My Traffic Jacker Review: Steal Traffic Of Your Competitor

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : April 27, 2024

My TrafficJacker

My TrafficJacker is a promising tool for product and affiliate marketing, list building, domain flipping, and AdSense profits. It helps you construct a robust blog network and all that without any need for prior experience.


My Traffic Jacker offers you an Unlimited Keyword and Niche Search with unlimited One-click domain purchasing. It hijacks authority and traffic from YouTube, Wikipedia, BBC, and Quora and has a Hands-free domain checker.

Ease of Use

My TrafficJacker is easy to use and a friendly tool for a freshman. There is no requirement for any technical knowledge. You can do it all by yourself just by following the simple steps.


My TrafficJacker comes at a front-end price of just $33. Pay once, and it’s done. It also offers other additional OTO packages that range from $47 – $67.


My TrafficJacker provides you the resource guides and training videos to help you in using it. They also have a Facebook Community to communicate with their customers. You can also email them your query at

My Traffic Jacker Review: Steal Traffic Of Your Competitor


Editor’s Rating

Starting from : $33

My Traffic Jacker Review: Steal Traffic Of Your Competitor

Is it difficult for you to increase sales and leads to your business? Are you looking for a useful application that minimizes your effort to achieve your target audience’s attention? Well, My Traffic Jacker is a recommended and affordable solution for all business owners.

Many professionals have stuck to affiliate marketing to get high-quality traffic and increase sales. But it can be challenging for the newbies. They may need something simple and effective for their new business. My Traffic Jacker is one such tool that helps to hijack all the high-quality domains to get more deals and traffic. A digital marketer has created this tool to help people looking for an efficient solution to grow their business.

You can get expired domains at a nominal price to achieve high-quality links from busy sites. It becomes simple to target and attract your audience to your website. In the following write-up, we will go through My Traffic Jacker review in detail. Get more information to boost your business and make good deals.

My Traffic Jacker: Overview

It is a web-based app that helps in taking over online traffic legally from the two biggest digital platforms, i.e., YouTube and Wikipedia. The tool provides the easiest way to achieve affiliate commissions in any business. Any business owner can take advantage of this app to drive customers towards their online portal.

There are various strategies of promoting and earning money, such as domain flipping, profits by building lists, affiliate marketing, product promotion, benefits by AdSense, developing a network of private powerhouse blogs, etc. It is easy to create various marketing tactics and follow some simple steps to execute them.

How Does it Work?

With this application’s help, one can easily search for anything by a keyword on YouTube and Wikipedia. If you get expired links on such platforms that are still active, you can choose any of them in a less amount.

After that, you can direct the attention of customers or traffic, wherever you want. In this way, you are activating a link without any viewers. Sometimes people forget old things and move forward with new things. It is essential to bring the audience to the existing platform. My Traffic Jacker brings back the audience to the desired web page or website.

Features of My Traffic Jacker Software

1. Keyword Research on Any Niche Without Any Limits

Are you looking for all the critical keywords that you can target in your content? Well, it is possible to use this application. There is an inbuilt tool, through which you can search unlimited keywords.

It is easy to search by typing what you are looking for or related things in a precise way. You will get a list of all the relevant keywords in it. You can select what you require and use them on your website.

2. Seize Authority and Drive Traffic from BBC, Quora, YouTube, and Wikipedia

When you search for specific keywords on My Traffic Jacker, it shows plenty of available domains. It is a fantastic feature of the tool because you can easily get information regarding live links available by Wikipedia. In the future, you can access them for driving traffic to your business page.

It also targets YouTube, which is another popular search engine that allows people to view interesting videos. Many business owners engaged themselves in creating and posting content on their channels. With this tool’s help, you can target the audience of another business and bring them to your website.

In BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), many expired domains are easy to conquer. It is a leading news site where you can get a variety of stories about different niches across the globe. You can explore such domains and eliminate massive competition with other websites.

Every curious internet user visits quora to get answers to his queries. Generally, people post their questions and doubts. While answering any query, one can add links to drive the audience towards the website. My Traffic Jacker helps in acquiring the expired links in less than $10. There are lots of keywords that one can target at the same time.

My Traffic Jacker 2.0 (PRO) Review + Full Demo + (Best Bonus) + Upgrades

3. Domain Checker

There is no need to buy another application to check the domains if you have My Traffic Jacker. It comes with a hijacking algorithm that works as an automatic checker for domains. It is easy to detect pages or videos with broken links. In this way, you can easily understand whether to hijack a domain or not.

4. Purchasing of Unlimited Domain in a Single Click

My Traffic Jacker can easily integrate with other APIs of Namecheap and Godaddy to purchase different domains. You can easily add domains to your cart in a single click directly. There is no scope of missing any domain if you are using this app.

5. Manage Videos of Any Date

It comes with an inbuilt tool that helps in checking videos uploaded on different dates. One can buy the domains for a year, and it is possible to check every type of video of any period.

6. Search By Views or Relevance

It is easy to handle targeted videos with the help of My Traffic Jacker. You can use the sorting criteria by choosing amazing videos by view or relevance. It is easy to find and handle the videos by searching from the keyword.

7. Adding or Removing Domains to Jump from the Results

When you use the application, you can observe all the displaying unavailable and hijacked domains. It is easy to seize unique domains by search results. One can easily add or remove the required domains.

8. Convert Your Data into CSV Files

It is easy to download all the results on your computer and sort the entire data. You can also convert all your records into CSV files.

How to use My Traffic Jacker Application?

There are four simple ways to use this tool to target keywords and get the audience on your platform:

1. Enter the Target Keyword

There is a built-in keyword search engine, through which you can enter one keyword, and in return, you can get different effective results. There will be no shortage of keywords and niches that you can easily hijack.

2. Choose the Right Targeted Platform like YouTube, Quora, or Wikipedia

After looking for the targeted keywords, you need to choose which platform is necessary to hijack like YouTube, Wikipedia, or Quora. These websites are highly authoritative and influential, where you can get the right audience. In this way, you can drive attention to your domain or web-based platform.

3. Start the Application

Start My Traffic Jacker, and it will begin with finding and providing all the available domains. You can register for less than $10, which means you can hijack several useful domains for driving the attention of your audience towards your website in very few amounts.

MyTrafficJacker review

4. Domain Registering and Redirecting

After choosing the required domains, you can easily redirect all authority and traffic to any web page and site. The last step is quite simple and hassle-free that helps in providing an audience without any need to pay for ads, creating videos, having a website, SEO strategies, or YouTube channel.

Advantages of MyTraffic Jacker

  1. The in-build tool can provide unlimited keywords on any niche that a user wants to hijack. When an individual searches for any targeted keyword, he will get all the possible keywords that belong to that topic or niche.
  2. It is easy to hijack major websites, i.e., YouTube and Wikipedia.
  3. It is possible to manage videos on YouTube of any date according to relevance or views.
  4. The platform is easy, user-friendly, and well-manageable.
  5. A digital marketer has created this tool, and he knows what and how it works to get the customer’s attention towards an online platform.
  6. You can save your resources and time while driving leads and generating sales.
  7. If you are not familiar with the software and want to know various steps to operate it, follow tutorial videos.
  8. There are super bonuses, such as Video Views Tracker, Automatic search updates, Live training sessions of 90 minutes with a 20% discount on every plan upgrade.
  9. If it does not work for your business, then there is a policy, through which your money will be returned if it does not help in making double earnings.
  10. It is easy to make a handsome amount of mоney through expired dоmains.
  11. It is quite simple to search expired dоmains, connected tо YouTube or Wikipedia, and pay less than $10 to own them.
  12. One can easily get backlinks by using the dоmains withоut ranking videоs, creating a website, paying extra fоr traffic, or any hоsting accоunt.

Disadvantages of MyTraffic Jacker

  1. The application works when you have an active internet connection because It is entirely web-based.
  2. There is only one way to buy this tool, i.e., online.
  3. It is a fantastic application for individuals who want to start and grow their business. They need high traffic pages for converting visitors into customers.
  4. You need to buy domains even when they are not profitable for your business.

About the Developer of My Traffic Jacker

A digital marketer, Joshua Zamora, created his perfect product for business owners. He is one of the leading developers on JVzoo. He has also created some other products that were quite appreciated by the people like Seamless SEO, Keyword Demon, Formula for Tube Takeover, etc. It is found that these successful applications never get any complaint. There is no need to refund any amount to any buyer.

Additional Features of My Traffic Jacker

1. No Requirement of a Website

There is no need to develop any website because you can buy one. With the help of this application, when you buy any domain, you are already getting high-traffic and authoritative websites. There is no requirement of any hard work on creating, operating, and managing a website.

2. Scanner for Hijacking Personal Domain

It is easy to scan a website for several high-traffic domains by any keyword. It helps in deciding whether to accept or reject any domain. You will get plenty of high-traffic links, and one can choose any of them in a few clicks.

3. Reminders for Good Domains

It is hard to detect freshly expired links that you need to buy. The application helps in monitoring and notifying when any link that you need gets expired. There is a feature, known as Domain Reminders, which works all these things effectively.

Who are the Right Candidates for Using This Application?

It is an exciting and profitable tool for people who want to start and grow their business. The following people can use this incredible My Traffic Jacker to enhance the sales and leads of their online store.

  • Ecommerce Sellers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital and Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Business Owners
  • Product and Service Providers
  • Individual Looking for Online Money-making Opportunities

My Traffic Jacker Pricing Plans

The price range of My Traffic Jacker program ranges from $37 to $47. It looks quite expensive but very affordable in terms of its performance. You can get all the basic and advanced features to promote your business without investing much money, time, and effort. When you start using the tool, you will observe instant changes in your sales and other business leads.

Bonuses of My Traffic Jacker

There are specific bonuses offered with the program that takes your business to the next possible level. Check out some of the useful bonuses that can help in increasing sales of your online store. Such as:


The enrolling customers can quickly detect expired domains posted on YouTube, Wikipedia, Quora, or other platforms. With a single click, you can buy them whenever you want.

2. OTO 1 – Case Studies of MTJ

In this bonus package, the customer will get all the case studies regarding MTJ. It helps in searching, buying, and monetizing various campaigns by using domains on YouTube or Wikipedia. While taking experience from the case studies, you can achieve multiple ways to make your business profitable.

3. OTO 2 – MTJ Elite

When any customer buys this package, he can enjoy two unusual features in MTH for boosting their business growth. The first feature is Ocean Search, which helps a user to own a domain in a single click and allows him to check what things are posted with it.

If it hijacks one video, then indirectly, it hijacks more than a hundred videos. The second feature is Domain Reminder, which helps in identifying the domains whether these are expired or not. The user will get all the notifications regarding domains.

4. OTO 3 – SyndLab + MTJ + SyndBuddy

It is a special offer for people who want to boost the presence of their acquired domains. There is a sturdy social sharing and syndication that helps in connecting your audience with your online store.

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5. OTO 4 – MTJ SubJackers

When a customer buys this bonus, he can enjoy a feature of VA/sub access to hijack domains without compromising the main account. In this way, the main focus is on the domains that help to seize high-quality links for converting visitors into customers.

Traffic Jacker Tutorials

The Traffic Jacker tutorial is a guide that helps you understand and implement techniques to increase the traffic to your website or online content. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to use various strategies to drive more visitors to your site.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about different methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content creation, and paid advertising. Each method is explained in simple terms, making it easy for beginners to follow along.

Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or online entrepreneur, the Traffic Jacker tutorial can help you attract more visitors to your website and improve your online presence. With practical tips and actionable advice, you’ll be able to implement these strategies and see real results in driving traffic to your site.

What are the tutorials offered by Traffic Jacker?

Here’s a simple breakdown of each topic covered in the Traffic Jacker tutorial:

  1. How to Use MTJ:
    • Learn how to navigate and utilize the MTJ platform effectively.
    • Understand the various features and tools available to help you maximize your traffic generation efforts.
  2. Ocean Search & WhoIs:
    • Discover how to conduct Ocean Search and WhoIs searches to gather information about domains and their owners.
    • Gain insights into domain availability, ownership details, and potential opportunities for traffic redirection.
  3. YouTube APIs:
    • Explore the use of YouTube APIs to access data and integrate YouTube functionalities into your website or application.
    • Learn how to leverage YouTube’s vast content library and user engagement features to enhance your traffic strategy.
  4. Domain Redirects:
    • Learn how to set up domain redirects to direct traffic from one domain to another.
    • Understand the different types of redirects and when to use them for optimal results.
  5. Saving Results:
    • Discover methods for saving your search results and data for future reference or analysis.
    • Learn how to organize and manage your saved results efficiently within the MTJ platform.
  6. Exporting Data:
    • Understand how to export your data from the MTJ platform for further analysis or integration with other tools.
    • Learn about different export formats and how to customize your exported data to suit your needs.
  7. Backlinks:
    • Explore the concept of backlinks and their importance in search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic generation.
    • Learn strategies for acquiring quality backlinks to improve your website’s visibility and authority.
  8. Subjackers:
    • Discover subjackers and their role in identifying and exploiting subdomains for traffic redirection or other purposes.
    • Learn how to use subjackers effectively to uncover hidden opportunities and maximize your traffic generation efforts.

By understanding and implementing the strategies outlined in each topic, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to drive more traffic to your website and achieve your online goals effectively.

The Bottom Line: My Traffic Jacker Review

Consider My Traffic Jacker application for growing your business by taking it to the next level. It provides an easy solution for both beginners and professionals who want to kickstart or promote their new or existing business.

After going through the review, you might have understood what you need to do to increase the sales and customers for your online store.

Apply advanced marketing strategies without putting much effort, time, and money. Compare your requirements with the available bonuses to check what exactly you need for promoting your business.

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