WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Ultimate Comparison (2024)

By: Vinayak Gupta
Updated : February 29, 2024
WebinarJam vs EverWebinar


WebinarJam is a cloud-based platform for creating and hosting webinar sessions developed by Genesis Digital. It is a browser-based platform that also gives you the facility of live streaming your webinars on Youtube and Facebook.


EverWebinar is a software that gives you the ability to create pre-recorded webinars that mirrors a live webinar. It is mainly used for automated webinars. EverWebinar is also a product of Genesis Digital.

Why to go with WebinarJam?

  • Host unlimited webinars with live chat
  • Have up to 6 presenters and 5000 attendees
  • Always on live room
  • Panic button 
  • Control center to manage your webinar from the backend

Why go with EverWebinar?

  • Automated webinars with live chat simulators
  • Advanced Simulation Tools
  • Pre-made Landing Pages
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Hybrid Webinars
WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Ultimate Comparison (2024)
Starting at $54
Starting at $47

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Ultimate Comparison (2024)

To help you out, in choosing the best, I am going to do a WebinarJam vs EverWebinar comparison based on their features, Pros, Cons, and different pricing plans.

WebinarJam and EverWebinar are two ultimate platforms for hosting different types of webinars. 

WebinarJam is known to be one of the best platforms for hosting live webinars. Still, WebinarJam has some limitations, whose solutions are provided by the EverWebinar platform, another famous webinar hosting place.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar

They both have various similarities as well as differences. 

 So, it can be a tough decision for you to choose which one is suitable for your business requirement. 

After going through this in-depth comparison between WebinarJam vs EverWebinar, you will be able to decide the best platform for you. 

So, let’s dive in and explore them in detail.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: A Quick Comparison


To begin with, WebinarJam is a cloud-based business solution helping to create and host webinar sessions. Along with it, it includes live streaming on Facebook and Youtube as well. 

Its broadcasting technology allows you to have 5000 attendees and six presenters in a single webinar. You can use existing videos, animations, and can share your device’s screen with attendees. 

From my experience, I will rate WebinarJam 8.4/10.


In EverWebinar, you can create pre-recorded webinars that will look like a live webinar. It works on all devices and provides a very high-quality video. 

It has a feature of flexible scheduling where you can select the date and time in accordance with what is best for your audience. Thus, it provides you the facility of automated webinars.

Moreover, it also provides exceptional video and audio quality with EverWebinar’s high-definition, 30 frames per second (FPS) broadcasting capabilities.

You must bid farewell to pixelated streams and inconsistent frame rates. Whether it’s a live presentation, screen share, or PowerPoint, EverWebinar ensures your content shines in stunning clarity and seamless playback.

I would like to rate EverWebinar 7.6/10.

Undoubtedly, WebinarJam is that one platform which provides the whole setup for the webinar, has very advanced features, is reliable, and easy to use.

Both of these webinar tools have various similarities and differences, as well. To understand them, let’s go into some detail.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: What are the Differences?

In this article of WebinarJam vs EverWebinar, these key differences will help you to choose the best platforms that will suit you. Given below are some of the differences between WebinarJam and EverWebinar:

Webinar Types

There are four types of webinars that anyone can host: Live, Automated, Hybrid, and Series Webinars. 

While WebinarJam offers to host Live and Automated Webinars, EverWebinar allows you to host automated webinars. 

However, with the help of EverWebinar’s configuration, you can also host hybrid and series webinars as well. 

To host a hybrid webinar with it, you have to integrate live chat while hosting your automated webinar. Your attendees will not be able to find out if this is a live or automated webinar.

In WebinarJam, this can be done using the video injection functionality offered by it. With the help of this, you can play video for your attendees and anytime take the control back to your webcam.

Attendee Spot Light

This feature of WebinarJam allows you to put the spotlight on one of your attendees. Simply putting, it offers to feature any of your attendees as a guest speaker. This is the feature that makes webinars engaging.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar

 When you choose any one of your attendees, he/she has to use their webcam for recording and to come on air. You can use this feature when you want to talk to anyone of your attendees instead of using the live chat option.

Despite the great functionality that this feature offers, it is not available on the EverWebinar platform. You can only live chat with them.

YouTube Live Stream

WebinarJam offers the alternative of live streaming your webinars on youtube. It makes it possible for your audience to attend your webinar without having to register themselves on the platform. 

But it has a limitation that you cannot use the live chat feature with it. 

This feature is also not available in EverWebinar.

Always-On Room

The always-on room feature allows you to permanently allot a room and a link for your particular meeting or webinar. You do not have to start from the beginning to set up your webinar. 

It also gives you the facility to design your room with your own brand logo—no need to say that this is one of my favorite features.

Again, this feature is available in WebinarJam as usual, not available in EverWebinar.

Control Room 

Management of your webinar is done by your administrators and moderators from the control room. It is the backend from where your team manages the entire webinar. They can make changes during the webinar. 

Once more, this is present in WebinarJam but not available in EverWebinar.


When it comes to scheduling, EverWebinar wins the race. It offers more flexible options for scheduling. 

WebinarJam has three types of scheduling: A single session, Multiple scheduling, and recurring presentations.

If we talk about EverWebinar, in addition to these three schedules mentioned above, it has many more choices like attendee time-zone, instant replay, etc. 

EverWebinar vs WebinarJam: Are there any Similarities?

Some of the similarities that I have found in WebinarJam and EverWebinar. They are as follows:

Clickable Offers

You can display clickable offers using both WebinarJam and EverWebinar. When an attendee clicks on that offer during the webinar, it takes him to the sales page to complete their purchase. 

You can also use an indicator whenever someone makes a purchase.

Page Builder

WebinarJam provides you many options for customizing your registration and thank you pages. The same is with EverWebinar. You can customize the logo, color, images, text, and even Youtube and other files.

Polls and Surveys

Talking about polls and surveys, there is a tie between WebinarJam vs.EverWebinar. You can create polls and surveys in two ways on each platform. 

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar

In Full configuration mode, you can use the poll you have configured in advance. Another is using Express, wherein you can create a new survey or poll during the webinar. You can also limit the length of the answers provided by your audience.

Email automation, SMS, notification

You can send any type of essential email using both the webinar Platforms. Both platforms allow you to send a total of 20 notifications. This means you can send up to 10 messages before the webinar and up to 10 after the webinar.

The type of email notifications that they offer is Welcome message, Pre-webinar reminders, Last-minute reminders, and Post webinar message. Setting up of these webinar notifications is absolutely trouble-free.

Live Chat

Live Chat feature allows your attendees to interact with you in real-time. This is where the interaction happens between the host and attendees during the live session.

You can chat with them and can leave sticky messages for your audience to see. In addition to this, you can also chat with the administrators without letting your attendees know about it. 

You can convert your chat into a Q/A form so that the messages of your attendees are saved as questions and your messages as answers.

Video calling

You can handle all these functions from the chat box inside the control panel in WebinarJam. 

While in EverWebinar, it is the only box inside its control panel. In its case, you even have the option for importing chats from a previous webinar or create a new one and place them anytime during the event.   


Both WebinarJam and EverWebinar blend well with the 3rd party apps and tools. From adding a registrant to google spreadsheets to sending automated messages, they have it all.

For automated emails, you can use Zapier and for sending automatic phone calls and messages, Twilio is there for you. Twilio is an API for sending and receiving SMS, MMS, OTT messages around the world.

Youtube integration allows you to do video streaming, though the inherent streaming service inside WebinarJam is far more comfortable than Youtube’s complicated procedures. 

Hence, a number of similarities can be found in WebinarJam vs EverWebinar, that makes it difficult to considered which of the two are better to use. 

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Comparison of Pricing Plans

Other than the similarities, check out the differences in features with different pricing plans in WebinarJam vs EverWebinar:

WebinarJam Pricing Plans

WebinarJam has four plans with an annual subscription:

  • Starter – $39 per month and save up to $120 a year.

It is for the starters. It allows up to 100 attendees with unlimited webinars like the other plans. It includes 1 host for maximum 1 hour, live Chat, replica replay, flexible scheduling, fully customizable pages, email & SMS System, live offer displays, engaging polls & Survey, attendee handouts, on-screen whiteboard, video injections, custom backgrounds, broadcast to FB & YT, 1 additional team member, bad words filter, registration notification, and A/B split testing.

  • Basic – $79 per month and save up to $240 a year.

It is primarily for the beginners who has some prior knowledge. Along with the benefits of starter plan, it allows you to have two presenters and 500 attendees and duration of 2hours for the webinar. Features like the Control center, Always-on room, and panic button are not available in this plan.

  • Professional – $229 per month and save upto $840 a year.

In this plan, there are four presenters and 2000 attendees. Webinar duration increased to 3 hours. And only Control center functionality is not available in this subscription.

  • Enterprise – $379 per month and save upto $1440 a year.

Availability of six presenters and 5000 attendees in a webinar. Duration for webinar increases to 4 hours, and all of the features are available to you.

WebinarJam allows you to have a refund in case you are not happy with their services and don’t want to continue.

EverWebinar Pricing Plans

EverWebinar also has three categories for pricing:

  • Annual Plan

In this plan, you have to pay $499 every year. 

  • Biennial Plan

This plan offers you to pay $874 for two years in advance. 

All the plans have features of automated webinars, advanced tools, 24X7 customer support, and provide a 30-day guarantee with a 100% refund. 

Further, you can also get the benefits of hybrid webinars, just-in-time webinars, flexible scheduling, live chat simulator, professional page templates, A/B split testing, email & SMS system, clickable offers & CTA’s, built in urgency & scarcity, dynamic display, polls & surveys, easy integrations, 1 additional team member, bad words filter, registration notification, and detailed analytics.

Pros and Cons: WebinarJam vs EverWebinar

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, these two softwares also has some negatives and positives. So, in this part, I will cover the good and the bad of both the tools.

WebinarJam Pros

  • Have support for up to 5000 attendees
  • You can host live and automated webinars
  • Has a fantastic feature like attendee spotlight
  • You can Livestream your webinar through Youtube
  • Gives you the option of templates for landing pages

WebinarJam Cons

  • It is a little bit expensive; not suitable for startups
  • The setup page can be a bit complicated.

EverWebinar Pros

  • It supports automated webinars
  • Provide live chat facility
  • You can host hybrid webinars
  • Pricing is affordable

EverWebinar Cons

  • It does not have an option for live webinars
  • Some advanced features like attendee spotlight are not available
  • Youtube integration is not supported.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: FAQs

In this section, I am going to put forward some general questions asked about these platforms.

Q1: Is the translation feature available in WebinarJam?

A: Yes, translation is available, and you can translate all buttons, attendee instructions to so many languages, including English, French, German, Greek, and many more.

Q2: If there is a technical issue, then what should I do?

A: Don’t worry! They have got it covered for you. WebinarJam provides an option of Panic Button, which you can press if there is a technical difficulty, and you will instantly earn a new live room, and all the attendees will be transferred to it automatically.

Q3: What is a One-Click Registration Hotlink?

A: The One-Click Registration Hotlink is a super convenient way to allow people who are already on your autoresponder mailing list to click one link to get quickly registered for your webinar.

Q4: Will the attendees on EverWebinar know that the webinar is not live?

A: No, they will never be able to identify if this is a pre-recorded webinar. The simulation looks exactly like a live webinar.

Q5: Can I use my WebinarJam session during my EverWebinar event?

A: Yes, you can easily import your WebinarJam session inside the EverWebinar platform. You just have to select that session, and all the work will be done for you automatically.

Q6: How do I register people for my webinar on WebinarJam?

A: Just send them an email along with the special invitation link provided to you by WebinarJam using your CRM software. When they click on the registration link, WebinarJam automatically draws out the essential information and registers them for the webinar instantly.

Q7: Does WebinarJam show the face of my attendees?

A: Yes, when you allow one of your attendees to open his/her front camera and come on air for a face-to-face interaction using the Attendee Spotlight feature of WebinarJam.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Final Thoughts

Among the two WebinarJam vs EverWebinar, both of them possess unique features of their own. While both have certain similarities, and at the same time the extraordinary differences of the two cannot also be avoided.

After using and reviewing both the platforms, to choose the one between them is a bit challenging. Both have their pros and cons. Both offer some great features for distinct kinds of webinars. 

But my vote goes to WebinarJam; it is a clear winner in this battle of WebinarJam vs. EverWebinar. It not only supports a lot of advanced features but also simplifies everything for you. 

However, the final decision depends on your need to use these platforms. Between WebinarJam vs EverWebinar, it is finally your choice what will be the right for you.

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