Waalaxy Vs Expandi: Automation tools to make marketing Easy in 2024!

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : February 28, 2024
Waalaxy Vs Expandi


Waalaxy is the perfect lead generation platform is what every business needs, and thankfully, Waalaxy has all the advanced features that you must be looking for in a lead generation automation tool.


Expandi is a LinkedIn automation software that works to automate most of your LinkedIn engagements and interactions so that you can reach out to a large number of people and take your business to new heights.
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Lead Generation
  • Advanced Prospecting Tools
  • Contact Management
  • CRM Synchronization
  • Data Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Management
  • Lead Monitoring
  • Demand Generation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
Waalaxy Vs Expandi: Automation tools to make marketing Easy in 2024!
Starting at € 20
Starting at $99

Waalaxy Vs Expandi: Automation tools to make marketing Easy in 2024!

Automation tools are a necessity for every business thriving in the competitive market. Ever since the digital revolution and the rapid modernization of technologies, it has become challenging for businesses to find out the best tools amongst the crowd of thousands and utilize them efficiently.

According to recent forecasts, digital marketing has become a primary source for generating leads, boosting sales, and broadening business networks. And LinkedIn has become the leading platform for finding prospects and developing a strong network.

Automation tools like Waalaxy and Expandi are helping business owners, sales and marketers, freelancers, and recruiters make the most of multipurpose platforms like LinkedIn. Follow up this detailed Waalaxy vs Expandi review until the end to understand which tool is the best and most efficient.

Waalaxy Vs Expandi: Comparison

What Is Waalaxy?

Waalaxy is the best lead generation prospecting tool for utilizing LinkedIn the most as a prospecting platform. Waalaxy helps boost automated sales, send automated connections to verified profiles, and personalized automated emails to prospects.

Waalaxy is trending among businesses and professionals because it is an all-in-one platform that makes finding prospects and launching multiple campaigns at once the easiest.

LinkedIn is not only a paradise for recruiters and job seekers but has also become an essential platform for generating leads and launching marketing campaigns. It is through automation tools like Waalaxy boosting sales and broadening reach get easier.

What Is Expandi?

Like Waalaxi, Expandi is an automation tool that focuses mostly on LinkedIn lead generation. This cloud-based automation tool helps with outreach campaigns on LinkedIn and enhances engagements, including sending connection requests and post interactions. Expandi is a good choice for generating new leads and automating engagements and interactions on LinkedIn’s platform.

What Is Waalaxy Popular For?

Waalaxy is most popular among users worldwide because it is an exceptional prospecting tool as well as an efficient extension of Google Chrome.

One of the primary reasons why Waalaxy is extremely popular among businesses and professionals is because the tool is user-friendly and includes basic features. This means there is no technical knowledge necessary to make the most out of this prospecting tool.

Another reason why Waalaxy is praised is that it works as an efficient prospecting tool for both LinkedIn and Emails. It is easy to launch multiple campaigns at a time, send 800 invitations in a month, and monitor all campaigns. Waalaxy also boasts its free version to users, which is as effective as paid ones.

What Is Expandi Popular For?

Expandi is popular among users for being a useful LinkedIn automation tool that helps businesses create omnichannel outreach. Expandi makes it easier to contact prospects through emails and LinkedIn and analyze data based on connections and campaigns. It is most popular among B2B companies that want to boost their sales and marketing strategies.

Source: Expandi

Waalaxy Vs Expandi: Which one to go for?

Best Features of Waalaxy

Waalaxy is popular among users worldwide because it is the only automation tool that bypasses LinkedIn’s restrictions and helps generate 100 leads per day. Some additional features that come with Waalaxy subscription plans and free trials surpass all the other competitors in the market. The best features of Waalaxy are:

  • Campaign Analytics
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Lead Generation
  • Advanced Prospecting Tools
  • Contact Management
  • CRM Synchronization
  • Campaign Planning and Campaign Management
  • Chat/ Messaging
  • Email Management
  • Multi-Campaign and Drip Campaign
  • Customizable Templates
  • Template Management
  • Auto-reporting And Statistics

Source: Waalaxy

Best Features of Expandi

Expandi, too, has proven to be a good lead generation and sales management tool. It has helped businesses create omnichannel outreach in the least time and launch campaigns quickly. Some of the key features of Expandi include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Management
  • Lead Monitoring
  • Demand Generation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
  • Data Capture
  • Integration
  • Template Customizations
Source: Expandi

A Brief Comparison Table for Waalaxy Vs Expandi Based on Their Features

It becomes easier to choose software tools when you get to see a brief comparison of their features. The table below justifies the Waalaxy vs. Expandi comparison moreand will help you choose the best one.

Features of Waalaxy

Source: Waalaxy

Free VersionYesOnly 1 Seat
Email ManagementYesYes
Cloud-Based DeploymentYesYes
API AccessNoNo
Activity TrackingYesYes
Campaign AnalyticsYesYes
Drag And DropYesYes
Chat/ MessagingYesNo
Activity DashboardYesNo
Customizable TemplatesYesYes
Live SupportYesNo
Contact ManagementYesNo
CRM SynchronizationYesNo
PricingStarting From €20/ monthStarting From $99/ month

Waalaxy Vs Expandi: Features

Waalaxy Vs Expandi: Pros and Cons

Pros And Cons of Using Waalaxy

Overall, Waalaxy is a very efficient prospecting tool; let’s get to know about its advantages of using it and shortcomings.


  • Easiest To Operate
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Pre-Saved Responses
  • Automated Scheduled Follow-Ups
  • Can Send 100 Invitations Per Day
  • Automated Lead Generation and Crm Synchronization
  • Prospects From Verified Profiles and Email Addresses
  • Makes Linkedin the Best Acquisition Channel for Your Business
  • Cheapest Subscription Plans


  • Includes Basic Features
  • Does Not Yet Have a Phone Support Feature
  • DropContact Is the Third-Party Tool That Is Used as Email Integration

Pros And Cons of Using Expandi

Expandi is a good tool for solving business problems; it helps owners overcome the limitations often imposed by LinkedIn. The good and bad sides of using Expandi include:


  • Has Automated Connection Tools That Help with Personalizing Messages and Sending Connection Requests
  • Offers Seamless Integrations
  • Has Data-Tracking Features and Provides Integration with Hubspot


  • The Biggest Drawback Is the Poor Customer Support, The Responses Are Slow, And Often the Answers Are Irrelevant or Not Much Helping
  • Navigating Through the Platform Is Difficult Because Of Its Buggy User Interface
  • Not All Features Are as Efficient as They Claim to Be, Some of The Critical Features of the Tool Do Not Work Properly

Which Is A Better Tool, Waalaxy Vs Expandi?

You must have encountered several reviews of these software tools individually, but a brief comparison of Waalaxy vs Expandi makes it much easier to choose. Waalaxy and Expandi are good automation tools with many positive reviews.

However, comparing their ratings on multiple recognized platforms, such as Google, Capterra, or G2. Waalaxy has an overall rating ranging from 4.5 to 4.8 out of 5. In contrast, Expandi has ratings ranging from 4.2 to 4.7 out of 5.

This clearly shows that Waalaxy is a more preferred prospecting tool than Expandi. Also, when comparing the features, Waalaxy offers more relevant features needed by businesses for generating leads and boosting sales than Expandi. So, it is quite fair enough to say that in the Waalaxy vs Expandi comparison, Waalaxy is ahead on the scoreboard with more features and advantages than Expandi.

Also, Waalaxy is much cheaper when considering monthly or yearly subscription plans, which adds more to the claim that it is a better tool. Moreover, check out the exclusive program offered by Waalaxy.

Waalaxy Affiliate Program:

Waalaxy Affiliate Program

Waalaxy Affiliate Program is another exclusive activity that further increases popularity of this platforms in the discussion of Waalaxy vs Expandi. 

Join the Waalaxy Affiliate Program and embark on a rewarding journey as an ambassador for the premier multichannel prospecting tool in the market. With Waalaxy, you have the opportunity to earn lucrative commissions of up to 50% from the payments made by your affiliates.

Why to Join Waalaxy Affiliate Program?

  • Full-Featured Platform: As a Waalaxy ambassador, you can gain access to a comprehensive platform equipped with advanced features. Track affiliate activation, monitor the performance of custom links, evaluate campaign effectiveness, and conduct A/B tests.
  • Consistent Monthly Income and Beyond: You can benefit from a steady stream of income that grows each month. Every payment made by your affiliates results in a corresponding payment to your ambassador account. Whether they purchase a subscription, add-on, or additional seat, you’ll earn commissions.
  • Multi-Channel Affiliate Contact: Seamlessly connect with your affiliates across various channels. Invite them via email directly from the application, import their data into Waalaxy for easy communication, and automatically reach out to them. Easily export affiliate data in CSV format and share your links and content wherever you choose.

Who can Join Waalaxy Affiliate Program?

  • Influencers: Boost your social media presence to monetize your audience effectively. Share about Waalaxy and earn commissions while providing valuable insights to your followers.
  • Sales Professionals: Utilize your sales expertise to promote Waalaxy and earn recurring income for life. Capitalize on your talent while introducing businesses to a powerful prospecting tool.
  • Students: Start earning while still in school by promoting Waalaxy. Use its automated features to kickstart your income journey even before graduation, setting yourself up for success in the future.
  • Anyone Seeking Extra Income: Whether you’re a professional, a student, or anyone else, if you’re looking to boost your monthly income effortlessly, Waalaxy offers a simple solution.


Prospecting tools can change the perspectives of businesses; they not only make it easier to contact prospects and grow networks but also generate more leads. There are many arguments on the net on Waalaxy vs Expandi, but in all terms, Waalaxy has proven to be more helpful to businesses, marketers and sales professionals, freelancers, and recruiters.

You can visit Waalaxy’s official website to enjoy their free trials that can be extended up to 2 months.

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