Kartra Review 2024 | With Its Proper Pricing, Details, & Features

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : May 1, 2024


Kartra is one of the best checkout platforms for marketing your products and services. It saves your money by providing all essential features like autoresponder, automation builder on one platform. If you control multiple client websites, then Kartra will be helpful for you.


Kartra offers standout features such as integrated sales tax calculation and A/B split testing, along with a comprehensive marketplace for integrations and APIs. Its user-friendly Page and Funnel Builder aids swift sales funnel construction. Furthermore, the “Kartra Agency” feature centralizes client account management for agencies and service providers.

Ease of Use

Kartra is easy to use. It provides videos for each feature to get a better understanding of using them. It is an all-in-one platform that provides various services with ease.


Kartra provides you the following pricing plans: Starter – $99/month Silver – $199/month Gold – $299/month Platinum – $499/month Kartra also offers a discount of up to 25% on the plans when billed annually.


Kartra has an excellent supporting system consisting of a Facebook community and a training center. You can also request a feature from them by sending them your idea through their helpdesk.

Kartra Review 2024 | With Its Proper Pricing, Details, & Features


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Kartra Review 2024 | With Its Proper Pricing, Details, & Features

Today we have featured Kartra Review, we have mentioned all the detailed featured, with pros and cons, read our full review, to know more about this amazing product. Are you looking forward to starting an online business? Do you have marketing applications that help you to build and manage your website?

If yes, then you must know about effective software, i.e., Kartra. Initiating a business is not about creating a website, and you are ready to go. It takes too much effort to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

Driving sales is the main goal for every business owner. Kartra is one such application that can help you in achieving your goals. It is easy to launch your brand on online portals without designers, copywriters, integrators, or web developers. If you are a beginner with less budget and experience, you must prefer this platform.

Kartra Review

In the following Kartra review, you will get in-depth knowledge of this application. You will understand the way it works and how it can be beneficial for your business. It is a unique marketing platform that everyone needs to update for creating effective landing pages and sales funnel. 

We need to stick our visitors and make them loyal customers. It is necessary to invest your money correctly. Let us start with the review to make your business work better. 

Kartra Review In-Dept Overview

It is an integrated platform that helps in running your business smoothly. Genesis Digital founded Kartra in 2018. It starts your digital store by adding various features on your website, including email marketing, split testing, webinars, checkouts, etc.

You can integrate these many things on a single platform without spending much. You will automatically subscribe to Kartra Mail. 

In this kartra review, you will know how it is a perfect application for beginners who do not have enough knowledge about designing and programming.

There are ready-made templates in which you can include some text, and your landing pages are ready. The interface is user-friendly, and you can do many things. You can also watch tutorials or help create landing pages to understand how everything goes into this program.

It is easy to create and manage marketing campaigns to fulfill your business needs. It is quite simple to understand a complicated sales funnel concept and how it converts visitors into customers. Anyone with less core knowledge about this cloud-based platform, Kartra can also use it and make suitable changes to their business site.

Who Is Suitable For Using Kartra?

Not every person can use this application because it does not suit other’s requirements. If your business is going well with high sales, then there is no need to use it. They will not observe any improvement.

People must read this Kartra review, who is about to start their company and want to market their products and services can prefer this option. 

They are perfect to use this platform for creating an attractive website and tempt customers to their portal. If you have less budget, but you have to take care of many things, Kartra is the affordable option you can opt for.

There is no requirement to hire a big team when you can get everything ready-made. If you need to fix all the problems on your own in less time. 

Key Features | Kartra Review

Check out some interesting features of this app in this Kartra review:

1. Page Builder

It is the crucial thing available on this platform. You cannot begin with your online business without a website. There are thousands of templates available for creating any landing page, including home page, sales, blogs, etc.

It is easy to import the pages with simple operations. These templates are available in various layouts, and you can choose anyone according to your preference.    

Kartra Review Page Builder  

You can start creating your website from the beginning by editing templates and adding content of your choice. Making any changes is relatively easy and quick, including images, text, videos, styling, etc. There is a library of images from which you can choose any of them according to your brand.  

2. Split Testing

It is vital to determine the performance of your created landing pages. You can create two types of pages and check them on browsers randomly.

Select the one, which gets more wins by the audience. The split testing feature helps you check this functionality and all the pages efficiently. It is quite flexible as compared to other tools. 

3. Managing Products and Shopping Cart

Kartra provides a platform to manage your products and help you create an efficient shopping cart. You can add unlimited products, and this application will attract customers to the cart and make them purchase them. This in-built feature helps in developing upsells and downsells of your products.

Managing Products and Shopping Cart Kartra Checkouts 

The interface is relatively easy to understand and operate all the things on the platform. You can set various payment gateways like a credit card, PayPal, debit cards, etc.

After making the payment, you can set the Thank You page. If you are selling an online course, you can also integrate the membership feature of Kartra for customers. 

4. Affiliate Portal

If you want to include the affiliate portal, then you can use this feature by Kartra. You can allow other affiliates to join your website and sell your goods with some commissions. They eventually promote your brand and sell your products on behalf of their social image. 

Affililiate Management Kartra Review

You can get affiliates on your terms and conditions and provide customized URLs with tracking code. In this way, you can monitor their sales, refunds, cancellations, and other things. 

5. Email Marketing

If you want to stay in touch with your customers, then email marketing is necessary. You can get this feature from Kartra for broadcasting emails, tagging, automation, and other things.

It is possible to arrange various campaigns to target more customers. You can start by creating your email list or import your contacts through CSV files. If you have introduced any deals or offers, then you can send emails to your customers. 

Email Marketing Kartra Mail Detailed Review

There is a sequence builder to add elements and shift items. You do not get this feature in some applications, and you need to integrate it on your website. Here, you are not spending extra money.

You can use any ready-made template to create your campaigns by adding your content. By using these campaigns, more people are attracted to your offered deals. 

6. Marketplace

Kartra provides a fantastic marketplace to launch your products and services. You can discover various angles of your business by setting different campaigns.

Marketplace - Build The Perfect - Kartra Review

You can also sell these campaigns by designing your own and adding all the assets. You can create a sales funnel and manage all the customers and their purchases. 

7. Opt-in Forms

If you want to collect details from your customers, then you can design and create your forms. People can interact with your company through these forms. It is the best way to get leads from your website. There is a ready-made form builder in which you can add detailed columns and manage them with ease. The templates are customizable.

Opt-in Forms - Kartra Forms - Review

Therefore, you can create them in whatever way you like to attract customers. Your website must have a signup and sign-in forms to make the purchasing process easy. 

Opt-in Forms Review Of Kartra

8. Video Hosting

Kartra is a great video hosting application like YouTube. If you have something unique to show to your customers, you can post it to get sales. Your videos can attract anyone and help you in selling your products and services. 

It is possible to embed the uploaded videos on various platforms like WordPress, social media, membership portals, etc.

Video Hosting Review Of Kartra

You can also add pop-ups when the video is playing on the platform. In this way, you will have new subscribers, and you can also add them to your sales funnel. 

9. Memberships 

There is a membership feature for all the business owners who want to sell their online courses. If you are good at something, you can add your content and introduce membership to access the courses. Your customers will like to engage more and want to know more from your platform.

Kartra Review - Mamberships

10. Customer Support 

If you need to make your business successful, you must have a customer support team to manage all your customers’ queries.

It is nearly impossible to handle issues of people who have emailed you. It may take time, and you cannot do this because nobody likes to wait so long. 

Kartra Review - Helpdesks - Features

You can use a feature of a trackable ticket that your customers can access to ask questions about your products and services. You can create a FAQ page, in which you can cover all the common queries. 

11. Calendar

There is a built-in calendar feature that helps you create, reschedule, or manage your company’s events. You can send reminders automatically so that none of your employees or customers miss anything. 

Kartra Review - Calendars

12. Integrations

This platform supports integrations to make your business work amazing. You can integrate all any features or apps with it.

You can integrate various payment gateways like Braintree, PayPal, etc. Other email marketing or membership portals can easily integrate with this application. 

Pricing Of Kartra Plans

Are you new to Kartra? You are not aware of any of the features offered by Kartra, but open to use it? Worry, Kartra provides 30 days free trial so you can have a good look of the features before you pay for it.

There are different packages in which you can subscribe monthly. In every plan, you can access different features. You will get limited features in the basic plan, but then only you can easily create your impressive website.

The choice of getting the required package depends on your preference. Let us check out its five exciting plans. 

  1. Starter Plan
  2. Silver Plan
  3. Gold Plan
  4. Platinum Plan
  5. Enterprise Plan

Let us discuss their features in brief through the following table.


Starter Plan 

Growth Plan

Professional Plan

Price $99$189$429
Email Contacts2,50012,00025,000
Emails Every Month15,000125,000250,000
Custom Domains135
Number of ProductsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Membership and Courses2UnlimitedUnlimited
Funnel MappingIncludedIncludedIncluded
Kartra AIIncludedIncludedIncluded
Surveys & QuizzesNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
WebinarsNot Included3001000
Webinar Presenters Not Included66

If you are planning to purchase any of the plans now, you are in a right time as Kartra is going to give you discount of 35% with the coupon code KartraAI35. You have to contact the customer support team to know all the features and price.

If you are highly satisfied with Kartra, you can switch to this plan for more leads and profits. 

Is It Worth To Buy Kartra?

If you need to grow your business, you need the Kartra platform to accomplish all your goals. Many similar platforms are available, but you can get multiple features on a single application.

There are plenty of tools that help to design and create interactive and customizable websites without much effort.

It provides a great marketing platform to convert visitors into customers. You can sell your products and services through Kartra effectively.

There are monthly subscription plans, but it is OK to try the platform. If you feel satisfied with the features, you can ask for the enterprise or yearly plans from the support team. In this Kartra review, you need to judge whether this platform is suitable for your business. 

Pros And Cons Of Kartra


  1. There is no need for any external integrations because it offers many in-built features like email marketing, sequence builder, automation, etc. 
  2. It is easy to create an attractive checkout page by tagging all the locations, payment gateways, etc. Every customer can access the website and purchase anything without going to another package. 
  3. This platform offers various levels of access to membership sites. 
  4. It is easy to split test every landing page to check how it performs when any visitor approaches your platform.
  5. It is possible to design and create engaging landing pages that help visitors to stay on that page. 
  6. One can manage various accounts and track the activities of the customers. After that, it becomes easy to make marketing strategies for more improvement of the website. 


  1. If we compare Kartra with other platforms, then it is a comparatively expensive one. 
  2. It is possible to integrate a few apps. 
  3. The interface of the platform is comparatively slower than the others.

What’s New in Kartra Review 2024?

Kartra Agency is a distinct Kartra feature, empowering agencies and marketing service providers to operate and oversee their clients’ accounts from one central location. It allows for real-time tracking of key account metrics, creation of client login credentials, addition of new clients to the roster, and report generation. It also notably offers a secure solution for storing clients’ passwords.

Moreover, the tool provides a safe master login, facilitating access to numerous accounts via Kartra’s secure one-click login process. The platform can be leveraged as an Owner, for creating and buying new accounts for clients, or as a Contractor, for managing pre-existing client accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

? Q1. Is it Possible to Create a Business Website?

Ans - Yes, it is possible. You can ready-made templates in which you can add your company’s content and products. You can make an interactive store so that you can attract your targeted audience and get them engaged with your platform.

? Q2. What is the Cost of the Kartra Starter Plan?

Ans - The Starter plan with the minimum price is $99 per month. There are limited features in it, but you can try this out to check out this platform's performance. You can buy expensive plans with unlimited features according to your preference.

? Q3. Is There Any Trial Period?

Ans - Yes, you can buy any plan with a trial period of 14 days. If you find it satisfactory, you can continue with it, and you can request the money return.

?‍? Q4. Who Can use Kartra?

Ans - Indeed, this platform is not for everyone. It is best for consultants, online courses, social media professionals, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Conclusion: Kartra Review 2024

If you need to start your online business, then it is necessary to have a fantastic website. When you have an online presence, you can target a wider audience and make them interested in buying your products and services.

In this Katra review, you have gone through all about this platform in detail. Now, you must be knowing that it can help design and create amazing websites. 

With the help of ready-made templates, it is easy to create landing pages without any technical knowledge. You will get fantastic marketing features like email marketing, affiliate, campaigns, and much more. Understand your needs and get the right package according to your preference. 

You must have a profitable website to have more leads. It should be easy to track and manage all the strategies.

You can try the basic package with a trial period of 30 days to understand whether this platform is for you or not. Compare your requirements and choose the best application to grow your business and scale it up to the next level. 

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