Comparing Divi Vs Genesis in 2024: What They Both Have to Offer?

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : March 18, 2024
Divi Vs Genesis


Calling Divi just a WordPress theme is not enough; it’s a complete package of the design framework, helping you design your website and customize it in your own way from scratch.


Genesis Framework by StudioPress is famous for its simplicity. The minimal parent-child theme helps in customizing themes for WordPress developers.
  • Website developers mostly prefer Divi because of its customizability. You get to make your website just the way you want it to be or which will make your clients happy.
  • There are so many designs and themes in the Divi library, which makes the design efficient.
  • You get support from Divi’s customer care, which is available 24/7.
  • Best for beginners, if you have just started with WordPress, designing it from scratch can be hard to handle. 
  • The Genesis framework helps maintain the core functionalities as it is, even when the theme is changed from an existing child theme to a new one.
  • Genesis provides over 35 child themes, which keep on getting added.
Comparing Divi Vs Genesis in 2024: What They Both Have to Offer?
Starting at $89
Starting at $59.95

Comparing Divi Vs Genesis in 2024: What They Both Have to Offer?

This article is all about Divi Vs Genesis two of the most widely used WordPress themes. To be more precise, Divi is a WordPress theme, while Genesis is a framework.

Why do you need WordPress themes or frameworks?

The right look and feel of your WordPress site matter a lot. You can achieve this by using themes and frameworks. Although WordPress has some free themes, they are limited and offer limited designs and customization. Therefore, bloggers and content managers move towards buying paid themes and frameworks.

So, what’s the basic difference between a theme and a framework?

In simple words, themes are self-contained designs. They are ready-to-launch WordPress design templates or layouts. In comparison, a framework is more like a “toolkit” or a set of tools that you can use to create custom themes.

In this comparison Divi Vs Genesis, I will delve deep into the two platforms to provide what they have to offer. 

Divi Vs Genesis: What are they?

What Is Divi?Divi Vs. Genesis

A product of Elegant Themes, Divi is one of the most widely used WordPress themes. More interestingly, Divi lets you create beautiful website designs. There’s no need-to-know coding to use this WordPress theme. Moreover, it doesn’t require the installation and configuration of dozens of disjointed plugins.

When compared to Genesis, Divi is a more self-contained theme. If you are not that tech-savvy, Divi is perfect for you. You can easily install Divi on your WordPress and start creating your website.

What Is Genesis?

Divi Vs. Genesis

Created by StudioPress, Genesis is more of a WordPress framework than a theme. Many people mistake it for solely a WordPress theme. However, that’s not the case. In other words, it can control your site’s core functionality as well as aesthetics. It is good for developers who have knowledge of coding and technology. Why?

It acts as a verified and tested code for website developers to generate new WordPress child themes. It means that it’s not just a theme that can be installed, and you can start creating a website. Instead, you can use it as a framework to build different websites with WordPress.

Don’t be disappointed if you are not tech friendly. It also has several pre-made child themes that you can use directly. However, if you love creating, it will let you create an umpteen number of themes and websites. So, that’s a plus point.

Comparison of Divi Vs Genesis Features

  1. Price: Divi Vs GenesisWhich one is cheaper?

Divi Vs Genesis both of them have their unique features with affordable pricing. Check which one offers the best facilities with cheap price.

You can experience the next evolution in WordPress website building with Divi’s groundbreaking Visual Builder technology with free builder demo. Divi offers a seamless, intuitive interface that empowers both design professionals and beginners to craft stunning websites effortlessly.

With its innovative features and user-friendly design, Divi transcends the limitations of traditional WordPress themes, allowing users to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life with ease and efficiency.

You can opt for four types of plans in Divi:

  • DIVI YEARLY: Pay Annually $89 for Divi. Or you can also choose to pay annually $287 to get access of Divi Pro. 
  • DIVI LIFETIME: Only Pay Once $249 for Divi. Or you can also choose to pay $365 for Divi Pro. 

Divi’s commitment to risk-free creativity provides satisfaction to the users as Divi will refund your purchase without any hassle. With Divi, you have the flexibility to upgrade, customize, or switch plans at any time, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment.

Plus, with options like the Divi Pro bundle offering 50% savings and the ability to upgrade from annual to lifetime subscriptions, you have the freedom to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

In comparison to Divi, Genesis offers you 4 months free access to their website. Otherwise, the pricing of the plans of Divi includes:

  • WordPress Hosting: Billed $20 monthly.
  • eCommerce Solutions for Woo: Billed $24 monthly.
  • Custom Solutions: Billed $600 monthly.

Getting access to any of the plans of Genesis, you can unlock the full potential of your website with WP Engine’s comprehensive plans, all of which come packed with essential features to optimize your WordPress experience. Further, you can get benefit from 24/7 WordPress-specific support, ensuring expert assistance whenever you need it.

Plus, you can enjoy a blazing-fast site thanks to EverCache® site speed boost and advanced network CDN. Rest easy knowing your site is protected with threat blocking and WordPress security features, along with free automated migration plugin and daily backups.

It is not the end, you will get the benefit to utilize tools like transferable sites, activity logs, and advanced user permissions for seamless management. With annual audits and certifications, along with access to premium themes and developer tools, WP Engine ensures your website operates at its best.

However, brooding at the pricing and plans of Divi Vs Genesis. It can be seen that as against Genesis Divi provides cheap rate than the competitors.

Customer Support and Community: Customer support is very important if you make a purchase. Moreover, the larger the community of users, the better it is. You can discuss your problems, mention your queries related to the product, or share your experience.

Now the question is between Divi Vs Genesis, which theme has a better customer support and a large community?

Genesis is old as compared to Divi. It has been in the market a few years before Divi. Therefore, Genesis has a wider community than Divi. Moreover, many tips and codes are shared in the Genesis community as it is coder friendly. Many developers share their experience and easy steps to code, which is extremely useful.

There is also an excellent customer support system provided by StudioPress, where you can reach out for help.

Divi also has a reliable support system provided by elegant themes. However, it’s the community is not that large.

2. Genesis Child Themes Vs Divi Templates/Layouts:

Divi Vs Genesis has variety of things to offer. It’s important to know that Genesis child themes and Divi’s templates are not the same.Divi Vs. Genesis

They work differently. Nonetheless, both of them help you control your website’s appearance. Therefore, it’s good to discuss these two options simultaneously.

Divi Vs. Genesis

Frankly speaking, Divi is limited when it comes to controlling your website’s appearance. It comes with some 20+ templates that help you change your site’s design.

On the other hand, Genesis offers a much wider site customization option. You can either use your framework as a design or install child themes and design them accordingly.

Hence, Genesis child themes are varied and many, whereas Divi templates are limited. Nonetheless, Divi is good for non-coders as it acts as more of a DIY theme.

Flexible Customization Options: When it comes to flexible customization, Genesis is much more ahead of Divi. This is one of the foremost reasons why Genesis has become incredibly popular among WordPress developers.

In Genesis, developers can start with the development process after creating a child theme for their framework. They can use the varied codes and functions of the framework to make their custom designs and additional features.

However, Divi offers less scope of customization since it is basically meant for non-coders. It comes with layouts that are not that customizable. Nonetheless, if you are not good at coding, it’s definitely a better option for you.

User-friendly: You cannot decide which is more user-friendly between Divi Vs Genesis. It is relative and depends on person to person.

If you are a non-coder, you will find Genesis less user-friendly. Whereas, if you are a developer, you will find Genesis much easier and more flexible to work with.

Divi and Genesis both work differently. In Divi, you have a Drag-And-Drop Builder. This user interface is designed, keeping in mind the people who don’t know how to code. Divi Drag-And-Drop visual editor lets non-coders create custom layouts easily and without any hassle of coding. You don’t require any codes or third-party plugins to work with Divi.

Functionality and Website Features:

The features offered by Genesis are somewhat close to those provided by a standard WordPress installation. There are some sidebars, widgets, and SEO fields, but overall, the features and widgets are not many. The advantage of this is a faster speed. Your site will lag less. Moreover, you can install more features when you require them. In this way, it’s set up is fast.

On the other hand, Divi’s dashboard comes packed with features. It somewhere hampers user integration. Also, the speed becomes slower as compared to Genesis. It comes with many features and options. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot expand the features in Genesis. It’s just that you can install them as and when you need them.

Add-Ons and Extensions:

Divi doesn’t require add-ons, external plugins, or extensions. It is a self-contained package that has all the features pre-built. It is to ease non-coders to create their site’s layout easily with the available options.

On the other hand, Genesis requires third-party plugins and extensions. With Genesis, you can decide what all features you want. And as per your requirement, you can install external plugins. You can choose your plugins from Cobalt Apps and the Genesis Design Palette Pro plugin.

Pros And Cons

Let’s discuss some of the major pros and cons of Divi Vs Genesis.

Pros And Cons of Divi


  • Divi is an excellent WordPress theme for non-coders. People who lack the knowledge of coding can work effectively to give their site a nice appearance with Divi.
  • Furthermore, it comes with a powerful drag-and-drop visual page builder that is exceptionally user-friendly and convenient to work with.
  • Users get a lot of self-contained customization options. There’s no need to purchase third-party plugins or extensions.
  • Moreover, With Divi, style changes are automatically applied to all screen sizes.


  • Switching between themes is difficult. You cannot navigate to a different theme without disturbing the layout of your current theme.
  • Divi is not very famous among web developers.

Pros And Cons of Genesis


  • Genesis is a great option for coders. They can control the layout of their websites as per their requirement.
  • The user interface of Genesis is much easier to work with. It doesn’t come packed with different panels or widgets. You can install plugins when you need them. In short, the panel option is quite straightforward.
  • Faster speed and great performance.
  • You get an option of a large number of top-notch quality child themes.
  • It’s good if you want to do brand monitoring as it comes with professional SEO-optimized coding.
  • Genesis offers various hooks and filters to ease developers in developing sites.


  • It can be heavy on your pocket since you need to buy both the framework and child themes.
  • Not friendly to work with for people who don’t know how to code.
  • There are no direct features to make basic changes related to the font, color, etc.

We have so far discussed in detail Divi Vs Genesis, their features, and some major pros and cons. Both of them have great options to offer when it comes to WordPress site-building.

Now let’s jump to the conclusion. Divi Vs Genesiswhich one to choose? Or which has more to offer?

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Divi Vs Genesis: Which One to Choose?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. You can’t simply say that Divi is better than Genesis or vice versa. No, it’s not that simple.

Both Divi and Genesis are designed, keeping in mind different kinds of users. Moreover, they are used for different purposes.

Divi is used more by casual bloggers whose main purpose is to give an aesthetic look to their blogs. They are not much concerned about marketing or business. At the same time, Genesis is used more by developers to aim for marketing, brand monitoring, and online business.

Keeping in mind these two different needs, both Divi and Genesis, are good for the target audience they are meant for.

Lastly, if you are a non-coder and want a good-looking site without many efforts, go with Divi. But if you are a die-hard coder, you should go with Genesis.

I hope this article gave you some meaningful insights into Divi Vs Genesis. So, make your choice wisely.

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