ThriveCart vs SamCart Which Shopping Cart Builder Is The Better Choice?

By: Rick Godsey
Updated : April 8, 2021


ThriveCart is a powerful tool for increasing your profitability with intelligent business cognizance. It is an easily usable Shopping Cart Software developed to support your online business in increasing revenue.


SamCart is the first and only Shopping Cart software that offers a direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform. It is an all-in-one marketing platform and is really easy to use.
  • Provides Live Traffic and Conversion Rates.
  • Boosts your sales with high-converting carts and upsells.
  • ThriveCart consistently updates to optimize your conversions.
  • You can deploy high-converting funnels in a few minutes.
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder.
  • Offers free SSL certificates and PCI compliance for secure transactions.
  • In-built sales tax VAT Calculation for an accurate result.
  • Provides Abandoned Cart Recovery, Subscription Recovery to eliminate lost sales.
ThriveCart vs SamCart Which Shopping Cart Builder Is The Better Choice?
Starting at $195
Starting at $49

ThriveCart vs SamCart Which Shopping Cart Builder Is The Better Choice?

The technology has simplified many complicated things and made everything available online. Every business has an interactive website, displaying all the products and services. A shopping cart is there to manage all the purchases and handle various payment modes. In many cases, people are dealing with problems on the webpage because customers cannot purchase things properly.

Every business wants to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment. It is necessary to consider an effective platform to design and develop fantastic shopping carts. Two popular applications, ThriveCart and SamCart, are leading the list. But it can be a bit difficult to choose any one out of these two. Therefore, you need to understand these two platforms and compare necessary things like features, differences, etc.

In ThriveCart vs. SamCart comparison, we will go through all the essential features and determine how you can reduce the shopping cart abandonment. It will help in improving your checkout pages and converting visitors into customers. Before discussing everything in detail, let us check out the differences in brief.

Price$495 per year$49 per month
Trial PeriodNoFree
ChargesPay Only OnceMonthly
User InterfaceNot Good EnoughGood
Sales FunnelsYesYes
Beginner AssistantNoRecorded or Live Demos
Split TestingYesYes
PlatformDigital Shopping CartBased on Web
Payment ModesApple Pay and Google PayPayPal and Stripe
Program for AffiliatesYesYes

Pros And Cons

ThriveCart vs SamCart

Let us go through all the pros and cons of these two platforms:




  • There are different types of quick setups, which you can use to create different shopping carts.
  • The integrations of the ThriveCart platform are quite powerful.
  • It is possible to gather the entire back-end tax for the sales.
  • You can integrate the platform with more than one autoresponder simultaneously.
  • It supports different payment modes so that any customer can pay for the product with ease and security.
  • The platform gets updated frequently and provides exciting features to your website.
  • The customer support of ThriveCart is excellent. Any user can contact the team whenever they need help.
  • There are plenty of affiliate programs for people who want to earn money through commissions.


  • Many people do not like templates to create shopping carts.
  • Unfortunately, you do not try this platform for free. You have to buy the package to check all the features and functionalities.
  • There are no customizations for drag and drop.
  • It is a new platform for developing effective shopping carts, and therefore, it is facing massive competition with other popular platforms.




  • A variety of templates are available that you can use to create your checkout page.
  • It is relatively easy to add the upsells or order bump to your shopping cart.
  • If you do not have any coding experience, then also you can work on this platform. You can create the checkout page without any skills.
  • The setup of the sales funnel in Samcart is quite simple and quick.
  • A user can create subscriptions and payment plans by himself.
  • A trial period of a minimum of 14 days is available to check all the platform’s features and functionalities for free.
  • You can also get dunning options.
  • It is possible to develop unlimited shopping carts with the help of SamCart.


  • This platform is compatible with only two payment processors.
  • There are limited integration options.
  • It is quite an expensive platform as compared to others.
  • The analytic tools are relatively modest.

Detailed Comparison of ThriveCart vs. SamCart

Overview of Shopping Cart Builders

It is necessary to have a useful shopping cart to sell all products and services on digital platforms. ThriveCart is one of those effective platforms that can help you in selling your deals with ease. On the other hand, SamCart is another shopping cart builder like ThriveCart.

ThriveCart vs SamCart

But here you can develop membership sites and sell your products and services effectively. It is possible to create sales funnels on both platforms and convert visitors into customers. There are many customization options to make your site the way you want.

User Interface

The interface of the SamCart is quite good as compared to the ThriveCart. All the features and categorized are neatly mentioned on the website. But when it comes to simplicity and easy to use, then SamCart is leading.

ThriveCart vs SamCart - User Interface

As a beginner, it can be challenging to understand the functioning of the platform. Therefore, you may need some guidance, which SamCart gives perfectly by its live or recorded demos. There is no such option in ThriveCart.

Easy to Design and Customize

The interface of the ThriveCart is a bit outdated, which requires some improvements. It offers the same options for designing and customizing as we get in SamCart. There are a drag and drop builder in SamCart, which helps you customize all the products, funnel, and membership pages. You can get many widgets like FAQs, progress bars, testimonials, and other essential things.

Easy to Design and Customize - ThriveCart vs SamCart

There is a massive collection of templates with headers, guarantees, calls to action, etc. This option is missing in ThriveCart. If you have more templates, then there are more chances to create unique and impressive checkout pages, including all the necessary elements. It helps in increasing the productivity and sales of your business.

In ThriveCart, there are limited templates for the checkout page. On the other hand, SamCart also provides a feature through which you can optimize your webpages for mobiles also. Nowadays, many people are using smartphones, and websites must be responsive.

Selling Products

It is possible to develop and sell both physical and digital products by using ThriveCart. Within a few clicks, it is possible to create exciting products for any category. There is a requirement of setting up the URL, payment gateways, pricing options, affiliate programs, etc. You can add bump offers for your products also to build interest in a customer’s mind. It will help effectively in improving the conversion rate.

Selling Products - ThriveCart vs SamCart

In Samcart, the process of product creation is the same. You can fill in all the details and customize everything in the layout. You can also choose the type of payment, like weekly, monthly, yearly, quarterly, etc. It is possible to set different coupons to attract customers.


It is possible to provide coupons to the customers on both ThriveCart and SamCart platforms. It helps in converting visitors into loyal customers. Discounts and exciting deals can impress many people and allow them to buy products and services.

Coupons - ThriveCart vs SamCart

In ThriveCart, there are three types of discounts like percentage, fixed, and free shipping. It is possible to apply these coupons on all the specific products and enable them whenever you need them. There is an option of the recurring coupon, which can be used for once.

Checkout Pages

In ThriveCart, there are four kinds of templates for checkouts, such as standard, embeddable, sales cart, and pop out. In SamCart, there is a wide range of templates to create a professional checkout page.

Checkout Pages - ThriveCart vs SamCart

You can preview any template and choose anyone according to your business needs. It is possible to customize the template in both platforms and integrate different payment gateways.

Sales Funnels

You can create sales funnels in both ThriveCart and SamCart with less marketing options. It is possible to add at least five upsells and downsells. In ThriveCart, you can also use the upsell to create multiple funnels by copying the setup and the content.

Sales Funnels - ThriveCart vs SamCart

This way, you can save a lot of time. In SamCart, you can get the sales funnels in upsells by providing the name and other descriptions. It is easy to split the tested upsell funnel pages in SamCart but not possible in ThriveCart.

A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing

It is easy to split test the designs of the pages by both platforms. It is possible to test many things like prices, pricing options, payment gateways, button color, timer for the countdown, logos, testimonials, design of the checkout, bump offers, custom fields, etc. ThriveCart can also split test every aspect to create everything perfectly on the checkout page.


On both platforms, you can get one-click transactions, bump offers, downsells, or upsells. There is a fixed fee or percentage-based discount to attract customers. It is possible to activate or deactivate the coupons whenever required.

Marketing - ThriveCart vs SamCart

You can easily promote all the products and services at special events. You can also send trigger-based emails in the case of cart abandonment, the decline of payment, expiration of credit card, etc. There are no dynamic OTOs and adaptive marketing characteristics on both platforms.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - ThriveCart vs SamCart

Both platforms do not have any automation and autoresponder tools for sending emails, as well as following up with your customers. You can also use external integrations to achieve your goals. Set up the triggers by monitoring the activities of your customers. There are more triggering options in ThriveCart as compared to SamCart.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate Management - ThriveCart vs SamCart

There is an affiliate program on both platforms. In ThriveCart, you can enable the affiliates for every product. You can invite the affiliates by providing them commissions and other options. You can set up the fixed commission for the affiliates. In SamCart, it is possible to private all your affiliate links by promoting your products. This feature is unavailable in the lowest package. You have to enroll in higher packages.


Integrations - ThriveCart vs SamCart

In ThriveCart, you can integrate your website with many platforms like email marketing, membership site, CRMs, payment gateways, and other automation applications. In SamCart, you can also integrate with many automation applications, membership sites, page builders, and payment gateways. It is also possible to integrate with webhooks and Zapier so that you can connect with other famous apps. You can use the integration feature in Samcart’s higher plans.

Analytics and Reporting

In ThriveCart, you can check out different analytics reports, such as orders, checkout views, refunds, conversion rates, net revenue, customers, commissions, refunded amount, affiliate orders, transactions, collected sales tax, order value, etc. You can easily compare the products by checking the detailed report.

Integrations - ThriveCart vs SamCart

Many things are displayed on the dashboard, such as sales, recurring, and refunds in a graph. In SamCart, you can analyze the report with different features. It is necessary for the upsell funnels, as compared to ThriveCart. The analytics is easy to understand, and one can export the graph in the CSV file. It is also possible to get the sales report of affiliates on both platforms.


In ThriveCart, you can get a lifetime deal of $495, in which you can access many features. The premium plan price is $9 per month and $1950 per year, which is too much. Therefore, you should buy the lifetime package to save your money. In SamCart, the price of the premium package is $49 per month.

Pricing - ThriveCart vs SamCart

You can get features such as customized checkout fields, webhooks integration, payment gateways, cart abandonment, split testing, dunning management, affiliate center, etc. You can also access premium features in its highest plan, which comes in $199 per month. In Samcart, there are three plans with a maximum cost of $399.99 per month for the Enterprise plan.

It consists of features, such as account manager, support for the subscription migration, customized prioritization, customized reporting, technical support, launch reviews, etc. There is no feature of transaction fees on both platforms.

Autoresponder Support

Autoresponder Support - ThriveCart vs SamCart

If you want to develop a customer list, you can do it with autoresponder support. Both SamCart and ThriveCart can integrate with any autoresponder. You can test different products and combine them with multiple autoresponders. In SamCart, you can integrate any autoresponder to the website. On the other hand, in ThriveCart, you can integrate different autoresponder services and segment prospects.

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The Bottom Line: ThriveCart vs SamCart

When we compare ThriveCart vs. SamCart, both platforms are effective enough to build an impressive shopping cart.

Undoubtedly, every person has different requirements when it comes to reducing cart abandonment rates. You need to go through your requirements and check which platform can fulfill it better. Grab the one which suits your business portal and convert visitors into loyal customers.

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