Drip Content Feature: Users have the choice to make the entire course available at one go or offer one lesson at a time. The second option works with the help of a feature, known as a drip content feature. The course content may be provided in any format. Even quizzes may be included as an enjoyable way of helping.


  • Unlimited Everything: Podia has a feature named “Unlimited Everything.” People may sell and create as many courses as they want. No extra cost is involved.


  • Email Marketing: Email marketing software is not separately required. An email marketing software is already included in the Podia platform. It allows people to send drip email campaigns to their students and trace their results. The users may have as many subscribers as possible, without paying any extra charges.


  • Mix and Match Page Editor: The Podia platform also offers a mix-and-match page editor. The users may have a pre-launch page or a lead capture box. They will allow users to enhance their email launch for future campaigns. The editing process allows the users to include videos, texts, and testimonials to their pages. They may keep on editing the elements until they are satisfied.


  • Live Previews: Podia also offers the facility to watch live previews of the course content. So, the users are aware of the real-time looks of the pages in the editor. So, they are not taken for a surprise during publishing. The Podia users may also connect through Facebook Hence, anybody who faces trouble may get support. The procedure of interacting with members is easy, and the checkout procedure is fast. The users also have the privilege to pre-launch the courses.


  • Online Courses: The users are allowed to sell and host online courses. They also offer coupons and sell digital downloads. The different payment plans enable flexibility to the users.

Features of Teachable: 

Features of Teachable

  • User Friendly: The website builder of Teachable is so user-friendly that the courses are bound to look professional. It allows the users to set up and activate an online school within a matter of minutes.
  • Payment Schemes: The monthly payment scheme is relatively advanced. Teachable collaborates with Stripe and PayPal. Hence, it accepts payment from students in thirty international currencies. The users may set up a payment plan of their choice after making a one-off payment.

Teachable Payment schema

  • Integration with marketing tools: Teachable integrates with Zapier, which allows the user to integrate it with any marketing tool application like Infusionsoft and Aweber. It even accepts multiple currencies for a single course.
Teachable Integration with marketing tools
Teachable Integration
  • Incentives: Teachable has the facility to offer incentives by creating coupons and incentives. The users may offer their courses for a bundle for a separate price.


  • Reporting Tools: The Teachable account has a variety of reporting tools that are easy to read. These tools enable users to see how their devices are doing. It has a dashboard that provides a snapshot of signups and revenue for a selected timeframe. The pages are compatible with mobiles and tablets. The users may seek feedback surveys and Google forms to improve online courses. The pages are entirely responsive.


  • Engagement of Students: Teachable ensures that the students receive correct emails from the users. To ensure this, the users divide their student lists into segments Then, they trigger emails, based on the earlier user action. It includes quizzes into the course module, to keep the students engaged. Teachable allows the users to set up a maximum number of attempts in the assessments. Certificates of completion are awarded after a student completes an evaluation.

Engagement of Students in Teachable

  • Course Compliance: Teachable allows the users to ensure that the students listen to the lecture. For that, they need to complete 90 percent of the video before it can be skipped. It also lets a user fix a pass mark in an assessment before progressing to the next level. The students may try to clear the evaluation of a maximum number of times. The user gets alerted when the students reach the maximum limit. Teachable integrates with many third-party apps and course compliance.

Teachable Course Compliance

  • Ready Available Supports: The users may connect their domain to it. When the user starts using Teachable, he or she is given a Teachable environment, free of cost. It has created engaging multimedia lectures. It allows the courses to reach out to the students in different languages. Also, it provides instant updates, SSL certificates, and advanced insights. Teachable has active customer care support. It provides live chat support for real-time scenarios. Many instructions–supports are readily available.

Teachable Support

Podia Vs Teachable: Online Courses – Pricing comparison:

Teachable is more expensive than Podia. However, detailed knowledge of the price of both these online platforms helps people make an informed choice.

Let us compare the price of Podia and Teachable individually. 

Pricing Of Teachable:

Teachable has a few pricing tears. A discount is available for people who are willing to make an annual payment. However, all the pricing plans provide unlimited hosting, courses, and video. They empower the user to set up free quizzes and certain free classes.

Pricing Policy Of Teachable

The price plans of Teachable are as follows:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Business
  • Professional

Now, let us analyze the features of each of these plans.

Free: Up to ten students need not pay any fees for limitless courses. Apart from that, the candidates only have to pay $1 and 10 percent transaction fees for all the paid courses.

Basic: Candidates who choose this plan every month need to pay $39. People who opt for an annual version of this plan are required to pay $29 every month. It charges five percent transaction fees on all the sales a user makes. However, users only get essential customer support and two admin-level users.

Professional: The professional plan, also known as the pro plan, is free for fourteen days. It offers five admin-level users. The users are not required to use their credit cards during this trial period. The top-rated plan costs $79 per month. It offers all the benefits of the basic program. Apart from that, it provides five admin-level users, certificates for completing courses, no transaction fees, advanced customization of themes, and course compliance.

 Business plan: This plan is suitable for large organizations. It allows custom user roles and a hundred admin-level users. People who enroll in the business plan are entitled to all the benefits of the professional program. Apart from that, they get customer support related to the product on a priority basis. The feature of enrolling students in bulk is also available. 

Pricing Of Podia:

 It offers a free trial period of fourteen days.

Pricing Policy Of Podia

Podia has two payment plans:

  • Mover
  • Shaker

Both plans allow users to create unlimited courses and send unlimited emails. Now, let us find out the details of the payment plans individually.

Mover: This plan costs $39 per month and no transaction fees. It offers round-the-clock customer service, digital download, and email marketing, organizing webinars and webinars. 

Shaker: This plan costs $79 per month. It offers all the benefits of the mover plan. Apart from that, it offers features like free migration, affiliate marketing, third-party code, and embedded checkout.

Is Teachable Better Than Podia?

Teachable is a powerful platform that keeps the students engaged. It offers multimedia lessons and quizzes to help the students learn. Live chat support is readily available. The students also get a certificate of completion after they complete a course.

It has a variety of payment plans, after a one-off payment. Hence, students have a variety of options. Also, it allows users to sell their courses through affiliates. It makes the creation of beautiful sales pages simple and the sales pages and courses may be easily customized.

It bundles up the courses so that the students get additional value. The platform is secure and has an intuitive user-interface. 

It has a platform called Power Editor, which allows the users to import course content from Google Drive or DropBox. It also enables the users to create their courses in any format, like PDF or Video. It offers an entirely free plan to beginners, where the users don’t have to add their credit cards.

Is Podia Better Than Teachable?

Podia is a convenient platform, to begin with. Even beginners find it simple to operate. It offers different types of paid memberships. The option of free memberships is also available.

It even gets a premium quality storefront up and ready in no time. It includes all the features that are required to run an online business, like a landing page.

It sells the digital download of any file. Its page editor can be used easily. Ultimately, it contains email marketing software at no extra charge. The paid plans provide access to different content.

Conclusion: Podia Vs Teachable

Both Podia vs Teachable is an attractive option. So, the people who choose either of them are not at a loss. Podia helps the users get in touch with their students through the email marketing software.

However, Teachable provides a better learning experience overall. Teachable provides a traditional learning experience.

On the other hand, Podia provides an excellent experience for selling online membership and digital products.

People should understand which type of tool they need before making the final call. If they need the marketing tool, they should opt-in for Podia. If they need a tool for online marketing, they should go in for Teachable.

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