Webix Review: All You Need to Know About UI Library

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : April 12, 2024
Webix Review

Our verdict

Webix brings a 360-solution for developers looking to create web products. It has everything you need to build a responsive user interface.


Webix comes with a wide range of resources: Forum, Tutorials, Videos, Lessons, UI Designer, and Micro Framework Webix Jet to streamline your business application development. Enjoy a rapid integration of icons and skins with it.

Ease of Use

You don’t need long hours to build a web application for your business. It is easy to use, even a beginner can get started with the help of online training.


The product pack costs $849 for a lifetime license. This plan lets you work on a single project that is best suited for startups and small development teams.


Webix offers instant technical support that covers forum raised queries and also answers via email. You can also watch videos and join webinars to train yourself.

Webix Review: All You Need to Know About UI Library


Editor’s Rating

Starting from : $37
Let’s dive into the Webix review, where we will explain everything in detail from a developers point of view.
Webix is a UI toolkit for developing cross-platform HTML5 and CSS3 web products. It is one of the most popular online libraries of JavaScript and HTML5 in the market. The UI toolkit comes loaded with multiple UI widgets and controls that allow developers to design unique user interfaces.
Webix works for all types of business needs, be it a small or large online business. The long list of widgets and controls helps to conceptualize charts, pivots, reports, and other key elements like Data Table and Tree Table tap-able displayers.

Check out more about this platform in this Webix Review.

Webix Review: Features

Quality and Dependability

Webix has top-quality professionals with half a decade of market experience in developing innovative tools for JavaScript and HTML5 developers. The tools developed by them are used to build a JSON configuration that allows developers to work and execute key business analysis solutions.

Areas of Function

Webix presently carries expertise in an array of Service lines:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Webix Customization and Development
  • Hybrid and Cross-platform Mobile Development
  • UX/UI Design and Development
  • Developers/QA and Team Expansion
  • App Modernization for Organizations.

Webix Review: Services

Webix is constantly helping developers to build exclusive UIs better and faster. Their services and tools are in practice among hundreds of companies and businesses around the world.

The company boasts a track record of touching the lives of 50+ developers and helping over 30 projects in 65+ countries. With a 93% client retention ratio, the company is taking long strides in the domain of web and resources.
Their UI framework is used to create all kinds of web products and internal web resources, in use with small and Fortune 500 companies. They are also well-known for their reliable and instant customer support.
Webix Review
Let’s discuss the services offered by Webix for the following developmental projects.

Custom Web Application Development

  • Creating delightful web apps for a wide range of industries
  • Modernizing apps and migration of legacy systems
  • Rendering data for tables, charts, and diagrams
  • Personalized Technical support and maintenance

Webix Customization and Development

  • Creating web apps from scratch
  • Personalizing Webix widgets
  • Assembling of Webix elements into the existing apps
  • Using Webix to add improvements and modernizing customer usable apps

Information Technology Staff Augmentation

  • Expanding skilled web developers
  • QA team expansion

Technologies in use

Webix Review
Webix specializes in 100+ UI widgets that deal with JavaScript CSS/HTML5 controls. The company deals with the below-given technologies at present.

  • .NET
  • React JS
  • WebRTC
  • Marionette JS
  • PHP
  • Node JS

Webix Review: Pricing Plans

Before you invest for the plans, you can have a free trial of the platforms. Use the features, such as widgets and developers to make your project outshine.

Are you fell for the features that Webix has to offer?

Worry Not!

In this Webix Review, you gonna know that Webix comes with a robust pack of 4 pricing plans for its customers. They display a reasonable price, making it a cost-effective web solution for you. Check out the below-listed pricing plans.

Individual License Pack

The Individual License plan is an ideal solution for a single developer working on a solo project. It has three support plans:

  • Basic Plan – It is a trial version
  • Standard – The standard plan comes for $299
  • Priority – The Priority plan costs $599

The above-given plans come with one year of updates and technical support. Not just that, it comes with a Lifetime Commercial License and basic support for the Webix users.
The Complex widget is an optional plan that offers Spreadsheet, User Manager, Scheduler and Chat Box worth $329, $99 worth of Scheduler and Query, File manager + Doc Manager, a Pivot and Kanban for $99 each.

Commercial License Pack

Here comes the Commercial License for developers: –

Custom PACK

This is a great pack for a size with widgets of customized numbers at $848. It is suitable for startups and small teams with one project at hand.


The Company pack is a great pick for internal company projects working on a single commercial project. The plan costs $2499 that comes with Webix UI library, Lifetime Commercial License, and standard customer support. It is free to use for an unlimited number of developers.
The company plan comes with the optional complex widget combo pack.


This is a developer pack that works best for companies occupied on multiple projects with multiple clients. For $3999, you get to work for an endless number of projects with instant customer support and a year full of updates.
The DevTeam Pack is free to use for 5+ developers and offers a Lifetime Commercial License. It covers the complex widget optional pack.


The unlimited combo is a perfect plan for companies with big teams and large development projects. The pack costs $9499 for a year full of updates and customer support. Along with that, you get access to endless projects and developers.
You can use the dynamic Webix UI library with a lifetime commercial license. Complex widget plan included.

Free Developer tools

Webix also comes with a range of additional tools that are free to use for developers. All you need to do is sign up on their official website and get started with the vast library of tools and functions.

Webix Form Builder

The Webix Form Builder is a dynamic online kit for creating web forms. To get started, you need to select a field and layout, and then generate your code form in seconds. You can do all of that in just a few clicks.

Webix Code Snippet

This is a great tool for designing JS dashboards, quick sneak peeks of results, and sharing it with colleagues and customers on social networks.

Webix Skin Builder

The Webix Skin Builder is a web designing tool for installing default front end skins for your interface and custom theme templates. You can also design your own custom skin and add desired changes to it.

Webix Review: JS Library Benefits

Check out the benefits discussed in the Webix review.

Enhanced Performance

Webix is a lightweight software and offers a rapid UI library for faster web development. It streamlines your web operations at every step of your development process.

Superior UI Controls

Webix Review
The Webix library comes packed with over 99 controls and widgets for the design and development of any business application. It comes with instant access, ensuring a great speed for application development.

A Large Set of UI Skins

Webix comes with a myriad of UI skins for front-end design and development. It gives you vast layout options that are ready to use for design and testing material controls.
It helps to save both your time and money.

Firsthand Support and Education

Webix is constantly working to improve its web platform and considering the valuable feedback it collects from its users worldwide. It has given users a handy platform for application development.
It also brings an education program for the developers that covers IT consulting, video tutorials, webinars and extra classes.

Single Page App Development

You can develop and launch single web pages with much ease and speed.

Webix Jet: What is New in this?

Webix Jet simplifies building single-page applications with Webix UI and large data sets. By combining and reusing various UI components, it streamlines development while minimizing code. With Webix Jet, crafting top-notch applications becomes effortless, requiring less coding.

Webix Jet organizes code and user interface into separate modules, enhancing maintainability. Each module, represented by a JavaScript class, is reusable throughout the application. This modular approach allows complex UIs to be divided into manageable blocks, facilitating independent use and testing.

To begin with Webix Jet, start by downloading and unpacking it on your computer. Then, set up the structure of your application. Single Page Applications (SPAs) are divided into multiple views stored in separate files.

The app’s URL has two parts separated by a hashbang (#!): the web address and the app URL fragment defining the UI (#!/some/part). Page navigation is enabled by changing the URL.

Next, define a view module and create subviews. For more guidance on subviews and in-app navigation, refer to the links provided. Views handle interface code, while models manage data. For further information on data loading, visit this provided link.

Check out the features that you can avail with Webix Jet:

  • Speedy Development: Teams using Webix Jet complete tasks three times faster on average, boosting productivity.
  • Lightweight: With a minified version of less than 10 kb, Webix Jet adds minimal overhead to your application.
  • Chromium Compatibility: Webix Jet works seamlessly on all modern browsers, including Edge Chromium, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Webpack Integration and ES6 Support: Utilize Webix Jet’s Webpack-based toolchain for easy configuration of single-page apps. Enjoy ES6 features in JavaScript code, along with LESS/SASS processing for CSS styles and the ability to embed and bundle custom resources through Webpack plugins.
  • Routing Flexibility: Webix Jet allows for easy navigation with native HTML URLs or safer Jet links, preventing users from leaving the current view. Choose from four predefined router types or define a custom one.
  • Convenient Plugins: Simplify common tasks such as creating menus, localization, access control, notifications, and applying skins with Webix Jet’s set of plugins.
  • Responsive Design: Design interfaces for devices of various screen sizes with Webix Jet’s support for device-responsive apps. Build applications for desktop and touch devices running on iOS, Android, and more.

The Webix Thought

In this Webix Review, I have provided an in-depth information for you to consider for purchasing the plans of Webix.

Webix is an all-in-one tool with top-notch online libraries for JavaScript and HTML developers. It works best for online businesses of any size, small, medium or large!
Webix offers an easy dashboard to get started with and to execute advanced features. It offers a great deal of variety and flexibility. It has a wide set of UI components and API-enabled widgets that can be custom-tailored as per your needs.
Webix Jet Library has it all you require for SPA development. That makes it a tool of high usability and a perfect tool for developers.
The tools for developers are bug-free and stable to use. It runs even the complex GUIs with ease, promising a superior design and responsive UI skins and icon packs. Plus, they offer quick customer support for developers stuck with any queries.
In this Webix review, we have covered the details inside out so you clearly understand its implications and benefits. Comment below for doubts, and we’ll ensure a quick response to your query.

Webix Review: FAQs

1. Does Webix come for free?

No, Webix does not have any free plan for first-time users. However, you can try out the demo version to familiarize yourself with the Webix toolkit and features.

2. How much does the basic plan of Webix UI Library cost?

The basic plan of Webix comes for $349 along with various other pricing plans depending on the projects and development support you need.

3. Are Webix Tutorials worth it?

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