PrepScholar Review 2021 – Online Prep for SAT and ACT

By: Stephen Alba
Updated : November 6, 2021
PrepScholar Review


Accessibility: All that is required for taking a test or learning a lesson on PrepScholar is a strong internet connection along with a device on which PrepScholar can be accessed.

Ease of Use

The methodical approach and strategized channelling of tutoring make the programs offered by PrepScholar easy to follow.


PrepScholar Classes for $895 that covers all the incentives from the complete package additionally equipped with online classrooms led by experts from across the world.


PrepScholar, though, claims that the guarantee was made only if the student did not show the mentioned progress even after viewing every video in the plan.

PrepScholar Review 2021 – Online Prep for SAT and ACT


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Starting from : $

PrepScholar Review 2021 – Online Prep for SAT and ACT

PrepScholar is an online SAT and ACT test prep program that helps students study less, learn more, save time, and improve their scores. Read our full PrepScholar Review to know how this is beneficial for your studies.

With a pandemic raging the world, so much has drastically changed our lives. Education, which had for almost a century now since the World Wars, remained conventionally personal, has been thrown out of gear altogether. Despite the existence of learning and educational materials and online sources for the past many years, it is not until recently that they have been taken seriously as a replacement for actual personal tutoring.

The requirement of a person to be physically and mentally present to cater to learners’ needs began to be replaced by platforms that offered self-study materials and selective assistance in required areas alone, thereby saving time, energy, and resources.

Thanks to the digital era, several platforms are now available at the tip of one’s fingers with universally accessible educational materials for learning. These platforms help young aspirants of various disciplines by being the source of the availability of study materials, especially while they prepare for various entrance and tests for which such materials are not so accessible.

Eligibility tests like SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL help young students gain admission into universities and colleges of eminence. It also helps them to avail various scholarships offered for their education.

PrepScholar is one such online platform that a student with college and graduation aspirations looking forward to clearing SAT or ACT could undoubtedly give a peek into before choosing a mentoring schedule and method. We shall now broadly discuss the details and reviews of PrepScholar.

PrepScholar Review 2021

PrepScholar is your typical online sources tutoring company that helps students ace various entrance and admission eligibility tests. PrepScholar guarantees you just what it takes to reach that goal in constant efforts to attain a perfect score. Equipped with various study and test materials and mentoring help for the students, PrepScholar is a complete package for test preparations for those looking to improve their scores in various admission examinations.

With the vision of its founders, Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang, both perfect SAT score holders, being the creation of a platform for students to gain access to all the educational aids required to clear various exams, PrepScholar was founded in 2013 and has ever since given exceptional services in the field of tutoring.

SAT and ACT eligibility tests being extremely competitive examinations, it takes a lot of dedication and effort on the part of students to ace them. Even more confidence and integrity are required of the mentors and tutors who train and guide them based on their individual requirements and strongholds.

To this arena, PrepScholar fields its assurance about brilliant performance in the areas where practically it would be impossible to make anyone perform by force. What is more, PrepScholar gives a high-end guarantee of money back for the lack of a stipulated performance. This new strategy in the field of online source provision and tutoring shows the confidence of the company in its ability to provide educational materials and mock eligibility test experiences that would suffice to boost up the scores of the students attempting the test.

Features you should be looking for in this Review: 

PrepScholar Review

The success of the platform lay in its features undoubtedly. The quality and dedication attached to the betterment of tutoring have come a long way in the widespread success and credibility of the company. Here are some features that make PrepScholar a great choice if you are looking for such a platform to commence your preparations.

  • Attuned: PrepScholar has gained all its laurels rightly so because of its customized approach towards the teaching process, especially for SAT and ACT. It allows students to take tests but does not stop by providing them with the results of the tests. It provides them with a complete analytical report of how and why they scored what they did. This helps to point out to the students their strong and weak holds, allowing them to channelize their focus and efforts on the area that requires them.
  • Personal mentoring: Expert solutions on how to ramp up the preparations with regard to their weak points are made available by PrepScholar. This helps the students to precisely focus on their area of requirement rather than having mentors beat around the bush, benefitting a few and ignoring the rest.
  • Constant motivation: One of the main reasons that applicants find it hard to keep up with the pace of learning is the lack of initial motivation that they had while beginning the program. This issue has been addressed by PrepScholar by constantly motivating the students to take up practiceeligibility tests and by giving weekly reports of their improvements, thus pushing them to perform every week.
  • Expertise: The roping in of experts from various parts of the globe to avail their services to students reinforces how seriously PrepScholar takes the whole mentoring business. It also provides a morale boost to students.
  • Accessibility: All that is required for taking a test or learning a lesson on PrepScholar is a strong internet connection along with a device on which PrepScholar can be accessed. This makes it a compatible classroom for students, making it accessible even while on the move.
  • Money-back guarantee: The Company promises a significant increase in the scores of a student from the previous attempted test. It guarantees an increase of 160 points in SAT and a minimum four-point increase in ACT scores of the student who has attended all the sessions of the program. Otherwise, the company guarantees a money-back policy.

Exams PrepScholar prepares you for:

For any program that is covered under PrepScholar, the three stages to follow are watching online content or material videos, attempting eligibility test papers and

The various exams which are tutored by PrepScholar include the following:

SATPrepScholar offers a wide range of educational materials and customized assistance for these eligibilitytests. They even guarantee a minimum of 160 points leap in the scores of a student, failing in which they guarantee the payback of the plan price completely.

ACT: Positive reviews from users of the ACT prep plan talks about the success of the program for aspirants. PrepScholar claims at least a six to eight-point rise in the performance of students after taking up the plan.

PSATPrepScholar offers a minimum boost of 150 points in PSAT, failing it which the student has to pay only for satisfactory services, and the rest of the amount shall be returned.

SAT Special Subjects: The platform also provides materials for certain special subject that are required to be cleared in SAT by certain institutions.

GMATPrepScholar offers a 7 point money-back offer which several students consider is unique as not many platforms keep that level of confidence in their techniques. It helps management and business aspirants clear the eligibilitytest with ease.

GRE: This graduate school-level entry test requires a systematic plan of action for tutoring, learning, and testing. PrepScholar offers it all in a platter, a rather efficient one at that.

TOEFL: Some universities ask foreign students to clear this exam with good grades. This is in order to ensure that the students are able to cope with classes being held and discussions being presided all in the English language. So a variety of worksheets and study materials along with tests are made available by PrepScholar for helping foreign students ace this exam in order to supplement it with their other entrance test scores.

Such a wide variety of tests are covered by the materials and tutoring made available by PrepScholar through different programs that they offer, sometimes a combination of course coming in together as well. Students can correspond with their representatives before entering the program, thereby seeking advice as to the choice of the program best suited for their needs.

Why PrepScholar?

The methodical approach and strategized channelling of tutoring make the programs offered by PrepScholar easy to follow. Students do not feel left out or lost at any point because of the personal approach of the platform. Each educational material and test has been designed to suit the needs of the students individually.

Also, it is natural to feel anxious and tensed before appearing for examinations. PrepScholar comes in handy here by providing several test materials to be practised before appearing for the actual test. This ensures an overall boost in the confidence levels of the students. The more test papers you are able to clear, the better your confidence becomes of the subject in hand. It also gives a general idea as to how to deal with similar questions, what theory or idea has to be applied, even if not the same question appears.

The issue of having to perform well under the given stipulated time makes things more terrifying than the existing pressure of having to score well. This concern can be addressed by the use of the test materials offered in PrepScholar because unless you work out tests within the given time, you are not completely ready to face the real examination.

A systematic learning pattern has to be followed while preparing for admission eligibility tests. This can be done only when there is a strategically sound study plan. PrepScholar ensures proper planning and conducting of lessons and model tests through the week-by-week study plans, allowing students to optimally use their time and resources.

The reviews provided on the performance in tests are precisely analyzed, and mentoring is offered to strengthen the weak areas. This gives room for self-analysis and awareness of one’s shortcomings, enabling students to focus well.

To access PrepScholar:

Visit the official site of PrepScholar and take up a trial SAT or ACT eligibility test. This will give you an overall idea of how you rank in your performance. You can sign up for a free trial that lasts for five days. The company does not ask you to pay for the free five-day trial. At the end of the trial, you can choose the program that suits your requirement completely. You can then choose to continue by making payment for the plans or choose to discontinue using the services. Once the payment for a program has been made, the students can access educational materials and tutorial videos and reviews.

Pricing details:

PrepScholar Review

PrepScholar has made packages for the ease of selecting and preparing for the exams. Their prices are as quoted below.

The Complete SAT Online Prep costs around $397. It covers the four sections: Math, Reading, Writing, and Essay with no hour restrictions for 1-year access, 200+ hours of content, 7000+ practice questions, 700+ problem-solving videos, ten real practice tests

PrepScholar Classes for $895 that covers all the incentives from the complete package additionally equipped with online classrooms led by experts from across the world.

Complete tutoring at $995 with everything offered under the complete package added with hours of mentoring by one expert as per the requirements of the student.

Complete Premium for $577 with the complete package and two years of access and support

Dual SAT+ ACT for $597 comprising of complete SAT and complete ACT materials

Deal breakers of PrepScholar:

The main deal-breaker of PrepScholar has always been its pricing. It is considered costly by many students regarding the fact that preparatory books would cost less than the whole plan offered by the company. The plans are found to be costlier than the study packages and materials offered by similar rivals of the company. Despite this accusation, the program takers have accepted that the plans are extremely worth the cost they claim.

Students also question the rationale behind having to spend a lump sum amount for online access and classes when they can obtain the same in coaching centers and mentoring workshops. A book that would contain preparatory notes and guidance for the tests, along with several solved and unsolved eligibility test papers, would cost far less.

So a question as to why spend so much on a learning package when you have to do the same solving, whether with books or PrepScholar, comes into question.

Several complaints have also been made of the five-day trial costing the takers automatically before the cancellation periods. Though these instances are rare, complaints registered online have been addressed, and the amount has been refunded.

More recently, with the suspension of SAT during COVID times, a request for refund or carryover of the amount already paid to a consecutive year of services had been reportedly denied by the company. This has soured a considerable number of students and parents as well.

Similar refunding issues have been reported to have cropped up when the guarantee of a 160 point rise was not held true. Many complaints have resurfaced again of substantial changes not being found in the performance of the students. The 160 point leap as guaranteed was merely limited to some fifty points, and hence, when the payback was demanded, the company had reportedly refused.

PrepScholar, though, claims that the guarantee was made only if the student did not show the mentioned progress even after viewing every video in the plan. So you might want to carefully read the guarantee policy before signing up for the program!

No mobile app has been developed for PrepScholar. This limits the accessibility of the services at times when the student is not in a position to log in using a system. When almost all the activities are done using mobile apps, this is indeed a huge drawback in terms of the compatibility of the services of the platform. But despite this, the company provides an uninterrupted and smooth experience of its services.

FAQs Usually Asked About PrepScholar:

Q1: Does PrepScholar provide good Help and Support services?

A:The Help and Support system of PrepScholar has received no many negative complaints, speaking for itself of the company’s efficiency. They are approachable via mail and the helpline access that has been provided on their official website. This has also been taken as a drawback since customers have nothing but an e-mail ID to contact a firm that owes them quite a huge sum of money in case of poor performance. The FAQs that they have designed also help clear the most common doubts and queries that surface in the minds of people.

Q2: Is PrepScholar good for SAT preparation?

A: PrepScholar has garnered one of the best reviews among learning platforms online for the preparation of SAT.

Q3: Can ACT scores be increased by enrolling in PrepScholar?

A: Several students have testified increased ACT scores after using the PrepScholar services, the educational materials and online source videos.

Q4: What kind of mentoring does PrepSCholar offer?

A: PrepScholar offers personal tutoring options that suit the requirements of each individual by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Q5: Does PrepScholar offer a free trial?

A: Yes. PrepScholar offers a five day free trial for students who initially wish to avail of the platform's services. The students can later decide to continue or withdraw from the services.

Q6: Is the cash-back guarantee of PrepScholar valid?

A: The company guarantees a 160 point increase in SAT scores after taking up the program. If this has not been achieved despite the student accessing all the educational materials and the tests, the company guarantees the complete return of the money paid.

Final Thoughts – PrepScholar Review

When almost all forms of learning are limited to screens of digital appliances, PrepScholar could be no new inclusion in the trend. A strategic and planned approach to gain a perfect score or scores required for admissions into desired institutions can go a long way in helping young students achieve their dreams. Apart from watching out for the company’s financial risks, as has been alleged by several users during the COVID times, one can confidently go ahead with the use of the services. At the end of the day, no matter what educational materials have been made available or how many times you have taken tests, again and again, a great deal depends on the individual student’s efforts to clear the required tests. PrepScholar is just another crutch that could provide you with a stronger footing when you are limping with a lack of resources, guidance, confidence, and a planned strategic learning method, thus.

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