Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai- Is It The Best Keyword Research Tool?

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : April 1, 2024


LongTailPro is a keyword research tool. It comes with powerful techniques to generate thousands of “Long Tail” keywords in a short period. It allows you to create more than 800 keywords from the Google keyword tool’s data. It saves you from unlimited hours of research for SEO.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai is another Keyword analysis tool. It saves you from hours of manual researching of keywords by automating the keyword research. It is an all-in-one SEO tool with a one-time fee only.
  • You can create multiple projects for your different campaigns on multiple sites.
  • You can import keywords in LongTailPro and easily export keywords to your excel spreadsheet.
  • Keyword and Competitor analysis based on 13 metrics.
  • Determine Rank Value with Keyword Profitability.
Market Samurai
  • It helps you in identifying keywords that appear on Google’s first page.
  • It gives complete information about your competitors and helps you in ranking higher.
  • It supports both Windows and OS X platforms.
  • Organize content from several blogs through just one window.
Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai- Is It The Best Keyword Research Tool?
Starting at $148.5
Starting at $149

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai- Is It The Best Keyword Research Tool?

The manual process of searching for keywords to enhance your content visibility can be laborious and time-consuming. Various automatic keyword research platforms can do the work for you. Some of these tools are equipped to thoroughly search through Google’s algorithms and cherry-pick the best keywords that can benefit your content the most.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai are two such platforms that can make your life relatively more comfortable.

Today, we will thoroughly compare Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai, which will help you choose the best option for you based on their features, USPs, user experience, and pricing. Both platforms are keyword research tools that are among the best in the market.

If you wonder why Market Samurai has become a popular name in the market, it is because of its ability to build niche sites based on keywords. Market Samurai is also a desktop-based keyword research platform that helps you find the best keywords for your content.

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Every digital marketer and blogger understands the need to use the right keyword to attract the right audience. Keywords are the criteria used by Google to guide the customer to you. Every user search for a product or service on Google through a combination of a few words. These combinations are what you call keywords.

Search Engine Optimization requires you to create your content around these keywords to attract a broad audience.

Manually researching the search trends and going through content created by competition can be a difficult task. Here’s where platforms like LongTail Pro and Market Samurai perfectly fit in. They do all the work for you and scroll through heaps of Google data to find you the perfect keywords for your content.

The most important thing while choosing a keyword is to remember that not every keyword will produce the desired results, and intensive research needs to be done before finally setting up on one. Therefore, this article about Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai will assist you to choose the appropriate tools for searching the right keywords.

I would provide the in-depth information about the two platforms, in this comparison so that you can get a good look at the features of what two has to offer before spending money on purchasing it.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai – An overview

Market Samurai provides a complete software solution with a lot of features. While LongTailPro is more appealing to people who are looking for an efficient keyword research tool.

Market Samurai is a complete machine that provides you with various features such as finding exact domains within the software, looking at existing affiliate offers, analyzing the competition, finding the best content across multiple article directories, finding backlink opportunities, and so on.

LongTailPro focuses more on services related to keywords research such as competition analysis, keyword research training, rank checker, and domain checker. LongTailPro is specifically designed to provide its users with detailed researched keywords for your content.

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FeaturesLongTailProMarket Samurai
Starting Price$25 per month for the basic plan$149 onetime fee
Keyword FilteringAvailableAvailable
Competitive AnalysisAvailableAvailable
SpeedFasterComparatively Slower
Explore MoreLongTailProMarket Samurai

How Can You Download and Install Market Samurai Free Trial?

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai: USPs of these platforms

To understand the fundamental differences between the two platforms, we first must understand the features provided by these tools.


  • You can create multiple projects for different campaigns and different sites to stay organized.
  • You can quickly generate keywords using your seed keyword.
  • The platform also allows you to export your keywords into an excel sheet.
  • You can also import keywords from different platforms into LongTailPro.
  • It is easy to find long-tail high-CPC keywords.
  • LongTailPro can help you find available domain names for your blogs.
  • You can check Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your keywords ranking.
  • You can check the competition’s keyword usage.

Market Samurai

  • You can save hours on checking rankings manually by using Market Samurai brilliant rank tracker.
  • You get access to a free keyword module.

  • With the SEO Competition module, you can check the top 10 spots on Google for any specific keyword.
  • You can easily export all your data to use at other platforms.
  • Market Samurai is developed for both the Mac and Windows OS.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai Winner

If you are looking for a simple Keyword Researcher between Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai, LongTailPro might be the clear choice for you, and if you are looking for a complete SEO tool, Market Samurai is the way to go.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai: Benefits Comparison

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai, the two very different platforms that provide similar as well as different features. To understand the fundamental difference between the comparison of Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai, we must understand their benefits. Here is a list of major benefits that these two keyword tools offer to their customers.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai: Who is the quickest?

I believe that the quickness of any tool is highly important. Nobody enjoys staring at the screen, waiting for the page to load, and displaying the results. I’m not different from others in this particular scenario.

Both these tools allow you to add one seed keyword in the beginning. Once you add the keyword seed, both these tools get to work on comparing Google’s data and generating similar keywords for you, which you can use to optimize your ranks in SERP. Here is the comparison of their speeds in which they can find your keywords.

LongTail Pro

LongTail Pro is a quick tool that allows you to add anywhere between five to ten seed keywords in one go and give you the results. You don’t have to go back and forth to repeat the search process.

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Market Samurai

However, Market Samurai is quite slow in comparison to LongTailPro. At the same time, Market Samurai works similarly to LongTailPro by allowing you to add seed keywords. But, Market Samurai has a limitation. It only allows you to add one seed keyword at a time.

This limitation means that you have to go back and add another keyword every time you want to look for keywords. You cannot do multiple searches at once, which can become tiresome.

Market Samurai


LongTailPro is the clear winner in this comparison of speeds between Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai. It is far more efficient than Market Samurai because it allows you to do multiple searches at once.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai: Who is better at filtering out keywords?

There are many reasons why you might want to filter out your keywords. You might prefer long-tail keywords, or you know about a particular group of keywords that do not generate enough traffic. Well, whatever the reason be, it is important to know which of these two tools is better.

LongTailPro vs. Market Samura - filtering out keywords


LongTailPro allows you to filter your keywords before giving you results. It takes your preferences and only gives you relevant results.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai, on the other hand, does this at a different stage. It first generates the results according to your seek keyword and then filters the relevant keywords for your use.

Market Samurai - Functions


While both these tools allow you to filter the keywords, it is just about preference. You can either choose to do the filtering before your keywords are generated or after the keywords are generated. So, let’s call this a tie.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai: Which is better at competition analysis?

Both of these tools help you to analyze your competition. However, the question that remains is what’s the difference.


LongTail Pro does the entire job for you when you want to do competition analysis. It will display how many backlinks a page has, the age of the domain, and display if the keywords are used in the title of the page.

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Longtailpro - Functions

Market Samurai

Market Samurai also has similar features and layout as LongTailPro when it comes down to competition analysis. This tool will also show you how many backlinks a page has, the age of the domain, and display if the keywords are used in the title of the page.

Market Samurai also has similar features and layout as LongTailPro


While there is not much difference between these two tools when it comes down to competition analysis, however, when you take a trial of these two tools and compare, you’ll know the difference.

The integration of Moz Data, which comes in LongTailPro, makes LongTailPro take a decisive lead. This Moz Data integration allows you to see the page and domain authority of every result in the top 10, making it the winner of these criteria.

LongTailPro vs. Market Samurai: Features Comparison

Both of these tools, Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai, come with a significant list of features. Let’s look at the features of these two tools.

Long Tail Pro

  • Keyword research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Learning Resources
  • SERP Analysis
  • Domain Checker


Market Samurai

  • Keyword Research
  • Listing of affiliate offers and other methods to monetize
  • Competition Analysis
  • WordPress publishing
  • Discover exact match domains (EMD) and partial match domains
  • Backlink Opportunities


While both of these tools have a list of features that they offer, there is no clear cut winner when it comes down to this comparison.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai: Competitive Analysis

Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro provide you with data that you can use to analyze your keyword competition. In fact, Market Samurai gives you more stats than Long Tail Pro, but in Long Tail Pro, Moz gives you Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) for each of the top 10 results.

Market Samurai only finds domains after a few steps for keyword generation compared to LongTail Pro, which shows everything at once.

In addition, Long Tail Pro in its platinum glory (read version) gives your keyword research a head start with its average KC function. Average Keyword Competition is a calculation that will give you a KC score for each keyword.

This score shows you how difficult or easy it will be to rank this keyword in the SERPs. A higher KC value indicates the degree of difficulty in the classification. Conversely, a lower score means that the keyword is easier to evaluate. If you look at it, you’ll know which keywords to remove and which to keep. So you save time by not creating content from keywords that are not easy to evaluate.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai: Customer Support

Efficient and effective customer support teams are always an important deciding factor for me when I want to buy any product or service. It should also be the same for you because post-sales support is as equally important as sales assistance. Let’s look at various ways in which you can contact the customer support for these two tools, that is Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro allows you multiple resources and methods to contact customer support.

  • FAQs and advice on using LongTailPro are two crucial resources that will resolve most of your queries.
  • You can contact them via email at support@longtailpro.com.
  • You can contact them through chat.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai also offers various ways in which you can reach their customer support. Here is the list of the various ways in which you can find a solution to your query.

  • A wide database of helpful resources containing FAQs, help articles, videos, etc.
  • You can also reach them through their contact us form.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are good ways to reach out to them.


If we compare these two tools i.e., Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai based on customer support, LongTailPro is a clear winner who takes home the trophy. It simply offers more channels to contact customer support, while Market Samurai has a huge database supporting resources.

Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai: Pricing Policies

To help decide on the best automatic keyword research tool, one of the most important aspects to look into is the pricing of the two.


LongTail Pro provides three different packages that ensure that you get all the features you need within your budget.

  • Monthly Starter pack: The Monthly Starter pack costs $37 per month and provides access to most of their services except the ”Plug-and-play template system. The Monthly Starter pack provides only one login access.
  • Monthly Pro: The Monthly Pro pack allows access to two account holders simultaneously. Additionally, it also provides access to all the premium services for $67 per month. But this package requires an annual subscription.
  • Monthly Agency Package: The Monthly Agency package will put you back by $147 per month but is only available for annual subscriptions too. The Monthly Agency tool provides access to five different logins.

However, All the packages provide access to their keyword research and rank tracker tools. Opting for the annual packages provides additional discounts on package prices. You can get discounts up to 33% on annual package prices as compared to monthly costs.

LongtailPro Pricing Policy

Market Samurai

Market Samurai, on the other hand, has a very direct pricing policy. It offers you a premium plan for $149. Here are some points worth considering.

  • Market Samurai offers a premium plan at $149
  • The package provides access to its keyword research services.
  • They provide a 14-day trial plan to help you get accustomed to the platform.
  • On downloading the trial version first, you can avail of an extra discount and get this tool for $97.
PlansLongTailProMarket Samurai
Free planNoNo
Starting Price$25 per month for the basic plan$149 one-time fee
Paid Plans1. Annual Starter for $25 per month

for 800 keywords

2. Annual pro for $49 per month

for 2500 keywords

3. Annual Agency for $98 per

month for 6000 list size

$149 one-time fee
Usage limitsAll plans come with

1. Keyword Research

2. Rank Tracker

3. Account Management

$149 one-time fee for all feature



LongTailPro has clear benefits when it comes down to pricing policies. This tool provides far more flexibility in choosing from different packages according to need.

However, Market Samurai has a flat pricing policy that doesn’t leave much room for choice. This is one of the biggest con of Market Samurai. You have to take the complete package irrespective of the features you need or the size of your business.

Thus, among the features between Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai, we announce LongTailPro, a clear winner in this comparison.

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The Final Verdict: Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai

While both of these tools i.e., Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai offer similar services, LongTailpro is clearly better when it comes down to the best keyword search tool. It is fast, has more features, and is highly cost-effective. Here is the comparison in a nutshell.

  • Speed – LongTailPro is better because it allows you to search for keywords based on multiple seed keywords, while Market Samurai only allows for one at a time.
  • Filtering Keywords – This is the only parameter where we can call it a tie.
  • Competition Analysis – While both of these tools do the competitive analysis for you, LongTailPro also provides you with an additional feature of viewing page and domain authority, which makes LongTailPro take the lead.
  • Features – LongTailPro has more and better features than Market Samurai.
  • Pricing – LongTailPro is cheaper and costs effective in comparison to Market Samurai.
  • Customer Support – LongTailPro offers more modes to contact their customer support while the customer support aspect of Market Samurai is dissatisfactory.

When you compare all these two factors, Long Tail Pro vs. Market Samurai, you will understand that LongTailPro is indeed better in almost all the segments. If you are looking to choose one software from among these two, I would definitely vote for LongTailPro for obvious reasons.

While two of these tools can be used alternatively, however, you can also check other latest tools that would help you to search your keywords according to your needs. For instance, PepperType offers a virtual content assistant that generates superior content copies using Artificial Intelligence. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, their services cater to diverse content needs hassle-free.

Similarly, Psd2Newsletters provides Modules Composer, a drag-and-drop email builder compatible with various Email Service Providers. It simplifies email template creation with over 100 modules and ensures maximum compatibility with all major email clients.

PressHunt also facilitates connecting with top journalists effortlessly, saving time with its extensive database of over 750k journalists and podcasts, complete with contact information for easy outreach and feature opportunities.

Hence, other than the tools discussed, other tools too would be helpful for you to find best keyword for your research.

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