Long Tail Pro Review 2021 Value For Money Or Not?

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : April 8, 2021

LongTail Pro

If you are running a blog where your main earning source is AdSense, you can utilize this tool to find various long-tail keywords with a high AdSense CPC value.


With LongTailPro features, you can: Generate hundreds of keyword ideas. Identify keyword profitability based on how your website generates revenue. Perform Real Time filtering.

Ease of Use

The best part about LongTailPro is its ease of use. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to use this tool. This tool’s user interface is so simple and straightforward that you will get used to it very quickly.


LongTailPro comes with two packages to select from. The two packages include the annual starter Plan($148.5/year) and the Pro plan, which cost you around $297/year.


If you have any question or request, you can contact them via email at support@longtailpro.com.

Long Tail Pro Review 2021 Value For Money Or Not?


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Starting from : $47

Long Tail Pro Review 2021 Value For Money Or Not?

Keyword research is one of the most important things to keep in mind while putting up any blog on the web. This ensures that it ranks in the top results by Google.

A good research tool can make finding keywords easier so that you can proceed further. I am going to talk about one such amazing tool today that is amazing for keyword searches. So, here is the Long Tail Pro review.

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Long Tail Pro is a veteran in the field of keyword searches. It is recommended and used by a lot of professionals who have been working on the web. I am sure by now you would have known the importance of keywords, so let us dive straight into the Long Tail Pro review.

What Is Long Tail Pro?

If you are a blogger, you would know the importance of writing the right article with the correct format. In today’s web world, what matters is the Google page ranking of your blog. If your article has the correct blend of keywords, your article will do well.

If your article does not have keywords at all, the article would not do well and get lost in the rankings. Why is ranking important? The ranking is important for more visibility. People should find your article, blog, or product when they type in a few words.

For instance, if you are a blogger who writes recipes online, you want your latest recipe of chocolate ice-cream to be viewed by most people. For this, you will need to include the correct keywords related to it.

As soon as the user types chocolate, ice-cream, or chocolate ice-cream, your page should appear at the top. The insertion of well-researched keywords does this work. Through this Long Tail Pro review, you will know how you can use it to determine keywords and more.

Features Of Long Tail Pro:

Long Tail Pro is a tool that is used as a keyword optimization tool. In other words, it is a significant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. It is used to track keywords. Below, we are going to observe some of the important features of this tool.

Interactive User Interface

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is a vintage keyword optimizer. For this very same reason, it has a variety of features that are added to it from time to time. The platform is given a dashboard for its every main feature. This adds to the beauty of it.

Even a beginner can learn and grasp the design of the platform in a short span of time.

Finding Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro provides the option for searching for keywords matching your requirements. It gives the option of searching the seed keywords and even looking through the competitor’s database.

Through the provided search filters, a user can easily find the target audience. You can even find, filter out and retract suggestions in a separate dashboard for later use. Long Tail Pro also provides sorting algorithms for keywords and manual searches. so that the user can choose respectively.

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Metrics Calculator For Paid Advertising

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Originally, Long Tail Pro was meant for conducting keyword searches for driving free traffic to your website. But then, according to the changing market opportunities, it started providing a calculator. The metrics calculator gives a glimpse of what can be the estimated cost of running a paid campaign.

It provides the metrics of how a paid keyword can drive traffic on the site. Long Tail Pro is beneficial for commerce websites. By developing a niche that can help bring paid traffic into the site for reasonable rates and by adding an estimate, it provides for a bid amount too.

Pricing Plan

Long Tail Pro Review

The pricing strategies provided by Long Tail Pro are very affordable and impressive. It has made a point to give its users a free trial plan to test out the platform.

After the seven days of a free trial, Long Tail Pro has provided its users with a wide range of plans. In comparison to its competitors like Ahrefs, Long Tail Pro has very affordable plans. With its most expensive plan, users can search for 1900+ keywords every day.

By adopting this pricing method, Long Tail Pro has become one of the best keyword optimization and SEO tools in the market.

Analysis Using Serp

Long Tail Pro Review

SERP, i.e. search engine results page indicates the results of specific searches. SERP is one of the best features of Long Tail Pro. It provides you with the middle ground between giving too much information and less information.

The process of optimizing and making use of algorithms provided on the platform gives better results. Within this feature, you will find a list of sub-features which will help in easing the process.

It gives an insight on metrics like average search volume depending upon the subject. Sub-features like trust flow, references of root, and URLs index list are available. This way the SERP allows the user to have detailed information.

It comes with a customizable dashboard where you can personalize the way data is stored. Overall, this is a helpful tool in figuring out the keywords for a profitable campaign.

Seo And Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro Review

Along with the optimization tool, Long Tail Pro also gives an option to categorize the hierarchy in order of the importance of keywords. It allows giving ranks in order with the competitor’s metrics. With this, you can also set the value of ranks that are already assigned.

This feature in Long Tail Pro allows you to estimate the bid amount of the page by counting all the possible keywords from the list. You can also try different monetization techniques. SERP allows you to determine the values of a certain keyword – be it in the present or future.

Keyword optimization is the main feature of SEO. With Long Tail Pro, you can easily combine two features in one platform. This creates a successful ad campaign.

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Backlink Analysis

Backlink in Long Tail Pro is an add-on feature that comes in pricing plans and not with the trial period. It also gives insights about the competitor’s keyword searches. It provides the backlinks of each keyword search in the dashboard section of the platform.

You can also mention the domain and tag with the metrics database. It provides the address related to it. Long Tail Pro’s feature provides a dimension of analyzing and recording each step of the keyword optimization process.

Rank Tracker

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Rank Tracker gives you the ability to rank your keywords according to your choice. It helps in tracking the important keywords and see their performance over time. The only disadvantage users feel is that they have to mention the keywords manually.

Rest, it is a great tool to maintain a database of the most profitable keywords. The only input a user has to do is to copy and paste the keywords in many databases which are separately stored.

This rank analysis gives a good insight into the overview and helps to provide the metrics data on each keyword. The data is available in a good view, so there is no confusion or hassle about anything. all the analytic data and rankings are stored in different backgrounds.

The ranks can also get you information and insights about the competitor’s keywords and backlinks. In this field, knowing the competitor’s top-performing keywords is essential. It gives you an idea about what your potential audience is searching for.

Easy To Use

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Long Tail Pro comes with an easy to use and interactive platform which provides its users’ comfort and reliability. Its user interface is said to be the easiest to learn. It comes with an easy view and video tutorials that provide an entire tour of the platform in less than 10 minutes.

For this particular reason, Long Tail Pro is said to be the best keyword optimization platform for beginners. Its unique coding and intricate details added while designing the platform has made it easy for its users.

Its dashboard is equipped with hundreds of features which makes the work easy for the user.

Its dashboard is equipped with hundreds of features which makes the work easy for the user. It has a short response time and a wide database available for searching the best-related keywords.

Low Competition

Long Tail Pro allows its users to search for high-quality keywords that have low competition. In other words, Long Tail Pro provides its users with keywords that are organic and budget-friendly.

It allows users to give it a rank and check the bid amount that can be used to drive traffic accordingly. Long Tail Pro is beneficial for users who are just starting with a keyword tool that can provide efficient results with less work.

Using keywords with little or less competition is always beneficial to users as it helps to drive diverse traffic with a unique factor. It gives its users an edge over its competitors, and the diverse quality of this tool provides the campaign with an upper hand.

Pros And Cons Of Long Tail Pro As A Seo Tool

After discussing the features in Long Tail Pro, we can now look at its advantages and disadvantages as a keyword optimization tool.

In this segment, let us discuss the pros and cons of Long Tail Pro:


  • Unlike its competitors, Long Tail Pro provides a 7-day free trial plan for its users to test out the platform.
  • It provides its users’ insights about their competitor’s keyword searches and trends.
  • Long Tail Pro provides ranks for segregating keywords individually and in real-time.
  • The tool helps in niche testing by combining various factors of keywords.
  • Long Tail Pro helps in creating a specific ad campaign for different projects and assignments.
  • It helps in automatically checking backlinks from Yahoo, Google etc.
  • Long Tail Pro provides its users with affordable and value-for-money plans.


  • Long Tail Pro has no feature of adding keywords automatically from the database. You need to enter the keywords manually.
  • It only provides keyword options for exact searches.
  • Long Tail Pro has no extra database for related keywords searches.
  • The user interface of Long Tail Pro sometimes gets bulky and lags around some features on the dashboard.
  • Long Tail Pro does not provide the option to perform site audits.
  • It cannot provide insights about certain metric data after a certain threshold.

FAQs Related To Long Tail Pro Review

Q1. Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

I rely on Long Tail Pro, as it delivers accurate results and gives the best keywords for the article. If you know about SEO work, you would note that in this Long Tail Pro review, an emphasis on keywords is given. Long Tail Pro is the best and worth it if you want good SEO results for your articles. It adds value to your toolset, and hence I recommend it based on its accuracy.

Q2. What is Long Tail Pro?

In this Long Tail Pro review, I have stated facts so that you can understand what the platform is all about. It is a great platform for searching for SEO keywords. These keywords can be anything, and it helps you in dominating your competitors on the web. You can generate long-tail keyword ideas. Then, conduct a website analysis of the top sites that appear in SERPs. This platform is recommended if you are into professional SEO work and want a tool to ease some of your work.

Q3. How much is Long Tail Pro?

In this Long Tail Pro review, points for the price have been mentioned. Yet, this is one of the strongest points of Long Tail Pro. The price range is not so high and is affordable. Long Tail Pro is a tool used on the desktop for keyword searches supported by Adobe Air. The long Tail Pro tool is compatible with Windows and Mac. If you use the premium tool, it will cost around $47 per month.

Q4. Which is the best keyword research tool?

If you are a professional in SEO or a beginner, the best tool to use is Long Tail Pro. In the Long Tail Pro review, you have found many proofs of how Long Tail Pro serves the purpose well. Long-tail keywords or phrases are more on point and specific. They are usually longer and related to the essence of the content. You will get more searched keywords. Although the keywords have less search traffic, they have higher conversion value. This makes them the best keyword search tool.

Q5. What are long-tail keywords examples?

Q6. What is a long tail in SEO?

In SEO, long-tail works as a great tactic. Long-tail keywords are phrases that are more specific and pointed. You will find them longer than usually searched keywords. This makes them complete. Using long-tail keywords in SEO works gets your pages on better Google rankings. It also improves the traffic on your page as well. Hence, I find the use of Long Tail Pro in SEO as very essential and important.

Q7. Can I use Long Tail Pro if I am a beginner?

YES! Even if you are a novice and do not know how to use the product, you can still go for it. The best part about this platform is that you can learn and navigate on it very. You need to know a little about SEO work and how it affects AdSense and other online activities.

Conclusion: Long Tail Pro Review

In this Long Tail Pro review, I have tried to incorporate all the points that make your decision over this platform easier. What I found the most interesting in this Long Tail Pro review was that its LTP would help you find keywords in every way.

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Whether you are a blogger by profession or seller of products online, this tool is suitable for you. In this Long Tail Pro review, there is space for everyone. Find the best keywords to generate more revenue with high page ranks, in a hassle-free manner.

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