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Having a number of tools to improve WordPress, what is the use of Social Snap Coupon Code? What special feature does this tool have?

In this epoch of binary codes ruling the traffic of information, computing these data is a lucrative income source. In simple terms, Internet users are the currency on which the digital market relies. The more web traffic an online business receives, the better is their chance of surviving in the eCommerce world.

Social networking sites are the best way to market one’s business, harness its power websites, have buttons that enable sharing on such platforms.

So, website developers are always on the lookout for better social site plugins for their websites. One such amazing and the commonly used plugin is Social Snap Coupon Code.

Social Snap Coupon Code

I am going to give adequate information about the tool to improve your WordPress platform so that you can enjoy all of the user-friendly facilities.

Social Snap Overview

WordPress is a popular choice of Content Management System due to its user-friendly templates and powers 39% of websites on the internet. So, it’s essential to have a social site plugin that is supported by WordPress CMS. And the answer to this Social Snap.

Social Snap is ruling in the world of Social site plugins for websites that run on WordPress. It’s an easy, hustle-free way to have users engage in your website and effectively attract more audience. Built with months of care and precision, this plugin is unlike any other in the market.

Their product comes with a top-level User experience and User Interface (UX/UI). As you do not need coding knowledge, any business blogger can opt for this sophisticated plugin to grow their website availability. The use of vector icons and asynchronous loading helps your website in maintaining the performance and not slow it down.

networks-small-Social Snap Coupon Code

Here are some features that Social Snap provides:

  • There are buttons to share on social media to help users tag and share your posts. This feature is available for all the social networking sites that are from Twitter to LinkedIn.
  • Displays the number of followers.
  • The auto-posting feature helps to share your new posts on social media automatically.
  • Its advanced analytics assists you in creating content that is optimized to search engines. It also knows the intricate patterns of user sharing.
  • A highly viewed post that is now sitting on the back burner is boosted again by its automatic posting of old content.
  • It provides users with options to login with any of their social accounts.
  • There is the provision of scheduling your content to share, and it automatically shares it.
  • You can mix up the order in which the social share button is displayed to the user as it gives you great room for customization.
  • Due to its super-light vector icons, it is accessible and beautifully displayed on any size of screening.

Why Social Snap Coupon Code?

Such a magnificent plugin doesn’t come cheap, and we need to consider the budget of the project. Here is where the Social Snap coupon code comes into use, as we will shortly be discussing the actual prices of the three licenses provided by Social snap.


Cost – $27.30

This plan comes for a year with the provision of one site support, thirty-four providers in five shared locations, forty social follow buttons, all the share features, social meta-Tags, and the click feature to Tweet quotes. The plan is best suited for bloggers and personal promotion websites.


Cost – $69.30

This plan is also an annual license and has all the above amenities. It differs in its number of site supports as it offers three and is inclusive of all the addons like the login through social sites, boosting old posts, and so on that is not included in the Plus plan. This plan can be opted by people with multiple websites and believe they have a great need for the addons.


Cost – $209.30

This plan is the same as the Pro plan but has the provision of fifteen site support. This plan is an attractive package for developers that have a network of websites or blog pages.

Social Snap Coupon Code: Affiliates

Becoming an affiliate for Social Snap presents an excellent opportunity to earn money by promoting the top-notch WordPress plugin for social sharing. With a substantial 20% commission for each successful sale, there’s ample room to boost your income.

Social Snap’s affiliate program is hassle-free, allowing you to track clicks and transactions effortlessly using your personalized affiliate links across various platforms like websites, blogs, and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

To ensure security and transparency, Social Snap maintains a minimum balance requirement of $50 before processing affiliate payments, safeguarding against any potentially fraudulent activities. Payments are made on NET45 terms, aligning with the 30-day money-back guarantee, with commissions earned in a particular month being paid out on the 15th of the following month.

Getting started as an affiliate is quick and easy – simply click the “Become an Affiliate” button, create your account with Social Snap, and access your affiliate dashboard to grab your unique affiliate links and download promotional banners. Join the Social Snap affiliate program today and start earning commissions while promoting an exceptional product!

How to use Social Snap Coupon Code

Follow the step-by-step instructions to apply your Coupon code.

Step 1. Go to the Social Snap website and Sign in.

Step 2. Once signed in, press the ‘Get started button on the home page. This will redirect to the plans or licenses that are present on Social Snap.

Step 3. Ones on the page titled ‘Pricing’, read the available plan details and select the one best suited to your needs.

Step 4. Once you select the plan, click the ‘Get Started’ button at each plan’s bottom. This will direct you to your checkout page.

Step 5. Once you are on the ‘Complete Your Purchase’. Add the Social Snap Coupon Code ‘GET30’ in the link that says ‘Have a discount code? Click to enter it’. And voila! Instant 30% off on your purchase.

In most cases, the coupon code is already applied.

Step 6. Select your mode of payment and get started tinkering with your very own Social snap Plugin.

Social Snap Coupon Code: Take Full Advantage of the Advanced Statistics

If you want to be updated with the statistics about how you social sharing is performing? Then, you are on a right place.

Advanced statistics provide a wealth of information to help you understand how your social sharing efforts are paying off. By tracking engagement, filtering statistics, and analyzing top-performing posts, you can refine your strategy to better connect with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

  1. Track Engagement: Understand how visitors interact with your shared content. See which posts receive the most likes, shares, and comments, helping you gauge audience interest and preferences.
  2. Filter Statistics: Easily sort through your stats to find what matters most to you. Filter by date, platform, or content type to uncover valuable insights and trends.
  3. Sitewide or per Page Statistics: Dive deep into your data to uncover performance trends across your entire site or individual pages. Identify which pages are driving the most social engagement and adjust your content strategy accordingly.
  4. Track Top Performing Posts: Identify your best-performing posts and leverage them to drive further engagement. Highlight these posts to encourage more shares and capitalize on their success.


All in all, get the best out of your WordPress CMS by plugging in the Social Snap. Happy developing.

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